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Get to knowslot 168the Goo Hara Act, the South Korean law caused by the death of entertainers. Parents must not neglect their duty to inherit their children.

On March 4, 2022, back in early May 2021, President Moon Jae-in signed a bill which the South Korean parliament passed several resolutions on families. parenting One of them included the fair inheritance management law. also known as "Goo Hara Act", which is the law governing the management of the inheritance of a child if the father or mother dies before

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such law It is named after the late singer and actress Goo Hara. former member of Kara who passed away as a result of suicide in 2019 at a private residence in Gangnam District Her autopsy results found nothing wrong no traces of battle and also found a suicide note written by herself with a repressed vent about personal problems within the family

The Goo Hara Act contains important contents concerning the distribution of the inheritance of children who died before their father or mother. without a will The essence of this law states that A father or mother who neglects to act as a parent in raising children or infringing upon a child, whether his own child or an adopted child and whether the violation in any way or commit a serious crime against his or her child Leading parents have no right to inherit the deceased child.

The relatives or parents can apply to the Family Court to prove that the parents' qualifications are in line with Goo Hara's law or not. If the court considers that A father or mother with a disability in raising a child Those parents will have absolutely no right to inherit the deceased child. in any case

The law is an amendment to South Korea's old inheritance allocation law, which originally stated that If any person who has not registered a legal marriage died without a will, the father, mother or guardian has the right to inherit that person first Divide the proportion between 50-50, unless the case is found to be murder. or forgery of documents for hidden benefits

This law was reversed by Ku In-Ho, the former singer's older brother. which sued the court that the birth mother Does not deserve the right to inherit the sister's inheritance. because his mother had divorced his father for a long time neither was he involved in raising her.

However, with the scope of the original law This resulted in the Goo Hara's inheritance lawsuit until the court ruled against Goo Hara's mother. She received a share of the inheritance at 40 and her father's 60. As such, the singer's brother petitioned the South Korean parliament to amend the law. At that time, more than 100,000 Koreans signed the motion in just three weeks, prompting the bill to be quickly pushed into parliament. Even if it was not considered at the first council meeting

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