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In the box customization, the customization of Micropiber Jewelry Bag Producer is a very important one and the most widely used.

When customized Microfiber Jewelry Bag Producer, the first consideration we consider must be the material selection of the box and the determination of style style, and it rarely takes into account the inside of the box.

For the box, how to choose a suitable lining is actually a very important link, and its choice will directly affect the grade of the entire packaging box.

For customers, they do not understand the materials and uses of these lining. However, as a professional packaging customization company, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of various materials lining, and recommend it to customers when appropriate. Essence Next, we will make a general introduction to the common MicroFiber Jewelry Bag Producer lining: cardboard or corrugated paper lining: Most of our common packaging boxes are paper. At the same time Unity of style. The cost of cardboard and corrugated paper is low in cost, environmentally friendly materials, and convenient processing. It is very popular with merchants. At the same time, the paper is easy to set and has good buffering performance. It can protect the entire item during transportation.

Paper lining is often used in electronic product packaging, red wine packaging, etc. EVA lining: EVA is a polyethylene foaming product, which has good elasticity, flexibility, resistance to compression and sealing. The EVA has a smooth appearance, uniform in the bubbles, soft and thick feel, and has a good buffer resistance. EVA lining can be used for groove design, or on the surface of velvet, the groove design can play a role in fixed and displayed products, and the velvet design can make the surface of the lining more soft and shiny. EVA lining is often used for precious and fragile product packaging. Sponge lining: The packaging suitable for high -end products can play a role in buffering and shock absorption. At the same time, the sponge lining also has the division of environmentally friendly sponge lining, anti -static sponge lining and fire -resistant sponge lining. Among them, anti -static sponge lining can protect the product from being damaged by electrical electricity for electronic products and chips. The cost of the sponge is low and easy to process, and it is also one of the lining materials that are very popular with merchants. Plastic lining: I believe that everyone will definitely not be unfamiliar with the lining of plastic materials. Plastic lining is often used in food packaging, such as moon cake gift packaging. Although the plastic lining is not soft or environmentally friendly, it is indeed one of the most used lining materials. Plastic inner lining stability, anti -squeeze, not easy to deform and cost cheap. When using it, it often matches the silk cloth. The silk cloth has a very good gloss, which can increase the texture of the entire gift box. The lining of different materials has different advantages. How to choose the appropriate lining material, I believe everyone has a preliminary judgment. In the process of transportation or handling, the lining can reduce the chance of commodity loss, and at the same time increase the grade of packaging.

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Why do you need to seal stitch lines and seams?
Waterproofing seams and stitch lines ensures your handmade waterproof jacket is just that: waterproof.To get more news about Seam Sealing Tape, you can visit senpinghz.com official website.

Sewing two pieces together creates tiny little gaps where the pieces are connected by the stitching. If you’e adding pockets and fastenings to your garment every time your needle punctures the surface of your waterproof or water resistant fabric it leaves a little hole. Even when plugged with polyester thread, it’s an easy way for the water to creep in.I’ve made and owned water resistant gear in the past that doesn’t have sealed seams, and they work … well, ok. In light showers, for short walks, the water is repelled. But for longer journeys and wetter conditions you’ll want some certainty that you will stay snug and dry. In this case you’ll want to seal the seams as you sew your garment using iron-on tape, or brush-on sealant from the tube.

5m of light grey iron-on sealer tape, 20mm wide, set me back £10 on eBay. I don’t recall seeing colour options so I grabbed the grey roll. Later on I spotted a few different monochromatic shades. I probably would have purchased the darker grey or black for this garment if I’d taken the time to look around.

After each piece of fabric is stitched together the seam allowance is pressed flat and the tape is ironed to the inside. The tape has two sides, a textured top side and thin sealer underside. As the tape heats up the sealant melts and becomes tacky. In its melted state it adheres to the seam, and as it cools and hardens it cements the bond. This finishes the seams and neatly seals the gaps created by contraction.

Tips for using sealant tape
1. Watch your heat

Pay attention the heat of the iron to find a sweat spot that’s warm enough to melt the tape but not distort the fabric. I did a bunch of test pieces and noted the best iron setting. You’re only a hasty iron press away from melting your pieces, so it pays to take it slow.

2. Turning corners

You can apply the tape around a light curve. Or cut the tape and step around a tighter corner.

3. Conserve your tape

The sealant tape instructions said to leave a bit of hanging over the edge of the seam, and then trim. But I wasn’t too keen to bulk out the seam allowance and waste my precious tape. So I worked by pressing the tape straight from the roll, so I could trim it to length accurately. I tucked the roll in my pocket to keep it from rolling away. With one roll of tape I was able to seal the one entire jacket.
How seam sealant liquid works
Sealant liquid is the consistency of glue, you squeeze it out and scrape it flat with a little scratchy brush. The liquid sealant took about 30 mins to dry enough so it wasn’t too tacky to keep working on the project.

Straight away the strong chemical odour and messy runny mixture put me off. Fiddling about removing the lid and putting on the spout did not fill me with joy. It’s tricky to manage the amount of sealant applied. The instructions say to apply the sealant and then brush it into the seam with the little scratchy brush. This worked ok when I got the knack, but I noticed that the liquid and the bushing action did cause the edges of the pieces to curl up.

There are many electrical tapes on the market, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your specific application.To get more news about Mastic Tape, you can visit senpinghz.com official website.

Each type of Scotch Electrical tape is designed for specific applications and using the wrong one can impact the quality of your installation and/or repair.

Here are three applications and my recommendations for the most suitable electrical tapes for each. These applications are:
1. Choose mastic tapes for environmental sealing and re-jacketing

Mastic tapes are effective for environmental sealing applications – and for good reason.

Their sticky adhesive allows them to seal on most surfaces and they can easily fuse to themselves. This is important because, as you wrap the tape, it creates a strong and reliable seal. It’s important to remember that, when working on a cable jacket, you will need abrasion resistance. Also, keep in mind that not all mastic tapes are created equal and each have their own purposes.
2. Choose vinyl tapes for low-voltage primary insulating.

Before you start your low-voltage cable splicing (600V and less) project, ask yourself where the cable splice is going to be.

If it’s in a sealed box, or in an environment that is always dry, vinyl electrical tape is the best choice because it has excellent dielectric strength and durability.
3. Choose rubber tapes for medium-voltage primary insulating and waterproofing.

If you need to splice a primary cable and for whatever reason using a cold shrink product like 3M™ Cold Shrink Splice QS-III is not an option, a splice can be made of tape as long as the proper steps are followed.

To do this, you will need two different types of rubber tape: Scotch® Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape 13 to rebuild the semi-conductive layers, and Scotch® Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape, 130C to rebuild the insulation. When installed correctly, these two rubber tapes self-fuse without leaving any air gaps behind – and this is key in these applications. You can cover the splice using rejacketing tapes or vinyl tapes.
OPD looks to get new, upgraded bulletproof vests

Police officers put their lives on the line for citizens every day. One of the biggest things that they need in order to do that is a good bulletproof vest.To get more news about bulletproof tactical helmet, you can visit bulletproofboxs.com official website.

That's why the Odessa Police Department has been working with city council to get more.

For the police department, it's all about providing officers with a level of comfort and safety they need to effectively do their job."We’re always looking for that extra comfort level for officers and anything that provides them more safety," OPD Deputy Chief Matt Davidson said. "So we found Angel Armor, and they have upgraded features. An upgraded vest that allows more breathability, more comfort, it’s lighter."

All OPD officers have a uniform that they wear every day, and part of that uniform is a soft shell bulletproof vest. They can either wear it underneath their uniform or over the top.

"Well the soft shell is every day," Davidson said. "Every officer out in the field will wear a vest, so it’s just part of your uniform. We've allowed some officers to wear it over the uniform. It’s kind of a, it’s a vest carrier that matches the uniform. It’s a little bit more comfortable. A lot of officers still wear it underneath."

In addition to the soft shell vest, OPD officers also have a rifle plate vest that they wear when the threat level dictates.

The new vests that OPD is looking at would be a 2-in-1 situation. It would be a soft shell vest that would allow rifle plates to stick to the vest.

"It has the ability to add rifle plates to it that has kind of a magnetic attachment," Davidson said. "It just sits on top of the vest and these rifle plates, they’re very heavy, like up to an additional 15 to 20 pounds."

However, even though OPD replaces the vests fairly often, getting the newest bulletproof vests is not the main concern.

"We replace them every five years, so we’re always in a continuous cycle for replacing vests, and it’s not about just finding the next greatest thing," Davidson said. "This is actually a greater threat level protection for officers."

MPD recently got new bulletproof vests for its officers back in early 2020. These vests are also both a soft shell vest that allows the rifle plates to slide in when necessary.
Top Best Tires For Summer Season

Summer is approaching and this is the best time to get out and drive. Driving in summer brings different challenges with it. A tire is one of the important safety factors for your car in summer. Tires are designed according to your vehicle to handle a variety of driving and weather conditions. Here in this article, we will talk about the best tire for summer that you can use to improve the traction of your car on wet and dry roads in the hot weather.To get more news about car tires, you can visit gofortunetire.com official website.

What Is a Summer Tire?
Summer tires give better all-over execution in the hotter months. They contain a hard composition that softens in warmer conditions and allows them proved excellent performance on both dry and wet roads as well as smooth handling. Summer tires contain fewer sipes as compared to winter tires.
Do Summer Tires Different From Winter?
Summer tires are introduce for speed and swiftness and are perfect for high-performance vehicles. They provide better response, handling, and braking high performance. This is usually due to the unique patterns of walking and the rubber compounds that allow for greater road accuracy. Summer tires are suitable for moderate to high temperatures on both dry and wet roads.

Which Summer Tires Last The Longest?
Grand-touring tires are more durable than high-performance tires, particularly in terms of tread life. Grand-touring tires, on average, last 10,000 to 20,000 miles longer than high-performance tires. They’re also a lot less expensive, which means you’ll save a lot more money in the long run.

Do Summer Tires Perform Better In Heat And Rain?
Summer tires are invent for a better road grip whether it is hot, slightly humid, or it is raining heavily on roads. They are produced using a tread compound which is a mixture of rubber and filler that includes adhesive addition for wet road traction. Tread pattern design with shallower, straighter sections, solid and continuous ribs that give more stability during acceleration and brake. In any case, this tread mixture additionally gives rigidity to tires to stand up and preserve their shapes in hot conditions.

How Do I Choose The Best Car Tire?
First, consult your car manual or find a notice on the side door of the driver that specifies the tire size that will suit your vehicle. The tire width, height, and diameter in relation to width are all denoted by this string of numbers and letters. Your replacement tires should, in most situations, be the same size as your old ones. The width and height of the tire affect its price as well as other features like grip, noise level, Comfort driving, and shape. When small tires are replaced with larger tires, the rolling resistance increases, resulting in a slight increase in fuel consumption.
Top Best Summer Tires:
Here is the list of the top best car tires for summer that is introduced for high-performance vehicles, and is suitable for any kind of hot, dry, and wet condition.

1. SuperValue:

Super Value tire is the best tires collections for summer that are popular for their solid performance in hot months and low cost among other brands. The rating Super Value tires was well below average in wet handling tests but it performed much better in dry handling tests. SUPER VALUE 215 55 R16 W model is a well-known option for summer but other sizes and specifications also perform well in hot weather.

2. Nexen N Fera SU1:

Nexen N Fera SU1 is one of the popular and high-performance tires for the summer season. The model tires are known due to their low rolling resistance and efficient wet and dry grip. Nexen tires also provide safe and comfortable road handling.

3. Kumho Ecsta PS31:

Kumho Ecsta PS31 is the best ultra-high performance summer tire that is available at the most affordable price. The tires also perform well on wet and dry surfaces and are highly responsive and easy to drive on the roads. The grip and traction levels of Kumho Ecsta PS31 are very high and the breaking is extremely effective. Ecsta PS31 is suitable for high-performance cars and provides excellent stability and a comfortable level in hot, wet, and dry traction.
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Why Door and Window Locks Are Vitally Important

Home security should be looked at in various different parts, with individual items making up a whole that works smoothly and interconnects with every other item as part of a wider network. You can buy the fanciest, most up-to-date home security alarm system in the world, and it will do its job of alerting you to an attempted break in, but it’s no good at preventing someone from unlawfully entering your home if the window locks are weak.To get more news about door and window security, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Your doors and window locks are always going to be the most vulnerable entry points around the property, and it is important that you conduct regular analysis of your home security systems to test whether you need to upgrade the windows, doors, and any locks to make them stronger and harder to break.

Our mechanical security section is home to a wide range of window locks, padlocks, and window safety restrictors to suit all needs and all types of buildings and outbuildings. Whether you are looking to improve the strength of your front door security, make it harder to unlawfully get into a shed or garage, or ensure the safety of your children but leave enough of a gap for fresh air through their bedroom windows, we’ve got you covered.
Best CAD Software for 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a technology developed for designers to help them in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. This technology is based on software tools intended to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, automatize the design process, and create realistic projects and concepts. CAD software offers a wide variety of applications that include prototype development, simulation of machining process or manufacturing operations, render creation, animations and many other designing tools used to bring to life a designer’s ideas.To get more news about 2D cad software, you can visit shine news official website.

FreeCAD is an open-source, 3D parametric modeling software with the ability to recreate objects and modify their features and properties in the design process. It also allows 2D sketching offering the option to constrain shapes and geometries and adjust or extract details from 3D models to create highly professional drawings.

FreeCAd is a very accessible software and it’s compatible with all operating systems such as Linux, MAC, and Windows in each version. It also integrates and manages different file formats such as STEP, IGES, STL, DXF, SVG, OBJ, and DAE.

It can be a useful tool for professionals and students in engineering and architectural fields and includes simulation and analysis tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), stress analysis of elements, and CAM/CNC workbenches.
LibreCAD is a free Open Source CAD application for Windows, Apple, and Linux developed by a small team of programmers supported by a large community of online contributors. This program started as software dedicated to CAM purposes, CNC, and machining processes. However, it developed to offer more CAD/CAM options and tools completely free with no trials, subscriptions, or annual pay required. The software works with DXF file format internally for importing and saving files, but also allows users to export files to many other formats.

Fusion 360 is a CAD/CAM/CAE cloud-based software developed by Autodesk. This software combines easy and dynamic modeling options with high versatility to create manufacturable designs, prototypes, and solids. It also provides simulation and CAM options that makes Fusion 360 unique in the computerized design market.

Solid Edge is a CAD/CAM software developed by Siemens PLM that is known for using synchronous technology for 3D modeling. It contains a wide variety of tools that support product development processes such as 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, and data management tools. It combines parametric design with synchronous technology to design a complex object containing a few elements, and easily edit an element without the risk of malfunctioning the whole assembly and gaining total control of the workflow.

SketchUp is a CAD software ideal for creating and editing 2D and 3D concepts. It’s an affordable online tool for designers, especially for architects and engineers in the construction field. It offers powerful, professional-quality features such as lighting effects, textures, a layer manager, and animations. SketchUp’s features are centered around 3D designing, although it does have features and tools for 2D design. It provides high-quality rendering tools with realistic representations of interiors, furniture, and landscapes. It’s a dynamic and user-friendly software that enables users to plan, visualize, and communicate future construction projects.

AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software developed for designers to draft and draw 2D and 3D models through graphic controllers and commands. AutoCAD is used by a wide variety of professionals. Depending on the working field, some designers focus on 2D modeling (Architects and civil engineers), while others focus on 3D modeling and 2D manufacturing plans (product designers and artists).

CATIA is a CAD/CAM/CAE software that features powerful parametric modeling and photorealistic rendering tools. Although it’s similar to other 3D modeling programs, CATIA offers more advanced functionality for surfaces and modules for designers in the automotive and aerospace industry. The software offers creative materials in its library where users can create a high level of surface sophistication quality virtual prototypes. CATIA allows designers to create 3D sketches, and 3D printed models, and perform reverse engineering analysis, visualizations, and Class-A modeling.
The Supply Chain Broke. Robots Are Supposed to Help Fix It.

The people running companies that deliver all manner of products gathered in Philadelphia last week to sift through the lessons of the mayhem besieging the global supply chain. At the center of many proposed solutions: robots and other forms of automation.To get more news about Robots on Demand, you can visit glprobotics.com official website.

On the showroom floor, robot manufacturers demonstrated their latest models, offering them as efficiency-enhancing augments to warehouse workers. Driverless trucks and drones commanded display space, advertising an unfolding era in which machinery will occupy a central place in bringing products to our homes.

The companies depicted their technology as a way to save money on workers and optimize scheduling, while breaking down resistance to a future centered on evolving forms of automation.“It’s hard to get people motivated to do this work,” said Kary Zate, senior director of marketing communications at Locus Robotics, a leading manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots — carts that roll through warehouses, accompanying humans who select goods off shelves. “People don’t want to do those jobs.”

More than two years into the pandemic, persistent economic shocks have intensified traditional conflicts between employers and employees around the globe. Higher prices for energy, food and other goods — in part the result of enduring supply chain tangles — have prompted workers to demand higher wages, along with the right to continue working from home. Employers cite elevated costs for parts, raw materials and transportation in holding the line on pay, yielding a wave of strikes in countries like Britain.

The stakes are especially high for companies engaged in transporting goods. Their executives contend that the Great Supply Chain Disruption is largely the result of labor shortages. Ports are overwhelmed and retail shelves are short of goods because the supply chain has run out of people willing to drive trucks and move goods through warehouses, the argument goes.

Some labor experts challenge such claims, while reframing worker shortages as an unwillingness by employers to pay enough to attract the needed numbers of people.

“This shortage narrative is industry-lobbying rhetoric,” said Steve Viscelli, an economic sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania and author of “The Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream.” “There is no shortage of truck drivers. These are just really bad jobs.”
A day spent wandering the Home Delivery World trade show inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center revealed how supply chain companies are pursuing automation and flexible staffing as antidotes to rising wages. They are eager to embrace robots as an alternative to human workers. Robots never get sick, not even in a pandemic. They never stay home to attend to their children.

A large truck painted purple and white occupied a prime position on the showroom floor. It was a driverless delivery vehicle produced by Gatik, a Silicon Valley company that is running 30 of them between distribution centers and Walmart stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.It’s not quite as appealing a profession as it once was,” he said. “We’re able to offer a solution to that trouble.”

Nearby, an Israeli start-up company, SafeMode, touted a means to limit the notoriously high turnover plaguing the trucking industry. The company has developed an app that monitors the actions of drivers — their speed, the abruptness of their braking, their fuel efficiency — while rewarding those who perform better than their peers.

The company’s founder and chief executive, Ido Levy, displayed data captured the previous day from a driver in Houston. The driver’s steady hand at the wheel had earned him an extra $8 — a cash bonus on top of the $250 he typically earns in a day.
How to understand ebike and escooter battery specs

If you’re shopping for your first ebike or electric scooter, you might be a bit confused by the numbers you see on the spec sheet. What exactly is a watt-hour (Wh), and how is it different from an amp-hour (Ah)? Does voltage matter? How big of a battery do I really need?To get more news about 48v VS 52v ebike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

Which spec tells me the battery capacity?
When you look up an electric bike or escooter, chances are you’ll come across a variety of numbers related to the battery. These three are the most common ones: volts, amp-hours, and watt-hours.
Watt-hours (again, that’s ‘Wh’) are the most useful unit when it comes to energy capacity. If you’re looking to compare the battery sizes for two rides, you’ll want to look for the watt-hour rating on the spec sheet.

I don’t see a watt-hour rating, only amp-hours and volts. Help!
While most ebike companies these days show battery ratings in watt-hours, many electric scooter companies still stick to volts and amp-hours. Worry not, my friend. Finding a battery’s watt-hour rating from volts and amp-hours is the simplest of multiplications. Here’s the formula for you:

Wh = Ah * V

That’s it. By the same token, you can find a battery’s amp-hour rating by dividing the watt-hour rating by the voltage. Or divide the watt-hours by amp-hours to find the voltage.Keep in mind the above formula is an approximation, as a battery’s voltage will vary during use. But for all intents and purposes, it’s the easiest way to compare battery capacity among various ebikes and escooters.

The motor’s wattage on its own doesn’t tell you anything about the range. Although they are related, watts are distinct from watt-hours.

The former is a unit of power. When it comes to ebikes and escooters, that basically means how much power the ebike is able to draw from your battery over an extended period of time.

A higher-wattage motor higher-wattage motor can theoretically go faster or climb up steep hills for longer. It will also drain your battery faster at its maximum demand, but a motor’s wattage isn’t a fixed value — it depends on how hard you are pushing the motor. The figures given by manufacturers are averages.
The watt-hour, on the other hand, is a unit of energy (or energy storage). It basically tells you what sustained wattage is required to drain the battery in the span of — you guessed it — an hour.

In other words, if your motor is using an average of 250W, it would take about one hour to drain a 250Wh battery, two hours to drain a 500Wh battery, and so on.

But again, you shouldn’t rely on watts to estimate range because the motor’s wattage is rarely constant. They usually can ramp up to wattages beyond their official rating; that’s why you’ll see some companies list their “peak wattage” along with the standard or “nominal” wattage.
How big is big?
As we’ve noted, the amount of energy used by a motor can vary significantly, but there are some general guidelines you can keep in mind.

Typical ebike and scooter batteries tend to hover around the 400-600Wh mark. Lightweight scooters and ebikes tend to be closer to the 300Wh mark, while heavier, powerful models tend to be closer to 1000Wh — or more.
For most people, knowing the watt-hour rating says everything you need to know about an electric vehicle’s battery capacity. Still, you might be curious how volts and amp-hours come into play. It can be a little confusing, so keep in mind the following is all a simplification.

The most common voltages on the market these days are 36V, 48V, and 52V, although you’ll occasionally see lower or higher ratings too (the latter especially in the DIY market). All else being equal, a higher voltage battery will usually be able to output higher power and maintain high performance at low battery levels.

Higher voltage batteries will also use less current at a fixed power rating, which theoretically translates to less heat and damage to the motor for a given performance level. On the other hand, higher voltages can technically increase the risk of electrocution. That’s partly why you rarely see commercial ebikes go beyond 52V.

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