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seestyle Aug 31
With SEC Media Days over, Ole Mi s isonly a month away from opening the 2016 college football season. However, while the football program's focus is solely on its opening game against the Florida State Seminoles, .Freeze's program is , including multiple Level 1 violations, which are levied for "severe breaches of conduct." Additionally, former Ole Mi s offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil admitted to from an Ole Mi s football staff member during the NFL Draft.BENDER: While Freeze has denied Jose Quintana Jersey any intentional wrongdoing and has called the violations "mistakes", many have speculatedhe could face sanctions under the NCAA's revised enforcement proce s via the new penalty matrix.What NCAA compliance expectations of head coaches tell usNCAA Division I Anthony Rizzo Jersey Bylaw places the responsibility on the head coach of a programto promote an atmosphere of NCAA rules compliance within his orher program, as well as to monitor the activities of his orher staff to ensure compliance with NCAA legislation. The NCAA expects head coaches to keep detailed documentation of these efforts.Further, Bylaw presumes a head coach hasknowledge of what is occurring in his orher program and, therefore, a head coach can be held responsiblefor the actions of staff members or other individuals a sociated with the head coach's program. This e sentially means that if a violation occurs, it is the responsibility of the coach to prove his or her innocence rather than the NCAA proving the coach's guilt.MORE: As a result, a head coach who ultimately is found to have failed to meet his or herresponsibilities under Bylaw Sammy Sosa Jersey receive a game suspension that corresponds to the severity of the violation (i.e., Freeze's involvement in a Level I violation would result in a longer game suspension than being involved in a Level II or III violation) or even a show-cause order should the violation be severe enough.Here, Freeze was not alleged to have breached his Bylaw responsibilities despite being present when some of the alleged violations occurred. While this does not guarantee Freeze will escape sanctions, it seems to indicate his outcome may not be too severe. Specifically, Chicago Cubs Custom Jersey if Freeze is presumed to have knowledge of any violations occurring within his program and will be penalized for violations that occurred if he cannot rebut thispresumption, the failure of the NCAA to make this allegation would seemingly be removing his duty to rebut his presumed knowledge of the alleged violations.So while some expect this ongoing case to slow Ole Mi s'progre s during Freeze's tenure, the early indication is that Freeze's personal outcome may be le s severe than what many expect.Justin P. Sievert, Esq. is the founder/principal of Sievert Collegiate Consulting, a profe sor of sports law at the University of Tenne see,and is a contributing writer on sports law and sports busine s i sues for Sporting News. He is an attorney licensed to practice in Tenne see, North Carolina and Florida and has focused his practice on higher education and sports law. Justin has a Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) from Union College (NY), a Master's Degree Addison Russell Jersey in Education (M.ED) from St. Lawrence University and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Miami (FL).