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tkkaftex Sep 20

What kind of fabric is cotton polyester?

Cotton-polyester and polyester-cotton fabrics often appear on the labels of our shirts, and they are both cotton and polyester blends. So what kind of fabric is cotton polyester? What are the similarities and differences between cotton and polyester fabrics? Now let's get to know each other.

There really is a difference!

Polyester-cotton refers to polyester-cotton blended fabrics, which are mainly composed of polyester. Polyester-cotton blended fabrics are mainly composed of polyester and are woven from 65%-67% polyester and 33%-35% cotton blended yarns. , Polyester cotton commonly known as cotton is really good.

1. Features of polyester cotton:

It not only highlights the style of polyester, but also has the advantages of cotton fabrics. It has good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable dimensions, small shrinkage, and has the characteristics of straightness, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and fast drying. Do not use high temperature ironing and soaking in boiling water.

2. Disadvantages of polyester cotton:

The polyester fiber in the polyester-cotton is a hydrophobic fiber, which has a strong affinity for oil stains and is easy to absorb oil stains. Moreover, it is easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust during the wearing process. It is difficult to wash, and it cannot be ironed at high temperature and soaked in boiling water.

3. Classification of polyester cotton:

Customers who often buy shirts know that the fabrics of many shirts are marked with polyester-cotton or cotton-polyester. "Polyester-cotton" and "cotton-polyester", the order of the two words changed into two different fabrics. "Polyester-cotton" fabric means that the composition of polyester accounts for more than 60%, and the composition of cotton is less than 40%; "cotton polyester" is the opposite, which means that the composition of the surface is more than 60%, and the composition of polyester is less than 40%.