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Tenoners (or tenoning machines) are a type of woodworking machinery that is used to create tenons, which are essentially wooden dowels that are used to join two pieces of wood together. Tenoners are relatively simple machines, but they are immensely useful in the world of woodworking. Tenoning is a process that has been used for centuries, and it is still one of the most efficient and reliable methods of joining wood. Tenoners can be used to create tenons of various sizes and shapes, and they can be used on a variety of different types of wood. In addition, tenoners can be fitted with a variety of different attachments, which allows them to be used for other types of woodworking tasks such as shaping and profiling.Get more news about Rectangular Tenoner Making,you can vist our website!

Like a lock and key, tenons are the protruding shapes that fit into a mortice so that two wooden components can be seamlessly joined together. Naturally, tenoners are the machines that are used to create the tenon and are an integral part of any workshop that produces chairs, tables, other types of furniture and more. Along with a mortiser, a tenoner will allow you to produce full, finished furniture with clean, natural-looking joints.

Whilst performing a core function of any woodworking workshop, tenoning machines are also quick and speedy to use and are capable of outputting great amounts of tenoned wood. With this kind of high productivity and by taking up a fraction of the space compared to other machines, a tenoning machine will provide a significant boost to the efficiency and productivity of any workshop.

Tenons are an important carpentry joint used to join two pieces of wood together. Tenons are made by cutting a rectangular or tapered slot into one piece of wood, which is then inserted into a corresponding mortise (hole) and cut into the other piece. Tenons can also be made using a tenoning machine, also known as a tenoner. Tenoners are specialised machines that quickly and accurately cut tenons. Tenoners usually have two horizontal cutting heads, each with its own set of blades. The workpiece is fed between the cutting heads, and the blades cut the tenon to the desired size and shape. Tenoners typically have adjustable fences that allow for different tenoning jigs sizes and shapes to be cut. In addition, most tenoners have a stop that limits the depth of the cut, ensuring that the tenon is not cut too deeply into the workpiece.
Types of Tenoning Machines:
With two main types of tenoners, each one is suited to the type of product you’re producing. These include:

Single-ended Tenoners – these are designed to machine one single end of a workpiece at a time. Suitable for any pieces that have just one tenoned end rather than two. Typically used for products like chair legs and stair spindles.

Double-ended Tenoners – unlike single-ended tenoners, these are designed to machine workpieces that have two tenoned ends rather than the more common, single ends. Usually used for panels, doors and other components.

Our Tenoning Machines:
Stocking an array of advanced tenoning machines from Vertongen, each of our tenoners incorporates cutting-edge technology that will oversee high-precision, defect-free tenoning work fit for the most demanding and professional of woodworkers. Each Vertongen machine offers unmatched rigidity and excellent functionality.

We also stock a range of tenoners and tenoning machines supplied by Vertongen. Our range of heavy-duty tenoners will provide your workshop with an enormous boost in efficiency whilst perfecting the quality of your finished products.
Three tenon directions at horizontal, vertical and 45°can be quickly changed by turning the positioning disk. A mechanical meter is provided for high accuracy adjustment of tenon sizes.


The machine employs two speed regulator knobs to adjust the table feed forward and backward speeds. Variable feed speeds make the machine ideal for cutting hard and soft wood.


The machine is furnished standard with a solid tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) cutter for cutting tenons.


When requested, a throw-away type cutter is available. It is fitted with four-edge tungsten carbide knife inserts to considerably reduce cutter sharpening time.


Eliminates the use of lubricator,the table support and the disk are equipped with oil-les bushings. manufactured from high tensile copper alloy for long service life, these bushings also feature impact resistance and maximum wear resistance.

Manufactured with natural and aged raw clay without other chemicals, fired at high temperatures, terracotta cladding is an architectural cladding material that provides certain degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance while creating an aesthetically pleasing facade.Get more news about Terracotta Cladding Texture,you can vist our website!

Types Of Terracotta Cladding

According to the installation approach and product form, terracotta cladding can be categorized into 3 types.

  1. Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding

Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding system is based on the principle of rain screen. Comprised of terracotta panels, supporting track systems, ventilated cavity and vapor barriers, it's a back-ventilated curtain wall system.

One of the highlight is the ship-lapped open joints, which makes it possible for the air to circulate between the cladding and insulation, thus, minimizing pressure differential inside and outside the wall cavities. Such system can shield most of the rain and snow from entering building envelopes. Meanwhile, a small amount of infiltrated water will be drained away through the system so as to protect the wall constructions of the building.
2. Terracotta Precast Solution

In this solution, the terracotta siding is embedded into large precast concrete panels. When it comes to the installation, solid terracotta panels with a thickness of 10-30 mm is often adopted. This type of solid tiles normally features a dovetail profile on the backside. Precast concrete panels are ideal for those projects that require terracotta facing design and also need the strength and durability of precast concrete constructions.
3. Terracotta Sunshade

Terracotta sunshade, also known as terracotta sunscreen, is a special terracotta wall cladding product. It can be used together with the terracotta rainscreen cladding to achieve a uniform and harmonious facade or as a separate design element to create a modern and distinctive building appearance. It is a unique terracotta cladding textures while providing shading for the building. There are variety cross-sections of terracotta screens that LOPO normally divided into terracotta louvers and terracotta baguettes.
Excellent Performance Of Terracotta Cladding

  1. Durability and Long-lasting

The terracotta cladding is a mixture of natural clay and water, which is extruded in vacuum and fired at a high temperature to a hardness and compactness that ordinary ceramic tiles cannot achieve. When the terracotta cladding is properly designed and installed, its life span is much longer than that of aluminum panels and fiber cement facades, and the color can last for a long time without fading.

  1. Energy Savings and Thermal Benefits

Terracotta ventilated cladding system provides better thermal performance than conventional masonry cavity wall systems. Due to the constant circulation of air between the terracotta cladding and the insulation, the condensate is continuously evaporated, reducing thermal transfer to the interior of the building, thereby reducing energy consumption.

With a sandwich wall design, the precast terracotta cladding also enhances the thermal performance of the building.The use of terracotta louvers and baguettes can effectively reduce the direct exposure of the sun. To some extent, this can reduce energy consumption and provide the comfort for the interior space.

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

The surface of terracotta cladding is not likely to be dusty. It can be easily power washed every 2-3 years (or over even a longer period) and afterwards, it looks as if it were the original.The terracotta rainscreen cladding system does not use grout or sealants, therefore, reducing the need to maintain the joints.

  1. Safety, Eco-friendliness and Sustainability

The terracotta cladding is fired at a high temperature, and being rated Class A fireproof – it does not burn, and proves to be a very safe cladding material.The terracotta cladding is made 100% of clay, which is environmentally friendly and harmless to humans and the environment.The terracotta cladding can also be recycled and reused as a new exterior wall material or as a building material.

For many years SITEC has been combining mechanical precision processing and laser micro processing for the production of smallest and high-precision components. Our product portfolio in precision processing includes components and assemblies such as nozzles, medical films, membranes, micro filters, carrier plates and industrial diamonds.Get more news about Micro Precision Aluminum Parts Processing Manufacturer,you can vist our website!

No matter which challenges you face – we are happy to support you with your product and process development and produce prototypes as well as small and large series according to IATF 16949. Alternatively, we deliver customized laser machines for micro processing including 24/7 service all over the world.

We produce your precision parts on high-precision mechanical CNC machining centers and laser machines for micro processing. Depending on your requirements we use CW Lasers as well as short-pulse and ultrashort pulse lasers in infrared, green and ultraviolet wavelengths
It is light, has corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, another benefit of aluminum is that it acts as a good reflector, has reflectivity and ductility, is odorless and impermeable to water. Even with 0.007mm thick aluminium foil it is still impermeable and has no substance taste or smell.

Aluminum can be recycled without degrading its inherent property. Only 5% of the energy is consumed to recycle the scraped aluminum and to manufacture the same again.Aluminum’s most popular applications include.Consumer Goods.Construction.Transportation.Electrical Consumer Goods.Beverage Cans and Bottles.Used in Aircrafts
Reduce the internal pressure in hair cultivation, improve the cutting ability of the tool, reasonably select the tool shape parameters, rake angle, clearance angle, helix angle, input angle, improve the tool structure, reduce the number of teeth of the milling cutter, increase the chip removal space, Bruxism, strict adherence to tool wear standards, improved workpiece clamping, rational arrangement of processes.

Coupling hubs: Grey Cast Iron GG25 (GJL-250). Elastomeres: NBR, hardness 80ºA Shore, black. Torsionally flexible cam coupling, fail-safe, with damping effect. With bolt-on jaw ring. The removable jaw ring allows to replace the elastomers without moving the hubs on the shafts. The MÄDLER® version is improved: Machined claws result in longer lifetime. Couplings are non-bored or pre-bored, depending on the size. * The sizes 250 and 280 have different pilot bores on each side. Customized bores and feather-key grooves available at extra charge. Temperature range: -30ºC to +80ºC.Get more news about Elastic Pin Coupling Wholesaler,you can vist our website!
Our company has achieved widespread recognition for offering Elastic Pin Coupling to clients. This product is precisely manufactured under the stern supervision of our highly skilled team of professionals using superior quality of raw material with the help of latest techniques. Elastic Pin Coupling is tested on different quality parameters.

  ZLL typeElastic pinCouplingIt uses several pins made of non-metal elastic materials and is placed in the flange holes of the two halves of the coupling. The two halves of the coupling are connected by the pins. The coupling has a simple structure, easy to manufacture, and flexible in assembly and disassembly. The components are more convenient, and there is no need to move the two couplings.The material of the elastic element (column pin) is generally selected from nylon 6, which has the ability to slightly compensate for the deviation of the two axes. The elastic part is sheared during operation and has poor working reliability. It is only suitable for medium-speed transmission shaft systems with very low requirements. For working conditions with high reliability requirements.

The JST connector on the wiring harness is the world's largest terminal production and sales center in the connector industry. The company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. The company not only has a wide range of products and constantly updated production technology, but also is a very popular worldwide A terminal manufacturer. The connectors produced by this company are used in all areas of our lives. So do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of JST connectors?Get more news about jst connector production,you can vist our website!
When the connector is produced, it must go through the injection molding step, so do you know the common defects and reasons for the injection molding of JST connectors? In fact, the common molding defects of jst connectors are as follows: plastic parts have dark spots or black liquid, uneven surfaces, spills, plastic parts are not completely formed, bubbles or scorched, flattened, seam or press-in Inside the mold of the plastic part, etc. The main reason is the factor on the injection molding machine, the factor on the mold, and the factor on the material.

So, how much do you know about the composition and performance of JST connector contacts? Joining material: The plug is made of metal joining material. Generally speaking, brass is the main joint. However, the special requirements are extremely high and the service life is phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, etc.

When connected to a JST connector, the pins need to use absolute force to unfold, but it is easier to separate them. Therefore, the connection strength of the JST connector is greater than the separation strength.
In this way, the interaction of the two forces of insertion and withdrawal can easily lead to the loss of the JST connector. If you want to reduce the loss, you can look at the following good methods: you can increase the contact surface strength of the gold-plated layer, which can effectively reduce the friction. The contact surface can be plated with nickel first and then gold plated, which will cause less friction than directly plating gold on copper.

So how can the JST connector reduce the number of jacks and pin wear? Here are three aspects of the plug-in world:
① The greater the thickness of nickel, the stronger the wear resistance of the gold-plated layer.
②. If the surface is smoother, the roughness will be lower, so the friction will be small.
③. Generally, pay attention to the maintenance of the JST connector during the transportation of the connector to reduce man-made damage to the connector.

Delivering a titanium project on spec, on time and on budget is one of the toughest challenges in the machining industry. The experts at Cox Manufacturing have learned, through decades of experience, the productivity secrets needed to inspire complete confidence in the users of top quality titanium CNC machining. Cox Manufacturing can customize and manufacture any titanium precision screw machine parts to fit your needs.Get more news about titanium parts producer,you can vist our website!

Because the quality and accuracy of tooling is crucial for titanium work, Cox maintains its own in-house tool facility. EDM technology is used to create quality tools that can cut titanium without degradation to the work piece or cutting tool.

The ultimate success secret to our titanium machined parts is the keen eye and experienced hand of the Cox craftsmen who oversee the titanium machining process. They put decades of experience into making sure cutting speeds, feed rates, cutting fluids and tool conditions are perfectly maintained for precise titanium CNC machining.
Machining titanium has several advantages over other materials. Titanium machined parts are known for their high strength and weight; it is also ductile, corrosion resistant against salt and water, and has a high melting point, making it the perfect option for many industries and applications.

Are you looking for a professional language translation company to translate your technical documents, websites, software apps, marketing collateral, or eLearning content between English and Chinese with accuracy and speed? Look no further than Stepes. We have one of the largest teams of professional native Chinese translators and Mandarin subject matter experts who are specially trained for accurately translating highly technical content in legal, financial, medical, manufacturing, telecom, and online retail industries. Professional Chinese translation services must deliver linguistic quality while ensuring fast turnaround and competitive prices. Stepes’ technology-driven translation solutions support translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic review, allowing our professional linguists to most efficiently translate your content with confidence and at scale.Get more news about Chinese Website Translation Services,you can vist our website!

Consistent, quality English-Chinese translations require professional linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, and localization best practices. Increasingly, quality Chinese translations are also defined by modern, AI-powered language technologies that harness the best of best machine-human capabilities. Stepes next-gen translation management system supports real-time translation memory leverage, dynamic terminology lookup, on-screen linguistic review, machine learning, and a wealth of linguistic QA tools for on-demand verification of consistency, omissions, mistranslation, grammar, and spelling errors. The result is unrivaled English-Chinese translation performance that delivers the highest ROI. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified translation company, Stepes provides the best Chinese translation services on time and budget, enabling our clients to stay ahead of competitors in international markets. Don’t just take our word for it, try Stepes for your next Chinese translation project and see how we can help turn your translation spend into accelerated business success in China.

Cloud business models have transformed industries and professional Chinese translation services are shifting online. In addition to providing full-service Chinese translations, Stepes has developed an easy-to-use, always-on, and on-demand online translation management platform, allowing our clients to drag and drop documents to be translated by our dedicated, professional English-Chinese translators, hassle-free. Our online translation ecosystem supports translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic review in a fully automated workflow. For companies that require API integration with their existing CMS systems, Stepes provides a full set of REFTful APIs for project kick-off, progress tracking, and translation delivery. Talk to one of our online translation consultants today and see how Stepes can help improve your professional Chinese translation performance to a higher level of success.

A. The higher brightness, the more money you save

If the brightness of our 50W floodlight is the same as other 100W, so 50W electricity is saved. And if the floodlight work l0 hours everyday, the electricity fee is calculated at 1USD for 1 kW.h, so we can save 365USD electricity fee in two years. (2 years electricity fee calculation method: (5OW10 Hours/Day)/10001USD/1 kW'h365 Days2 year=365USD)Get more news about Anti-surge Flood Light,you can vist our website!

B. The higher brightness, the more stable.

According to the law of conservation of energy, with the same wattage, the more light is emitted (the more energy is convertedinto light energy), the less heat is generated.

GR-FL-I series is our PIR motion sensor floodlights. Through the perfect combination of conventional floodlights and PIR motion sensors. The floodlight will be turned on when the PIR motion detector sensor the human or any motion, and it will be turned off if there is no human being or any motion, which can maximize the energy-saving effect. On the PIR Sensor device, different settings for the sensing distance and delay time can be realized. It is the perfect choice to be security lighting.

Power Flood Pro fixtures from Atlas Lighting Products are the most powerful LED flood lights available in the market today. Using optical grade individual acrylic lenses that deliver more lumens to the desired target, they guarantee more footcandles, less glare and less wasted light.

Motorcycle audio systems are a challenge unlike any other. Not only do the systems have to sound good, they have to sound good at very high volume in an open-air environment with very little space to install speakers and amplifiers and they have to be built tough enough to handle vibrations, excessive heat, rain, dust, and more.Get more news about motorcycle speaker production,you can vist our website!

If your motorcycle doesn’t have a fairing, it’s almost impossible to install a decent sounding audio system without compromising the cosmetic look of your bike with custom modifications or ugly bolt-ons. Most owners of non-fairing motorcycles probably give up on the idea that their bike will ever include music unless it’s coming from a car beside them at a stoplight.
When researching options for motorcycle audio systems, there are 2 things you must consider:

1 – What are you going to use as an audio source?

If you want to listen to the radio while cruising down Rt. 66, you are probably either going to use an in-dash type unit that could have CD/MP3/AM/FM/AUX type capability or maybe you have more data than you know what to do with on your cell phone plan and you plan to stream music from your smartphone through apps like Pandora or iTunes Radio. You could also do this with a traditional in-dash type radio with a 3.5mm Aux input.

If you want to use your phone for audio, most people don’t want a cord attached to their bike on one end and their phone in their pocket on the other. The cord flaps in the wind and just gets in the way in general. For these people, a Bluetooth connection is best. The phone can stay in your pocket and stream music wirelessly to the source unit. If you’re worried about having a data signal for apps like Pandora, you can also play music files stored on your phone via Bluetooth. This way, you aren’t using data on your plan and you don’t even need a signal when you’re traveling through the Black Hills of South Dakota.

MTX MUDBTRC Bluetooth Audio Controller mounted on handlebar

2 – What speaker sizes and locations do you have to work with and what space is available for an amplifier?

If your bike has a fairing, chances are you already have some speakers and a source unit in it. Depending on how old your bike is, the source unit may or may not be Bluetooth capable. Sometimes a simple Bluetooth add-on and a speaker upgrade can drastically improve your ride. A product like our MUDBTRC can add Bluetooth to your existing in-dash radio. It can be installed on your bike by cutting a hole and flush mounting it for a factory look or can be surface mounted if you don’t want to cut any holes. It also comes with a handlebar mounting bracket if you don’t want anything touching your paint.

Replacing your factory speakers is the easiest way to upgrade your motorcycle’s audio system. Figure out what size you have (typically 4”, 5 ¼”, or 6 ½”) and look for speakers that are built to handle rain, moisture, UV rays, and the elements they will be exposed to during your rides.
Full range coaxial speakers are typically your best option since they don’t have an additional crossover network to find room for and they offer as much frequency range as you can get in a single speaker. THUNDER52 coaxial speakers are great for motorcycle applications. The 5 ¼” speaker option (also available in other sizes) plays lower than most coaxial speakers and the pivoting tweeter design offers the ability to adjust the soundstage to direct the sound toward your ear. This reduces the amount of sound that gets lost in the open air. The polypropylene cone material is durable enough to withstand the elements and the shallow 2.25” mounting depth is ideal for fairings, which don’t have a ton of space for deeper speakers.

Once you have your source unit figured out and know what size speakers you are going to be replacing and/or adding, all that’s left is to figure out how much power you need for your speakers and where you can install the amplifier.

Typically, amplifiers for motorcycle audio systems with fairings are installed inside the fairing itself. But if you’ve ever taken apart your fairing, you know with headlight wiring, factory radio, headlight ballasts, and everything else that can be in there, an amplifier doesn’t have much room left to live in.

MTX MUD100 Amplifier
MTX Audio offers 3 different options of micro chassis (very small) MUD series amplifiers.

These amplifiers were designed with extra care and steps were taken in design and manufacturing to ensure durability when riding in rain, bashing through mud, or bouncing over boulders. Features such as conformal coated printed circuit boards that resist moisture and covers over the tuning adjustments ensure these bad boys can handle just about anything you throw at it. Even the integrated wiring harness is sealed from moisture and debris.

The TWYST™Z features the same C•O•B lighting options as the original TWYST™: a high-power work light, lantern and flashlight! The TWYST™Z now features a 4x adjustable zoom. A powerful magnetic base also provides convenient hands-free lighting. TWYST™Z...shaping light like never before! Get more news about Twyst Flashlights,you can vist our website!

C•O•B (Chips on Board) A new innovation in LED technology. C•O•B features smaller, easier clustered LED chips that are mounted directly to the circuit board. These LED chips work together as one lighting module. Because of the compact design, C•O•B outperforms traditional lighting by up to 50 times the light output per centimeter of light surface.

The TWYST™ features a high-power work light, lantern, and flashlight all in one impact- and water-resistant tool. It integrates ARCUS™, a revolutionary COB LED technology that allows light to be shaped into full 3D patterns. Retractable stabilizers and a magnetic base offer reliable, hands-free lighting.

Introducing the newest member of the TWYST Lineup…TWYST Z. features the same C•O•B lighting options as the original TWYST: a high-power work light, lantern and a flashlight! The TWYST Z now features a 4x adjustable zoom. A powerful magnetic base also provides convenient hands-free lighting. TWYST Z…shaping light like never before!

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