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Johanna Nov 8 '22
Xie Jiayan, with a bitter and bitter face, put his hands back into the pockets on both sides, trying to protect the temperature passed by Lin Yu. The two men walked into the market one after the other, and the hot air came to their faces with the sound of the vendors bargaining. Lin Yu was sharp-eyed and found a small drugstore in the corner. Xie Jiayan is eager to leave this place quickly, so that he can go back and continue to be intimate with Lin Yu, so as soon as he enters the door, he runs to choose the dishes. Lin Yu said hello to the other side, turned to the corner to buy some cold medicine back. The two of them tacitly made a quick decision and went home with their things in a short time. Before the time of heating, the house was empty and cold, and Xie Jiayan sneezed more frequently, but he could not take medicine on an empty stomach. Lin Yu went upstairs and took Xie Jiayan's quilt down and wrapped it around each other, showing only one face. Let Xie Jiayan sit on the sofa, Lin Yu rolled up his sleeves and went into the kitchen. The faint fragrance of rice wafted out, and he became more and more hungry. Xie Jiayan sniffed, got out of the quilt and trotted past. Xie Jiayan ran to the door, just saw Lin Yu was standing in the kitchen with his back to him, the lid of the rice cooker was continuously emitting white steam, Lin Yu stood in a firework, heard the movement behind him, he turned around and saw Xie Jiayan. He smiled. "Just in time." He lifted the lid of the rice cooker,Artificial Marble Slabs, waved his hand to Xie Jiayan, and greeted him like a puppy. Xie Jiayan rolled his eyes, raised his feet and ran over: "What's wrong?" Lin Yu lowered his head and put the stewed goods cut on the chopping board on a plate. He told Xie Jiayan, "Two bowls of porridge." Xie Jiayan promised, sniffed and walked over, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Lin Yu coming this way. Lin Yu took off his clothes and put them on Xie Jiayan's shoulders. When he saw the other side looking up at him, Lin Yu rubbed Xie Jiayan's head. "Go out." Lin Yu followed Xie Jiayan and put the plate in his hand on the table, and they sat down face to face as usual. The rice was boiled and blossomed,grey marble slab, and the white flowers were crowded together, emitting a sweet and glutinous aroma. Lin Yu also fried a side dish, with Xie Jiayan to buy the stewed goods, two people simply ate a brunch, against the sofa, sitting on the carpet to watch a movie. Xie Jiayan wrapped the big quilt around him and Lin Yu. He shouted, "Hey, this broken quilt is too small." He leaned on Lin Yu's arms and wanted to change his posture for a long time, but he didn't stop. Lin Yu smiled helplessly and hugged Xie Jia, successfully fixing the person who twisted around in his arms. Illness is like a mountain, Xie Jiayan may be because of a cold, dizzy brain, sleepy, he is lying in Lin Yu's warm arms, pietra gray marble ,Carrara Marble Slab, barely holding his eyelids to watch a movie, and soon fell asleep again, making a very small snore. He didn't sleep long before he was woken up by Lin Yu. Lin Yu sat beside Xie Jiayan with a dish of water and said softly, "It's time to take medicine." Xie Jiayan was covered by the quilt out of a lot of sweat, feel the sticky body, he lifted the quilt, reached out to take the things in Lin Yu's hand, Lin Yu frowned, and bent down to the side of the quilt wrapped in Xie Jiayan's body. Xie Jiayan's face was wrinkled by the bitter infusion. He stuck out his tongue. Seeing Lin Yu's movements, he shook his head and refused: "Hot." Lin Yu ignored it. He took the cup away and covered Xie Jiayan tightly: "It's hot and you have to cover it." Xie Jiayan's mouth was numb, and he complained, "Why is it so bitter?" "Good medicine tastes bitter." Lin Yu leaned over and gently pecked Xie Jiayan's lips, which were soft and easy to kiss. He skimmed the surface of the water and pulled away. "Is it still bitter?" He asked. The word "bitter" seems to have changed its taste. When Xie Jiayan said it was bitter, he always felt that his tongue was filled with a sweet taste. When he saw Lin Yu leaning toward him again, he thought about it and hung his head again. His face was full of the expression of a strong man breaking his wrist. He hummed, "Actually, it's not very bitter." I have a cold. You'd better not kiss me. If Lin Yu also caught a cold, he would have to drink such bitter medicine. Lin Yu listened, but the action did not stop, he put one hand on the ground, the other hand in the past to raise Xie Jiayan's face, his thumb in Xie Jiayan's lips gently wiped, and then slowly stuck up. Xie Jiayan closed his mouth tightly and did not give the other party the slightest chance to enter. He heard Lin Yu chuckle, and then felt a cool breeze in the quilt, followed by a warm body. Lin Yu actually lifted the corner of his quilt and went straight in, straddling him. Xie Jiayan:!!! Lin Yu seems to disrelish the stimulation brought to the other side is not enough, originally the hand supporting the ground slowly into Xie Jiayan's clothes, gently rubbing his waist. Xie Jiayan opened his eyes wide. He didn't feel itchy at all. He only felt the feeling of crispness and numbness coming from his waist. He endured it, and tiny beads of sweat oozed from his forehead. Lin Yu's hand gradually upward, he did not do anything excessive, but gently stroked Xie Jiayan's back up and down, as if pleading with him. Open your mouth. Because of a cold and limp body can not stand any stimulation, Xie Jiayan felt his body soft into a pool, his brain a blank, feel Lin Yu carefully licking his lips, he climbed Lin Yu's neck, finally relaxed. Lin Yu finally got Xie Jiayan's permission, he held Xie Jiayan's face in both hands, drove straight in, carefully inspected every corner of each other's mouth, and took away those annoying bitterness one by one. Don't be afraid. If it's contagious, give it to me. So you're good. Xie Jiayan sobbed and hugged Lin Yu's neck. Both of them were panting and flushed when they were separated. Lin Yu straddled Xie Jiayan and felt the changes in each other's bodies. He himself was no better. Xie Jiayan's mouth was rubbed a piece of bright red, accompanied by water light, feeling Lin Yu's body a piece of hot, he pursed his mouth, reached out and pulled the pillow on the sofa to block his face. Xie Jiayan is shy. Two people have been together for a period of time, from time to time on the kiss hug,Marble Granite Price, but has not been carried out to the last step, we are all men. They are naturally aware of each other's needs. Xie Jiayan although a little afraid, but the heart for this matter has been some expectations. He wants to have Lin Yu completely. forustone.com