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Ning Xiang took the opportunity to look up, not by a tut, is really an enemy, who is not good to meet her. Dou Zuoxiang's concubine Dou Liangqiao was obviously a concubine, but Dou Fu was the most difficult to deal with. Dou Liang said angrily to Boss Li, "How can Boss Li do business like this?"? The former promised me to take the silver and keep the hairpin for me, but the latter will sell it to someone else. Li boss has not yet come out from the heartache, heard Dou Liangqiao asked, clenched the collar of the chest to slow down a few breaths, Youyou said: "Miss Dou misunderstanding." "Misunderstanding?"? What did I misunderstand? She, "Dou Liangqiao interrupted boss Li unreasonably. When he said Rui Yu, he turned his head and glanced at her, and suddenly stopped.". Even if it is half-veiled, but the eyes are like long wings, at this time is slightly raised his head curiously staring at Dou Liangqiao, the eyes flow with thousands of waves, the United States like fished out from the stars. Dou Liangqiao breathes a stagnation, whose young lady, how has she not seen? But soon Dou Liangqiao came to his senses and said absentmindedly, "It's not my fault. Besides, the hairpin looks good. I didn't expect it to be so rough that it would break down as soon as I took it. Boss Li should hone his skills.." Said, Dou Liangqiao did not know what he was talking about. Then she twisted her eyebrows and said with displeasure,75 inch smart board, "Which family are you from?"? Do not know Zhou Lifang has a rule, all jewelry must be booked, for no reason with other people's things to do? And it's broken. It's too bad! Thanks to her special trip back to the house to get a silver, if not really like the style of flower hairpin, she is not willing to run this trip. But thinking about saving fifteen taels of silver, she breathed a sigh of relief, and if Niang knew that she had stolen private money, she would be scolded again. If on weekdays Ning Xiang would like to let Dou Liangqiao say a few words to send it away,65 inch touch screen, but since she knew that the childe living in the mansion was the prince, she felt a sense of courage that made her a little bolder. The girl looked again and saw if there was anything she liked. When she came out, the lady said that if the girl liked it, she could buy it, and she didn't have to care about the silver. This is like hitting Dou Liangqiao in the face, burning pain. She stared at Ning Xiang and saw that she looked very familiar. It was only after half a ring that she remembered something. She said in a strange way, "Are you the servant girl of the Liang family? Is this the illegitimate daughter of Liang Youxiang?"? Is that the girl who doesn't know where she came from? The contempt in Dou Liangqiao's eyes is obvious, an illegitimate daughter does not stay in the house to hide, come out Zhou Lifang to join in the fun, but also buy casually? Do you really think Mrs. Liang is a fool? Ning Xiang's face was cold. She ignored Dou Liangqiao. She held Rui Yu and continued, "Do you like her?" Dou Liangqiao was ignored in the heart naturally unhappy, but also did not go, leaning on a cabinet slowly around, from time to time looked up a few eyes Rui Yu, she would like to see, an illegitimate daughter can move the house how much money, smartboards in classrooms ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, oh, shameless. Just looking at it, Dou Liangqiao's eyes suddenly looked straight, and his eyes looked up and down with Rui Yu's movements. Is this Zhou Lifang's new Su embroidery? After a while, Dou Liangqiao's eyes were almost on fire. He lifted his feet and grabbed Rui Yu's arm. He pulled her and asked, "Are you wearing the new Su embroidery in the south of the Yangtze River?" Boss Li was in a cold sweat and took two steps back. Rui Yu was caught in pain, but also do not know to shout, can only break off Dou Liangqiao's hand back again and again, so fierce. Ning Xiang hurriedly stopped in front of her: "What is Miss Dou going to do?"! Even though the former right phase is not as good as the left phase, time has changed. Miss Dou doesn't want to bully people too much! Dou Liangqiao was stopped in the heart more gas, pushed a congealed incense, congealed incense one did not stand back, fell on Rui Yu, even with two people fell down. Bang, Dou Liang quietly dumbfounded, she, she did not expect. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, this person is just Liang An's illegitimate daughter, Liang Fu will not make things bigger. Rui Yu covered the head that was broken, in Ning Xiang's hands and feet in a hurry, faintly red eye socket, pain. Chapter 16 16 Rui Yu sat upright with her handkerchief in her hand. The herbalist bent over and looked carefully at the wound on her forehead. He sighed and said, "a good girl, how could you make such a big cut.." The herbalist is the doctor of the Liang government, and he speaks without hindrance. Liang madam is urgent in one side straight stamp a foot: "Can not leave scar, medicine should be used on good..." There was a faint sound of Ning Xiang crying outside the house. Rui Yu heard it and looked out. She was about to get up and go out. Mrs. Liang stopped her and said, "It doesn't matter. I'll go and have a look." Rui Yu hung his head and thought, his head was so dizzy. Do you want to use the pagodatree flower to stop bleeding? Why doesn't the old man prescribe medicine? Well, sleepy.. When Mrs. Liang went out, she saw Ning Xiang kneeling in front of the door and Shen Xu standing in the corridor with his hands on his back. The shadow cast by the eaves just covered half of his face, and the cold strength seemed to come out of his bones. Ning Xiang wiped away her tears, gritted her teeth and said, "It's the maidservant's fault. The maidservant didn't take good care of the girl.." Mrs. Liang was also angry: "Tell me what's going on!" Thinking of Dou Liangqiao, Ning Xiang quickly looked up and said, "Madam, it's the concubine of the Dou family, Dou Liangqiao. The girl was looking at the hairpin in Zhou Lifang. She wanted to grab it and cut the girl's hand. She pushed the maidservant again. Miss Rui was involved by the maidservant and fell down. The maidservant should die!" Shen Xu's slender eyes narrowed slightly, the Dou family. Hearing the Dou family, Mrs. Liang was very angry. On weekdays, the left prime minister's mansion presses them everywhere, and so on, but now they dare to start, bullying to the head! Ning Xiang paused for a moment and said hesitantly, "Madam, it's rumored that Miss Rui is the illegitimate daughter of the prime minister. It seems to have spread.." After a pause, Mrs. Liang quickly looked up at Shen Xu and said in alarm, "It must have come from the mansion. It's my wife's improper housekeeping." Shen Xu turned his head impatiently, just in time to see the little girl's little face wrinkled into a steamed stuffed bun from the window. As soon as the herbalist touched her head,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, she shrank in. Shen Xu's eyes darkened, and he didn't take her back to Pingcheng to let her be wronged. Mrs. Liang asked Ning Xiang to step down, and then Ning Xiang sobbed and left. hsdsmartboard.com