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jiji Mar 18

Dermatologistsxopoint out 'hair loss', a symptom that can occur after contracting COVID-19.

Department of Medicine by the Institute of Dermatology pointing to hair loss after covid-19 infection It's caused by stress and triggers an inflammatory reaction that affects my life cycle, causing my hair cycle to change faster than usual. as well as giving advice on how to treat

Dr. Somsak Ankasil, Director-General of the Medical Department, revealed that hair loss after covid-19 infection is mostly a symptom of shedding hair. In which patients will have abnormally large hair loss, more than 100 hairs / day, but not more than 50% of the whole head in 2-3 months, but in some cases it may occur as early as a month and a half after the treatment. infected with COVID-19, which is relatively faster than hair shed from other causes found that patients infected with COVID-19 Approximately 25% of cases of hair loss occur after infection. Hair shedding can be caused by other causes, such as after a serious illness. have a lot of stress malnutrition is a thyroid disease and taking certain medications, so if the patient has a history of other causes It may be necessary to rule out other causes by hair examination and blood tests.

Ms. Mingkwan Wichaidit, Director of the Dermatology Institute, Department of Medicine, added that Other triggering factors besides illness caused by COVID-19 infection should be treated in conjunction with

If the patient has hair loss after being infected with COVID-19 Without other factors, in general, patients with shed hair usually recover on their own after 2-6 months of the cause has been eliminated. In the case of patients with shed hair after infection after infection with COVID-19, it may be cured. faster than the period of about 2 months

Masking thin hair can help improve the patient's appearance, such as hairstyles, hair coloring or wearing wigs.

Treatment with taminoxidil Patients may be advised to apply 5% minoxidil solution 1-2 times daily or 2% minoxidil solution twice daily to stimulate hair regrowth. You may start using it when your hair starts to stop falling out. Applying this medication may cause hair loss in the early days of using the medication. And it is not always necessary to apply this medication in hair loss. Because in this condition, the patient's symptoms improve on their own after the trigger has been eliminated.

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