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In World of Warcraft Classic, a diligent player has spent over a year and a half leveling 60 characters to level 60, finishing the process just two days before the Burning Crusade server went live.

Users on the MMORPG's subreddit describe that they initially started by leveling 100 characters to level 100 in the Warlords of Draenor expansion pack for World of Warcraft, which they then transferred to another MMORPG. It was simple enough to complete thanks to the'recruit a buddy' function, heirloom gear, and a "more smoothed out" leveling experience, but it was unsatisfying, according to the group of players. Due to the fact that leveling in vanilla World of Warcraft is the slowest and most difficult it has ever been in the series, Rommildrey was lured to the challenge of bringing 60 characters to the rank of Master.

According to them, they were motivated throughout the process because they understood what they wanted to do, that it would satisfy an itch, and that it would prevent them from wanting to take on large, ridiculous undertakings like this in the future. “I believe it was successful; the only thing I would change is that I would like to do 70 70s for Burning Crusade.”

Rommildrey also walked away with a substantial amount of loot as a result of the adventure. Their haul included three pairs of Edgemasters, a Warden's Staff, two Glowing Brightwood Staves, and "maybe 45-50 other odd epics worth very little," according to them. If you're searching for a more detailed time breakdown, Rommildrey estimates that they spent approximately 316 days on the project, which includes time spent banking and transferring stuff between locations. Was it, however, any fun?

As the player of World of Warcraft Classic says, "I enjoy grinding, so it was basically just a super relaxed grind the whole way through until I was reaching the end and closer to pre-patch." I had a lot of free time to watch shows and movies and to listen to and discover new music since I was going mob by mob,” says the author.

The Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft Classic, is now available for play. Beforehand, we spoke with lead software developer Brian Birmingham, who confirmed that Blizzard is "keeping an eye" on Feral Druids in World of Warcraft Classic's Burning Crusade, and that they are "keeping an eye" on them. If you're searching for some assistance with your leveling, our WoW Classic leveling guide will send you in the direction of the appropriate resources.