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There's nothing better these days than kicking back at home or outside, your smartphone by your side and your go-to playlist or podcast streaming to a wireless Bluetooth speaker sans wires. That's just one of the countless reasons investing in such a product is worth it.To get more news about bluetooth bike speaker, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

The latest Bluetooth speakers are more capable than ever and incredibly well-priced — many of our top picks cost just around $100. Today's top-rated Bluetooth speakers will deliver great sound, have next-level craftsmanship and durability, and a plethora of convenient additional features, like access to virtual assistants, and in-app controls, to name a few.

We're constantly researching and testing the latest top Bluetooth speakers on the market today to find you the absolute best.
What to Consider
Good sound is a must for a top-tier Bluetooth speaker, and the more audio drivers it packs, the better its fidelity will be. Unless you are looking for a compact offering or one that offers unique features, keep an eye out for a pair of onboard audio drivers. On the other hand, bass radiators will help the product produce a powerful and entertaining low range.

Water resistance used to be a niche feature for Bluetooth speakers, but today, the handy functionality's growing availability has made it a must-have for any great Bluetooth speaker.
A good Bluetooth speaker should offer double-digit battery life, regardless of its size and price point. The product category's finest offer endurance beyond the 10-hour bare minimum.

Bluetooth 5.0 (and higher) is the most desirable wireless connectivity standard a speaker should offer. Depending on your usage preference, options beyond Bluetooth (e.g., wired and Wi-Fi) are worth considering, too.

A companion app with speaker controls and audio customization options is also worth considering for your next Bluetooth speaker. Thankfully, there's no need to break the bank to access this bit.
Sony's all-new SRS-XE300 is the best Bluetooth speaker for most consumers and a worthy follow-up to the SRS-XB33 — our previous top pick in this product category. It has an elegant and durable design with a fabric finish, fantastic audio quality, and long battery life, all at an agreeable price. It also packs additional features like an onboard microphone for making calls, elaborate app controls, multi-device connectivity, and fast-charging tech.

Equipped with full-range audio drivers and passive radiators, the SRS-XE300 delivers a detail-rich and powerful sound. The drivers have a non-circular shape, allowing the speaker to blast distortion-free audio at any volume. You can adjust the product's sound and settings via the Sony Music Center app.

With its timelessly cool design, impressive sound, seamless portability, and top-notch battery life, the Marshall Stockwell II speaker also earned high marks. It also has a neat carrying strap and a durable build with an IPX4 rating for water resistance.

The EarFun UBOOM L is the best Bluetooth speaker for under $100. Priced below $80 before any deals and promotions, the product has an understated and rugged design with a fabric cover that belies its price point, convenient controls, and dependable battery life. The fully waterproof and dustproof device can also float in water.

I was impressed by the audio performance of the UBOOM L when I put it to the test. The speaker produced a stereo sound that's powerful yet surprisingly balanced. However, it's important to note that you can't fine-tune the audio via an app.

Priced around $50 before any discounts, Anker's Soundcore 3 is our favorite Bluetooth speaker for budget-conscious upgraders. It offers a minimalist and durable design, intuitive controls, stellar audio quality, and good battery life. The speaker weighs less than a pound, so it's impressively compact and easy to carry around.

Throw Barb Introduction

The throw barbarian is a versatile build that has been made viable by recent patch changes, primarily around the ability to replenish the quantity of your item – meaning you never run out!  This build is a physical damage dealer and played correctly can deal a huge amount of damage, both to single targets and groups.

The build goes against what you would normally expect from a barbarian in that you will be a ranged attacker, as opposed to the normal hack and slash barbarian.  We use two main skills to deal damage from the Combat Skills tree – Frenzy and Double Throw, and supplement these with utility skills from the Combat Masteries and Warcries trees.

The playstyle is fast and frantic, but a lot of fun once you master it.  The early game for a barbarian (particularly a throw barbarian) is sometimes slow and requires patience to gather the currency required to purchase your end D2 Resurrected Items but once you’re up and running the barbarian is very rewarding.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent boss farming with huge single target damage.
  • Find Item ability provides increased chances of finding rare items and runes.
  • Viable to kill ubers.
  • Viable in hardcore.


  • Slow early game and requires patience to reach end game build.
  • Kill speed begins to slow down in games with more than 3 players.
  • Requires melee attacks to trigger frenzy and reach maximum potential.
  • Requires stat reset between early and end game.
  • Slow boss killer

Skill Tree


  • Howl (1)
  • Find Potion (1)
  • Taunt (1)
  • Shout (1)
  • Find Item (10)
  • Battle Cry (1)
  • Battle Orders (20)
  • Battle Command (1)

Combat Masteries:

  • Throwing Mastery (20)
  • Increased Stamina (1)
  • Increased Speed (1)
  • Iron Skin (1)
  • Natural Resistance (5+)

Combat Skills:

  • Bash (1)
  • Double Swing (20)
  • Double Throw (20)
  • Frenzy (1)


I would not recommend trying to play a throw barbarian in the early game as it is a very slow journey to the end game.  Instead, I would suggest utilising the Double Swing and Mace Mastery using 2 Flails – this will provide you with a reasonable level of damage to get you through Normal difficulty.  Once you reach level 30 start using the Whirlwind ability and put points in with each level, this will be your main ability for the early game.  There are a number of early Runewords that help the barbarian get through Normal, I like to make “Steel” (Tir El) as early as I can in a Flail (the runes can be farmed from Normal countess) and buy a 3 socketed Flail in Act 2 and socket it with some flawed gems to provide some elemental damage for my other weapon.

When you complete Hell difficulty and are ready to begin farming there are 2 builds that I consider most efficient – Whirlwind or Berserk.  I prefer to use the Whirlwind ability as we have used the build to help us level and using the Berserk ability reduces your defence which can be dangerous when you are still using early game items.  Berserk will be required for Physical Immune monsters.

Early Game

This section is intended to showcase an item build that is achievable after completing the game and you are ready to start farming.  Some of the runes may require repeat farming of Normal and / or Nightmare Countess, however this is normally achieved within a short timeframe.

Helm:               “Lore” Runeword (Ort Sol) / Peasant Crown

Amulet:             Utility Amulet with life, resistances, magic find etc

Weapon:           “Oath” Runeword (Shael Pul Mal Lum)

Note: “Oath” is expensive for an early game item, however by the time you finish the game you should have enough currency to purchase the required runes or you might get lucky with your Hellforge quest.

Armor:              “Treachery” Runeword (Shael Thul Lem)

Shield:              “Ancient’s Pledge” Runeword (Ral Ort Tal)

Gloves:             Rare gloves with attack speed, life leech, stats


Rings:               Ravenfrost / Utility ring

Ravenfrost provides the “Cannot be Frozen” mod which is fundamental for any physical damage dealer.

Belt:                 String of Ears

Boots:               Faster Run Walk with Resistances

Inventory:         Life / Resistance Charms or Magic / Gold Find Charms

Mercenary:       Act 2 Desert Mercenary with “Might” Aura and “Insight” Runeword (Ral Tir Tal Sol) or “Obedience” Runeword (Hel Ko Thul Eth Fal)


The most popular farming spots for barbarians is The Pit in Act 1 and Travincal in Act 3.  The significance of The Pit is that the champion and elite monsters in the area can drop every item in the game.  The council members in Travincal are well known for dropping high runes and the barbarian can farm this area very effectively. To quickly collect the items needed for building, you can go to RPGStash to Buy D2R Items. Of course, you can also buy d2r runes to quickly increase your strength, which will save you a lot of time and energy.

If you’re farming in The Pit you want to target the champion and elite packs of monsters, when we first begin farming it will be in solo games so the non-elite / champion monsters will not provide much loot.  The Howl warcry will help us in this area – using this causes all non-elite / champion monsters to run in fear from us, leaving us to fight only the elite or champion monster.  Once you find a pack, cast the Howl warcry 1-2 times and watch the surround monsters scatter – you can then concentrate your damage on the remaining elite or champion either with the Whirlwind or Berserk ability.  Once you have killed the enemy, use your Find Item ability on the corpse for an extra chance at finding gear.  From time to time, you may encounter monsters that are “Immune to Physical Damage”, you will need to use the Berserk ability on these (even if your main skill is Whirlwind) as it deals Magic damage

Travincal may be difficult immediately after finishing the game, unless you have managed to find plenty of charms with fire resistance.  I would also recommend waiting until you have the “Oath” Runeword as your weapon and String of Ears as your belt before starting here.  We won’t be teleporting at this stage, so a neat trick is to run from the waypoint straight into the Durance of Hate entrance and then straight back into Travincal – this ensures your mercenary is with you as you begin tackling the council members.  If there are any other monsters around, cast the Howl warcry to get rid of them and then start concentrating your damage on the council members with either Whirlwind or Berserk.  Once they are dead, don’t forget to use Find Item on their corpses.  Travincal is also an excellent area to farm gold if you can find charms and items with”+% Extra Gold Find”, you can then use this gold to gamble items with vendors to generate currency.  Popular items to gamble are rings, amulets and circlets / coronets.

End Game

The end game is where this build really starts to get fun, and we can respec into our throw barb build.  The weapons are quite rare as we want them to be ethereal for extra damage, however you can buy non-ethereal versions of them cheaply until you find the ethereal version.

The combination of Warshrike and Razortail provides us with 83% Chance to Pierce which helps us take down large packs of monsters, particularly if you are able to line them up.  Lacerator has a chance to cast Amplify Damage on striking which provides a huge damage boost once cast, and helps us kill monsters with Physical immunity.  With 3 stacks of Frenzy and Fanaticism Aura from our mercenary we reach the highest attack speed breakpoint.

Helm:               Arreat’s Face socketed with a +35+% Enhance Damage, 15% Increased Attack Speed Jewel

Amulet:             Highlord’s Wrath

Weapon #1:      Ethereal Lacerator Winged Axe

Weapon #2:      Ethereal Warshrike Winged Knife

Weapon Swap:  2x “Heart of the Oak” (Ko Vex Pul Thul)

Armor:              “Enigma” Runeword (Jah Ith Ber)

Gloves:             Laying of Hands / Crafted “Blood” Gloves with Increased Attack Speed

Ring #1:            Ravenfrost

Ring #2:            Rare or Crafted Ring with Life Leech, Mana Leech, Attack Rating and Resistances.

Belt:                 Razortail Sharkskin Belt

Boots:               Gore Rider War Boots

Inventory:         8x Grand Charms with +10 Max Damage / 60+ Attack Rating / 35+ Life

8x Small Charms with +3 Max Damage / 15+ Attack Rating / 15+ Life

Barbarian Hellfire Torch Large Charm

Annihilus Small Charm

Mercenary:       Act 1 Rogue Mercenary “Faith” Runeword (Ohm Jah Lem Eld)



Strength:    Enough to wear your gear

Dexterity:   Enough to wear your gear

Vitality:       As much as possible

Energy:      None


This build is viable in Hardcore with no tweaks, however requires careful gameplay particularly when building up your Frenzy stacks (see gameplay section).  You need to apply 2 – 3 melee attacks in your play build up and have little defence.  Try not to get surrounded as this build can only deal damage in one direction and you will become overwhelmed if you do not position yourself correctly.


The first step in any barbarian gameplay is to apply your Battle Command, Battle Orders and Shout warcries – this provides is +1 to All Skills, a huge life and mana boost and a defence boost too.

To ensure we reach the highest attack speed breakpoint we need to use the “Frenzy” skill in our build up play.  Frenzy is a melee attack skill that grants stacks, with each stack increasing our attack and movement speed – we should only need 1 stack; however I would recommend 2 – 3 for good measure.

Once we have the frenzy stacks we teleport to a safe distance away from the monster pack and use the Double Throw ability.  You will notice very quickly that Amplify Damage gets cast on the monster pack from your Lacerator weapon and the extra damage as a result kills the monster pack very quickly.  For maximum efficiency try to line up the packs in long and thin shapes, this ensures we make the most of our 83% chance to pierce and damages all the monsters lined up in a row.

We do not have any protection from our mercenary with this build as we have opted for the Act 1 Rogue, so be mindful of yours and hers positioning at all times to make sure you do not get surrounded and overwhelmed by monsters.


Diablo Clone / Ubers

Diablo Clone is very easy with this build, our single target damage is huge and Gore Rider boosts gives us a chance for crushing blow which decimates any uber.  The gameplay is similar to normal, apply your warcries and build up your frenzy stacks (either on a nearby monster, or on Diablo clone himself), then teleport a small distance away and start throwing your weapons!  He will fall quickly and you will have your new shiny Annihilus small charm.

Mini Ubers (Duriel, Lilith and Izual) are viable with this build if you ensure you clear the surrounding monsters in the room before tackling the bosses themselves.  Follow the same process as described above for Diablo Clone, watch them fall and collect your organs.

Ubers themselves are very tricky and I wouldn’t recommend using this build to kill them, unless you want a challenge!  The problem we encounter is each boss summons repeatedly summons monsters which can cause us problems with positioning and targeting the boss.  My recommendation here would be to “pre-buff” Fade with “TreacheryDiablo 2 Resurrected Runewords (you can do this by letting yourself get hit by weak monsters in Act 1, or standing in fire in Act 4) so that we get additional resistances and damage reduction, and also purchase a Demon Limb Tyrant Club and cast Enchant on yourself – this provides a damage and attack rating boost.  You will want to take on the Uber bosses one at a time to ensure you do not get overwhelmed by summoned monsters.  I would recommend killing Mephisto as he will be the most difficult and also has the Conviction aura on.  If you do kill Ubers with this build, please do contact us with a video so we can see it in action :).

Article From: D2R Throw Barbarian Build Guide

Himiway Zebra E-Bike Review

The Himiway Zebra is a Class 3 fat tire ebike designed with all-terrain enthusiasts and cruiser riders in mind. Ideal for city riding and off-path adventures, the Zebra ($1,999) combines MTB capabilities with the comfort of an urban cruiser.To get more news about himiway ebike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

This model is the updated version of the fan-favorite Himiway Cruiser (now $1,599) and features a significant aesthetic facelift via an integrated battery and stylish paint job.

With the all-new Zebra, Himiway expands its lineup of tried-and-tested fat tire ebikes. Each bike from Himiway features 4” wide tires and a powerful rear hub motor for a rugged and comfortable build. This tough-as-nails approach makes sense when you consider the brand’s namesake, American icon Ernest Hemingway.

Rival brands like Rad Power Bikes and Aventon produce similar bikes, but for riders who are on the hunt for the most robust options, Himiway stands out as the fat tire e-bike specialist.The Himiway Zebra E-bike is constructed around an upgraded 6061 aluminum frame that’s available in step-over and step-through geometries. Step-through versions typically offer the best fit for smaller riders, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the Zebra frame is larger than most.This large ebike weighs 79 lbs. which is relatively heavy even for a fat tire ebike. The Zebra doesn’t have the most nimble of handling, but its bike-meets-monster-truck feel is part of the fun of this category of ebike.

Currently, the step-over version comes in an attractive silver color way and the step-through model is white with unique zebra detailing.The redesigned 750W rear hub motor delivers serious horsepower and 86 Nm of torque that improves on the previous generation’s performance. The proprietary Himiway motor features five levels of pedal assist that topped out at around 27 mph during our tests. There’s a throttle mode with a max speed of 20 mph as well as a walk mode to facilitate rolling up ramps or transportation while off the bike.

Himiway claims the updated motor has better heat dissipation for a longer overall life expectancy. Acceleration is relatively smooth, but the Zebra still runs a cadence sensor rather than a more accurate torque sensor to synchronize pedal strokes and the motor’s power. For a $1,999 all-terrain ebike though, the motor packs a serious punch for the price.

One of the biggest updates on this Himiway e-bike is the high-capacity battery that’s now neatly integrated into the downtube instead of being mounted externally. The 20Ah battery is made up of Samsung/LG cells and has a range of 80 miles with pedal assist and around 60 miles in throttle mode.

With this large battery capacity a single charge takes about 7 hours which is relatively long but makes sense considering the Zebra’s battery is longer-lasting than most. Just in time for an upgrade, the Zebra achieves a much sleeker look than the old Himiway Cruiser thanks to the removable battery tucked into the frame.

The motor and battery hook up to a large, user-friendly display positioned at the center of the handlebars. It shows important metrics like ride time, distance, speed, and more at a glance. The LCD display is black and white so nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done.

Even the most tech-savvy of electric bicycles come with traditional mechanical components and the Zebra has reliable Tektro hydraulic brakes and a Shimano Altus drivetrain. The 7-speed 14/28t cassette connects to an SiS Shimano shifter— it’s thumb shifter type is ubiquitous on ebikes, but one that lacks in performance, especially considering the other more modern specs on the Zebra.

The adventurous spirit and safari-ready feel of the Himiway Zebra is largely due to the ultra-wide 26 x 4” Kenda fat tires. With large air volume for cushion and knobby treat pattern for extra traction, those tires can handle light off-road detours from normal bike paths. The front suspension adds more cushion over the rough stuff and the overall geometry feels stable to ride.
The 13 Best E-Bikes You Can Buy Today

E-bikes are fun, they’re useful, and they help riders cover more ground more quickly than any other kind of bike. These days, there are e-bikes for every activity, from commuting and fitness to hauling cargo, from road and gravel riding to mountain biking.To get more news about electric bike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

They could someday be more affordable, too, with the introduction of e-bike acts introduced into the House and Senate. The proposal, currently making it way through Congress, would offer consumers a refundable 30 15 percent tax credit on e-bike purchases up to $1,500. The credit would be allowed once every three years for individuals or twice for a joint-return couple buying two.
We’re crossing our fingers but not holding our breath. In the meantime, this guide breaks down our favorite e-bikes into a bunch of categories. But first, a quick note about "class." The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) classifies e-bikes based on the top speed at which the e-bike motor assists you and how. This classification determines if you can ride your e-bike on bike paths and in bike lanes, though e-bike laws vary by state.

Class 1 e-bikes are pedal-assist only, with a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. Class 2 e-bikes, which carry the most restrictions, are throttle-assisted with a maximum speed of 20 mph. Class 3 e-bikes are pedal-assists with a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph. They can be pedaled faster than that speed, but the extra velocity has to come from the rider's legs and/or gravity, not the bike motor.

It's all in the names: a belt drive bike is powered by a belt, and a chain drive is propelled by a... you guessed it, chain. Between the two, chain drives are more familiar and common, although belt drive bikes are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their low-maintenance requirements. Belt drives also outlast traditional chain drives, sometimes 3-5 times longer. On top of that, they're quieter and lighter than chain drives.

There are three places to house a motor on an e-bike: front hub, rear hub or the mid-drive.. each with its own pros and cons. Rear and mid-drive motors are by far the most common, with mid-drives more often than not being the placement of choice for premium bikes and hub-drive motors found on more affordable options. With a mid-drive motor, you're centering most of the bike on the lower bracket portion of the bike, which helps maintain balance and stability. Because of their placement on the bike, mid-drives operate at the pedals, with the motor’s torque applied to the chain or belt, resulting in a smoother, more natural ride. This is contrasted against rear-hub motors, which apply torque directly to the wheel.

There's no getting around it: e-bikes are heavier than traditional bicycles, thanks to their motors, battery and heavier frames that can withstand the speeds and pressure of an e-bike. On average, a traditional bike weighs between 17-30 pounds, depending on the style and accessories. In comparison, on average e-bikes weigh between 40-80 pounds, without any baskets, lights, rear racks or additional accessories. The power from an e-bike offsets the weight, but if you run out of battery mid-ride, expect a heavy load riding home.

There are two types of batteries on e-bikes: integrated and removable. Integrated batteries offer plenty of benefits: they’re lighter, the overall bike looks sleeker and they’re great for storing your bike indoors with access to a wall outlet. Removable batteries offer the convenience of charging in a variety of locations where your bike may not fit, but they come with the cost of being bulkier and larger than their integrated counterparts. That bulk comes with a silver lining, though: a larger battery means more battery life, which means... more riding time.

We tested e-bikes across the continental U.S., from the laid-back city of Berkeley all the way to Brooklyn and everywhere in between. We rode commuter-style bikes down city streets, ripped single-track on gravel and MTB-style e-bikes and cruised the coast on laid-back cruisers. Despite the variety in types of bikes we rode, our team of testers kept a few core specs in mind as they tested each bike: weight, range, watt-hours (aka power) and class. Each bike was ridden with the end-user in mind and tested in the environment it was built for. And now, without further ado, here are some of the best e-bikes you can swing a leg over.

The Priority Current is a feature-packed Class 3 e-bike that offers a surprising amount of power for the price. At a hair under $3,300, the Current’s pedal assist mid-drive motor boosts your pedaling speed up to 28 mph and the Enviolo Sportive hub allows for smooth, step-less shifting so you can shift easily no matter the conditions.

The Current arrives partially assembled and putting it together is relatively simple — if you’ve ever dealt with Ikea furniture, you got this. That said, if you’d prefer to have a professional set it up, Priority partners with shops around the country for assembly. I opted to do the home build, and it took me longer to unpack the bike, its parts and its tools than it did to put it together.
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Presently when this news would be reported, your psyche that was unexpectedly considering going out and having some good times would be changed over into working considerably more diligently to satisfy the work inside a severe cutoff time. Accordingly, your sexual interest is no more.

Here an occasion caused the man to lose his sexual interest, yet this isn't generally the situation. At the point when such occasions get normal it might lead the man to forever lose interest in sex and foster issues like Cenforce 200mg, Vidalista 40mg, cenforce 100mg, Vidalista 60mg Erectile Brokenness, and Untimely Discharge. Such circumstances may likewise happen because of different reasons like the symptoms of any drug, psychological well-being issues, sporadic way of life, utilization of unhealthy food all the more much of the time, addictions, and a few others.

The finish of this multitude of reasons might harm the man's sexual coexistence by lessening his drive or need for sexual delight. This won't just influence him yet his associate's sexual coexistence also and this is the explanation accomplices enjoy extramarital undertakings, separation, and wind up becoming discouraged. In this article, we will discuss how to keep what is going on from deteriorating and lighting sexual interest once more.

Have some chocolate

All things considered, you should have chocolate being utilized in commercials where chocolate is being depicted as to some degree heartfelt. Without a doubt, it is extremely heartfelt as it is an exceptionally normal present given to darlings on valentine's day, birthday events, and other heartfelt regions.

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Thus, when you are feeling great you are bound to answer gestures that are discouraged. This was approved by a concentrate in 2006 that presumed that the beneficial outcomes of chocolate in further development drive are more because of mental reasons than natural changes in the body.

Pay attention To A Heartfelt Or Erotic Tune

In this day and age finding an exotic or heartfelt melody isn't hard. Pretty much every melody or film these days has a portion of the other sexy components in it. Yet, you can't necessarily in every case watch a full film because of a lack of time yet you can pay attention to a tune whenever as it will take under a couple of moments.

Music affects the brain of people and this has been experimentally demonstrated by specialists and well-being specialists. This is the explanation today: you would seek particular music treatment for mental problems like dyspondency, sleep deprivation, uneasiness, and so on. Furthermore, this isn't simply a contrivance to bring additional cash from the patient, it works.

Stand by listening to a couple of heartfelt tunes that have been your undisputed top choices for quite a while. Those tunes are bound to instigate sexual sentiments as they are associated with our recollections. The impact of the music will be much more around evening time because of quiet and dimness, the two factors that can work with Sexual Feeling.

Get a Decent Rest

Try not to think twice about the hours you rest, in any situation. Rest is the point at which the body and mind can unwind uninhibitedly absent a lot of work. All the difficult work done in the workplace must be repaid by giving a rest to the body. A typical grown-up should rest for 7 to 8 hours, yet this is a very smart arrangement, however it seldom works out.

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Invest Energy With The Sexual Accomplice

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For any relationship to push forward throughout everyday life, just satisfying commitments and giving gifts won't work. Other than this, very much like some other human, your accomplice will have his/her Sexual Longings, and you should have the option to fulfill them too. On the off chance that not, then awful times might be ahead yet forestall them by following any of the tips given previously.

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StorageBins Folomie
If You've Ever Opened a Cupboard or Drawer and Seen a Mess of Food, You Know How Important Good Food Storage Containers AreWhether You're Looking to Prepare Meals, Pack Leftovers, Add More Produce to Your Diet, Find Ways to Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh, or Just Want to Ensure Your Pantry Staples Have the Longest Shelf Life PossibleProper Storage is Essential. You Might Consider Buying a Set of Clear Kitchen Storage Containers for Everything from Meal Prep and Storing Leftovers to Bulk Food Storage.The Folomie Vegetable and Fruit Storage with Lid & Colander Container Adopts an Innovative Partition Storage Design, Allowing You to Store Various Foods and Vegetables in Categories, Keeping the Refrigerator Organized and Helping You Save More Storage Space. the Unique Detachable Drainer Basket Design Keeps Vegetables and Fruits Longer in the Refrigerator.【material Safety】made of Strong and Durable Food-grade Pp+tpe Material, Made of High-quality Materials, Food-grade Safe Materials, Odorless and Safe. High Temperature Resistance, Environmental Protection and Convenience. Thick Design, Durable and Strong Load-bearing Capacity, Very Suitable for Storing Fruits and Vegetables,[detachable Design] the Drain Basket Can Directly Wash Fruits and Vegetables, and Also Filter the Moisture on the Surface of Fruits and Vegetables to Keep Them Fresh Longer!【keep Food Fresh】our Storage Containers with Drain Baskets and Lids Provide Air-tightness to Control the Humidity Inside, Keeping Food Fresh Longer. the Raised Base Keeps Produce out of the Water and Keeps Them Cool, Crisp and Fresh.【maximize Your Refrigerator Storage Space】our Refrigerator Organizer Can Save a Lot of Space in Your Refrigerator Without Taking Up Too Much Space. and Easily Organize Your Refrigerator, Kitchen, Pantry to Store Food. Compatible with Most Refrigerators, Freezers, Cabinets and Drawers.【easy to Install and Clean】this Storage Box is Easy to Install, You Can Put It in the Refrigerator or Cabinet Drawer and Keep It Dry Without Wasting Any Space.【suitable for Small Fruits and Chopped Vegetables】perfect for Berries Like Blueberries, Grapes, Strawberries, Cherry Tomatoes, and Small or Diced Vegetables Like Mushrooms, Beans, Arugula.Folomie Cup and Lid Organizer for Counter Can Make Your Kitchen or Bar Say Goodbye to Mess and Waste, and Solve the Problem of Nowhere to Put Disposable Cups. You Can Place the Cup and Lid Separately for Easy Access or Storage,With This Organizer, You'll Be Able to Clean Up Your Countertop Arrangement and Maximize Limited Space. Store Rationally and Say Goodbye to Mess.【high Quality Material】made Of: Ps Material, Sturdy and Durable, Has Great Toughness for Long-term Use, and Can Also Be Rotated 360 Degrees to Easily Access the Cups in Different Compartments.【large Capacity】 the Cup Dispenser Provides 4 Compartments for Stacking 10oz, 12oz, and 16oz Cups and Lids.【multifunctional】cup Holder - the Cup Remover Stores Cups, Avoids Clutter Caused by Placing Them Everywhere, Saves Space, Improves Efficiency, and Keeps Everything Organized. It Effectively Separates the Cup and Lid.[easy to Install and Detachable] It is Detachable and Easy to Install. It Only Takes a Few Steps to Install Successfully, and It Can Also Be Disassembled. when You Don't Need to Use It, It Doesn't Take Up Space when You Store It【easy to Clean】just Rinse with Warm Water and Wipe with a Rag, Paper Towel or Towel. the Cup Divider Adopts a Mesh Panel for Easy Ventilation, Avoiding Moisture Inside and Keeping the Cups Dry and Clean.【available in Multiple Scenarios】- This Cup Dispenser Keeps All Cups and Lids Intact and Makes Dispensing Easy. Allows to See when Supplies Are Running Low and Ensures You Never Run Out. Cup, Lid and Straw Dispensers Are Great for Giving Your Customers Something to Drink Their Coffee with and with the Lid They Can Safely Take It with Them. Pick Up a Few Mug and Lid Dispensers for Your Waiting Area or Lounge. Complete Your Beverage Presentation with Coffee or Tea Cups and Lids. Keep Mugs and Lids Neat when Using at Home, Coffee Bar, Office, Break Room, Restaurant, Rv, Church or Party.If You Need Clear Kitchen Storage Containers, Cup and Lid Organizer for CounterCan Be Found AtVisit https://www.folomie.comto Buy and Enjoy Preferential Prices

FIFA 23 guarantees to construct at the above-cited improvements and introduce a emblem-new edition of Career Mode. A key additions to FIFA 23's Career Mode is Playable Highlights, that's probable the great new function brought to FIFA 23 and is to FUT 23 Coins be had in each participant and supervisor Career Modes. The recreation's AI calculates the scoring probabilities in a in shape primarily based totally at the attributes of  groups and spreads them throughout the in shape. Each scoring opportunity triggers a spotlight, in which game enthusiasts can interfere to both convert the scoring hazard right into a purpose or save you the CPU from scoring. These highlights will consist of the whole thing from consequences, loose kicks, counter-assaults, and solo runs.

EA has additionally remodeled the Career Mode menu in FIFA 23 to make it extra on hand and clean to apply. The new most important menu will deliver key factors like participant contracts, squad intensity, and young people academy gamers to the forefront. Now, customers do not should browse via a couple of layers of menus to get the records they want. Dynamic Moments is some other emblem-new FIFA 23 function that is largely a sequence of cutscenes with a view to play at critical moments in each participant and supervisor profession mode. These cinematics will cause after carrying out precise achievements like signing a celeb participant, making it to the beginning 11, or switching golf equipment.

FIFA 23 will permit game enthusiasts to take at the position of a actual-global supervisor, consisting of many well-known names like Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel, Carlo Ancelotti, and lots of others. Fans can pick from a roster of 350+ managers. Transfer analyst is some other new addition to supervisor Career Mode, which improves the exceptional of participant transfers. This analyst will assign rankings from A to F to the continued switch offers primarily based totally at the membership's economic fitness and squad intensity.

Player Personality is a especially thrilling function in the approaching FIFA identify. FIFA 23 could have 3 persona types, Maverick, Virtuoso, and Heartbeat, every with buy FIFA 23 Coins exceptional developments and attributes. A participant's on and rancid-pitch sports will deliver them persona factors that may be used to amplify their persona. The Player Personality device will intently display the movements like passing the ball frequently to create probabilities or being egocentric in the front of purpose and form the persona accordingly.
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Diablo Immortal also capabilities PvP gameplay, via Lost Ark Gold which the equal form of fights. As for PvE, end-sport bosses can be featured as nicely, and with the available lessons, players can revel in each melee-based totally gameplay and ranged characters. You may locate our Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide thrilling!

As for Chaotic Chuo, this one is rather much like a Chinese Lion and is extremely powerful. Don’t confuse it with Achates, because it additionally seems similar to a lion. Just via searching at it, you’ll be able to tell that it isn’t the sort of monster someone should mess LOLGA.COM with. Furthermore, if you’re considering fighting the boss solo, you might want to think once more, as it will tear you into portions before you may even take your weapon out. 

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Without a motorcycle intercom, motorcycle riding is a solitary experience. When you're riding alone it's a good way to clear your head or get your thoughts together. But if you've got a passenger, or you're riding with another biker, inevitably you'll want to talk to them. Motorcycle intercom systems that mount in your helmet let you do that.

The problem is that there are so many to choose from in such a wide price range. It's hard to decide which one to choose. And given that motorcycle intercoms have to work in an extremely difficult environment, choosing the right one can make the difference between enjoying your new purchase or hating it. This motorcycle intercom review will hopefully make your decision easier.

Let's start with a broad overview of the types of motorcycle intercom available.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom

Bluetooth is the latest technology to hit motorcycle intercoms. Not only can these systems communicate totally wirelessly from rider to passenger, they can be used to communicate from bike to bike. Although with these systems the range is usually not in miles, it is in hundreds of feet. Since you are likely riding close to your buddies, this is not usually a problem. Range is getting longer as manufacturers use other technologies to boost how far the signal carries.

What may be called a Bluetooth intercom may only be using Bluetooth to communicate to another Bluetooth device like a telephone. For bike-to-bike communication they often use other technology like GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service), which is a two-way radio group of frequencies, or CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), which is the same technology some cell phone carriers use. Systems that actually use the Bluetooth standard would have a much shorter range since the technology is only designed for short-range communication. But with these other technologies you can get a half-mile or even more distance in open conditions.

One thing you'll find about EJEAS Q7 Bluetooth intercoms is that they come with a whole lot of features packed into a tiny housing. In addition to intercom capability between driver to rider, or other bikers, they let you connect to cell phones, GPS devices, and music players like an mp3 or iPOD. While all those features sound nice, they can make the intercom difficult to use and they may not work as well as you like. If you look at the reviews on the Internet about these devices, one of the top complaints is volume. When you get up to higher speeds they can be difficult to hear. The noise cancellation does a pretty good job of removing wind noise, but that same cancellation may be working so hard to reduce the high noise level, it won't let the intercom get very loud. I've used some of these intercom on a bike without any sort of windshield (in a helmet with a shield) and after about 40-45 miles per hour it gets pretty hard to hear. My kids sitting behind me have better hearing so they can still understand the communication just fine. For older drivers, they may be a problem if your bike doesn't have a windshield. Newer units are getting better all the time, so soon this problem will likely be resolved.

Another complaint is the controls. There are so many functions and only a few buttons to control them. Plus, you have to do it all by touch, which becomes very difficult if you are wearing gloves. Since you can't see what you're doing on the intercom, anytime you try to change a function, it becomes easy for you to put the unit in a state where you don't know what it's doing. At that point you almost have to pull over and take your helmet off so you can see what's going on. I've had times where I rendered my unit useless by trying to change a function while riding.

If you are buying these intercoms to listen to high-quality music you may as well just save your money. They just don't have the volume for that. You really shouldn't be listening to loud music while you're driving anyway if you want to be safe. If you just want hear some music, they may be fine for you. Just don't expect an iPod-like experience.

Cell phone connection may work fine for you as long as you aren't going so fast that the volume isn't sufficient for you to hear the conversation. But remember, the more functions you use on these intercoms, the more confused you can get on what button to push to get a function to work. I've found that these intercoms really work best at just being an intercom. If all you want to do is talk to a rider or fellow bikers, they work great at taking the solitude of riding away. If that's your favorite part of riding, then you may not want an intercom, Before you purchase a unit you need to identify how many riders you want to talk to. Lower cost units typically only communicate between two people. Newer units now can communicate with groups of 15 or more.

Once you find the right motorcycle intercom for you, it will really make your ride with other people much more enjoyable. You'll wonder how you got along without it. You typically get what you pay for when you buy motorcycle helmet intercom, but even a bad motorcycle intercom is better than none at all.

Wireless Intercom Technology

There are four types of radio technologies used in the U.S. for motorcycle intercoms. They are GMRS, FRS, FM, and Bluetooth (which may use other technologies to extend range).

Frequency Modulation (FM) radio is similar to the FM radio you listen to, but for motorcycle intercoms a narrower frequency is used. Like FM radio, these systems can produce clear sound, as long as the distance between them isn't too great. FM radio works best when there are no obstructions such as hills between the transmitter and receiver. If long range is the most important feature, then GMRS intercoms will provide better performance.

The Family Radio Service (FRS) and the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) are the modern equivalents to the old walkie talkies you may have had when you were a kid. FRS radios typically have a maximum range of two miles with few obstructions in between, while GRMS radios communicate up to several miles. Like FM, these are public frequencies so other people can hear your conversations and vice versa. In some heavily populated areas these FRS/GRMS radios are heavily used, while out on the open road you should have fairly private conversations.

One nice thing with the FRS and GMRS radios is that you can go to your local discount store and purchase a cheap handheld radio that will communicate with these units. If someone were following you in a car, or they had a wired motorcycle intercom system that lets them plug in an FRS/GMRS handheld radio, they can communicate with you. The downside of this was just mentioned in that there are millions of these radios out there so in heavily populated areas you'll pick up lots of other transmissions.
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Cùng tìm hiểu thông tin chính thức về dự án Vinhomes Smart City Sapphire

Công ty bất động sản Vinhomes quyết định quy hoạch lại các dòng sản phẩm của mình. Chỉ còn lại thương hiệu Vinhomes và Happy Town (nhà ở cho những người có thu nhập thấp). Trong đó thương hiệu Vinhomes gồm 3 dòng sản phẩm: Vinhomes Diamond, Vinhomes Ruby, Vinhomes Sapphire. Trong bài viết dưới đây, chúng tôi sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ hơn về dòng sản phẩm  Vinhomes Smart City Sapphire của đô thị Vinhomes Smart City.

Thông tin tổng quan về dự án Vinhomes Smart City Sapphire

Phân khu Sapphire có hệ thống tiện ích nội khu hoàn thiện, phong phú và không gian sống chuẩn resort, mang đến cuộc sống “xanh sạch chất lượng”. Phân khu The Sapphire Vinhomes Smart City là một trong những phân khu dân cư năng động nhất của dự án và nhận được phản hồi tích cực từ khách hàng do vừa túi tiền.

Tên gọi: Phân khu Sapphire Vinhomes Smart City

Địa chỉ: Tây Mỗ, Quận Nam Từ Liêm, Thủ đô Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Chủ đầu tư: Công ty Vinhomes

Tư vấn thiết kế: Công ty Vinhomes

Diện tích đất quy hoạch: 280ha

Diện tích đất xây dựng thực tế: 41,16ha

Mật độ: 14,7%

Pháp lý: Sở hữu dài hạn

Tổng quát thông tin về Vinhomes Sapphire Smart City mà chủ đầu tư công bố

Vị trí Sapphire Vinhomes Smart City tọa lạc ở đâu?

Phân khu  Vinhomes Sapphire Smart City là bộ sưu tập chung cư đầu tiên ra mắt tại Thành phố thông minh. Dự án nằm ngay trục đường giao thông chính Đại lộ Thăng Long, gần với tuyến đường sắt.

Phân khu Vinhomes Sapphire Smart City có giá bán thấp nhất dự án, chỉ khoảng 1 tỷ đồng là bạn có thể sở hữu căn hộ nơi đây.

The Sapphire được xây dựng tại hai quận Tây Mỗ và Đại Mỗ thuộc trung tâm phía Tây Hà Nội. Nơi đây đang xây dựng thêm nhiều hạ tầng giao thông để biến dự án thành trung tâm hành chính mới phía Tây thủ đô.

Do vị trí thuận lợi như gần đường tàu điện ngầm, gần cầu vượt nội đô và di chuyển nhanh chóng ra trục đường chính của Thăng Long nên hiện nay nơi đây đã có rất nhiều cư dân sinh sống.

Các phân khu của Vinhomes Smart City Sapphire

Vinhomes Smart City Sapphire sở hữu các tiểu khu đắt giá

Vingroup luôn là “ông lớn” nắm bắt xu hướng và thấu hiểu tâm tư khách hàng nên việc ra mắt dòng sản phẩm Vinhomes Smart City Sapphire không có gì ngạc nhiên. Được nhiều chuyên gia coi là một bước đột phá chiến lược, nó đã được chú ý trong vài năm nay.

Căn hộ phân khu Sapphire Vinhomes Smart City  được thiết kế tối giản nhưng vẫn sang trọng, hiện đại và tiện nghi. Đặc biệt, việc tối ưu hóa công năng, loại bỏ các không gian thừa đã được các kiến ​​trúc sư tính toán kỹ lưỡng nhằm đảm bảo mang đến không gian sống thoải mái nhất cho gia chủ.

Ngoài ra, các tấm kính lớn được lắp đặt trong các căn hộ tại đây, tạo cảm giác rộng rãi trong nhà, đồng thời giúp gia đình ngắm nhìn toàn cảnh bên ngoài, đón ánh sáng tự nhiên, cho cuộc sống năng động và đầy năng lượng.

Các loại căn hộ tại Vinhomes Sapphire Smart City bao gồm: căn hộ studio có diện tích từ 28m2 – 32m2; căn hộ 1 phòng ngủ 34m2; căn hộ 1PN+1 từ 43m2 – 47m2; căn hộ có diện tích 2PN+1WC 55m2; căn 2PN+1+2WC diện tích 63m2; căn 3PN từ 75m2 đến 80m2; căn 3PN+1 từ 92m2 đến 98m2.

Với giá bán thấp nhất trong tất cả các dòng sản phẩm của tập đoàn Vingroup và vị trí đắc địa, tiện ích đầy đủ, hiện đại thì đây chính là nơi đáng để các gia đình trẻ hoặc nhà đầu tư suy nghĩ và lựa chọn.

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