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medo Jan 24

What are delivery applications?

The delivery application means the telephone application concerned with facilitating the provision and delivery of services to customers, by including the process of receiving and delivering customers' needs and making it more flexible. As delivery applications provide access to the list of products provided by the business and immediate delivery service, the order reaches the customer easily to his location. There are many businesses that can create a delivery app, most notably:

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Restaurants: Restaurants provide a list of dishes that they provide through the application, to allow the possibility of ordering online. The most prominent examples of this type are the Saudi Hungerstation application and Talabat application.

Commercial malls: Malls use delivery applications to receive customer requests regarding the purchase of available products, such as the Mint application for Saudi food supply stores.

Retailers: Online shopping attracts owners of consumer goods to develop a dedicated application for purchasing and delivering orders and tracking them with customers.

Parcel delivery applications: Some commercial activities provide a way to collect parcels of different types of stores, ensure their delivery, and follow up on the status of the order with the store, such as the Glovo application in Egypt.

Does your business need to create a delivery app?

In general, the launch of an application for commercial activities is beneficial to them, as it contributes to improving the quality of customer service and increasing the effectiveness of reaching them. As for the delivery applications, they are a great point of development and growth for the business, and they are very popular among customers due to several reasons, the most important of which are:

Efficiency in reducing time and effort

Delivery applications significantly reduce the time spent in obtaining service for customers. The customer can reserve his order within minutes only through several clicks and then receive it, without incurring the trouble of visiting the restaurant or place. This increases the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, which enhances their chances of dealing with you continuously.

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