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Dogecoin Price Prediction

Dogecoin price (DOGE) action looks to fall further as it is shedding more of its value as bears attempt to squeeze against the bulls. For now, the S1 monthly support level is holding. A break below would spell 30% losses with a price target at $0.13.To get more news about noafx, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  The Dogecoin price favors the bears with a push of the price action against the monthly S1 pivot at $0.19. With that squeeze, bulls are standing to lose their ground and will expose their stops below the S1 monthly pivot. This will provide the bears a free lunch, and with not much resistance in the way, the road is paved toward $0.13.
  DOGE price action might have some more tailwinds if markets fall into a repetition of the reaction markets had on Tuesday. With that, DOGE bulls will back off and will not be interested in picking up some Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. Expect a drop further toward $0.10, which holds the monthly S2 support level for the second month in a row.
DOGE bears will face quite a lot of bull buying at $0.10, as Dogecoin is marked at a very interesting discount around those levels. So bears should be, and will be, happy to lock in their profits and hand over the keys to the bulls.
  Should market sentiment shift back to risk-on, expect bulls to try and break out of the purple descending trend line and look for a run back up toward $0.26. There the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), a historical level and the monthly Pivot are all quite close to one another. Bulls will face quite some selling around that area that could halt them in their tracks quite prematurely.

Gold Price Outlook Looks to Treasury Yields as US Dollar Gains, Where To From Here?

Gold prices have weakened over the last few sessions as the US Dollar continued to get support from Treasury yields going higher. Last night, spot gold prices hit a fresh low that has not been seen since early August. In Asian trade, gold has had a small bounce as US yields eased a touch.To get more news about myfx, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  Today we saw September Chinese manufacturing PMI come in at 49.6 against expectations of 50.0 and non-manufacturing PMI printed at 53.2, above the forecasted 49.8.
  The growth outlook for China may be impacted by the high energy commodity prices. While some commodities have seen some spillover effects from energy markets, precious metals have not thus far.
  US 10-year Treasury yields appear to be driven by the possibility of the Fed beginning to taper their assets purchase program at the November meeting, rather than current concerns around the US debt ceiling.
  The alignment of gold and 10-year Treasury yields appeared to break down to a degree between April and July. It has since resumed a tighter correlation and markets may focus on US bonds yields for indications of potential gold moves. The chart below has the US-10 year Treasury inverted to illustrate the relationship with the gold price.

The most recent move lower in golds price has seen it break through a descending trend line support. On this move, the price touched the lower bound of the 21-day Bollinger Band twice before consolidating back inside the band.
  Since making a high in early September, the gold price has trended lower, setting up a number of retracement peaks along the way. Resistance might be found at these previous highs of 1787.24, 1808.74 and 1834.14. The high of 1834.14 was made in July and several attempts at going above this level were unsuccessful.
  The 10-day simple moving average (SMA) and the 21-day SMA have a negative gradient and are both above the gold price, which could be bearish.
  The descending trend line from the early September high, currently at 1770.50, could offer resistance should it be tested.

Six smart strategies for choosing Forex Brokers

Whether it is about choosing a Forex broker, choosing a type of fund, or investing in the funds, everything requires a smart sense of trading and market knowledge. Any point where you lack can cause severe damage to your funds. A few smart tips and tricks will always give you an upper hand while choosing forex brokers.To get more news about mba trading, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  1. Only trust a well-regulated broker
  Nowadays, online forest trading leverages forex trading, and no doubt it is smart to trade online. As said earlier, knowledge is the mandatory source for risk management in online forex trading. We recommend you to use well-regulated Forex Brokers on WikiFX. Everything that glitters is not gold. It means every forex broker you contact over social media who guarantees risk-free returns is not supposed to be reliable. A trusted and well-regulated broker lists its license at the bottom of its website. You can at least check the trustworthiness of the forex broker in a matter of few clicks.
  2. A broker with an unlimited demo account
  The concept of a demo account is an excellent way to assist those who are new to enter the field of forex trading. Every broker offers a demo account that looks similar to the trading account. We recommend you go with that broker who offers an unlimited demo account. Here, you can test and practice your strategies as much as you can without any risks.
  3. Copy-trading service
  If youre a newbie and are lacking time to keep watching the market the whole day, you can go with copy-trading services. With the help of these brokers, you are allowed to copy trades of existing market players. Copy-trading brokers give you the portfolio of every experienced broker mentioning their success rate, loss ratio, and risk profile.
  4. Account features
  Forex brokers have different account offerings. While making a comparison among forex brokers, you should consider 4 main characteristics.
  1- Check margin and use leverage ratio with caution
  2- Know how does the broker makes its money, and what commission does it take?
  3-Brokers provide mini, micro, and standard accounts with varying initial deposit requirements.
  4- Simplicity and flexibility in withdrawals and deposits
  5. Currency pair
  Many forex brokers online may offer you bitcoins, or another crypto, however, we recommend you to stay away from crypto as value changes in cryptocurrency pairs are highly unpredictable carrying financial risks in your trading account.Although cryptocurrency can give good returns in a short period of time, it is a variable asset.
  6. Customer service experience
  Forex trading is open round the clock, a broker that is able to provide customer support anytime will be the right choice for you. Also, check flexibility and constraints. Whether it is easy to connect with a live support agent on phone.


For economies with a high degree of capital mobility, there are essentially four different sets of policy-mix alternatives that can provoke a reaction in FX markets following an economic or geopolitical shock:To get more news about maverickfx review, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  Scenario 1: Fiscal policy is already expansionary + monetary policy becomes more restrictive (“tightening”) = Bullish for the local currency
  Scenario 2: Fiscal policy is already restrictive + monetary policy becomes more expansionary (“loosening”) = Bearish for the local currency
  Scenario 3: Monetary policy already expansionary (“loosening”) + fiscal policy becomes more restrictive = Bearish for the local currency
  Scenario 4: Monetary policy is already restrictive (“tightening”) + fiscal policy becomes more expansionary = Bullish for the local currency
  It is important to note that for an economy like the United States and a currency like the US Dollar, whenever fiscal policy and monetary policy start trending in the same direction, there is often an ambiguous impact on the currency. Below we will examine how various fiscal and monetary policy remedies for geopolitical and economic shocks impact currency markets.

On May 2, 2019 – following the FOMC decision to hold rates in the 2.25-2.50 percent range – Fed Chair Jerome Powell said that relatively soft inflationary pressure noted at the time was “transitory”. The implication here was that while price growth was below what central bank officials were hoping for, it would soon accelerate.The US-China trade war played a role in slowing economic activity and muting inflation.
  The implicit message was then a reduced probability of a rate cut in the near term, given that the fundamental outlook was judged to be solid and the overall trajectory of US economic activity seen to be on a healthy path. The neutral tone struck by the Fed was comparatively less dovish than what markets had anticipated. This might then explain why the priced-in probability of a Fed rate cut by the end of the year (as seen in overnight index swaps) fell from 67.2 percent to 50.9 percent after Powells comments.
  Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecasted an increase in the fiscal deficit over a three-year time horizon, overlapping the central bank‘s would-be tightening cycle. What’s more, this came against the backdrop of speculation about a bipartisan fiscal stimulus plan. In late April, key policymakers announced plans for a US$2 trillion infrastructure building program.
  The combination of expansionary fiscal policy and monetary tightening made the case for a bullish US Dollaroutlook. The fiscal package was expected to create jobs and boost inflation, thereby nudging the Fed to raise rates. As it happened, the Greenback added 6.2 percent against an average of its major currency counterparts over the subsequent four months.

L'azienda cinese Davinci Dynamics ha presentato la sua nuova moto elettrica DC100. Si tratta di un modello molto particolare sia dal punto di vista del design e sia da quello tecnico, frutto di un lavoro che è durato ben 7 anni. Il costruttore descrive questo suo mezzo come una sorta di "robot su due ruote" per via dei moltissimi sensori di cui dispone, che servono per rendere la guida piacevole e soprattutto sicura in tutte le condizioni. Sensori che assieme alla batteria sono contenuti sotto la carena che rende l'estetica davvero molto particolare.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit davincimotor.com official website. run.5a5dc12a.png La moto è in grado di rilevare informazioni come la temperatura ambientale, l'angolo di piega, la velocità, l'accelerazione, il carico, il tipo di terreno e qualsiasi differenza tra le velocità delle ruote. Questi dati sono utilizzati per gestire con precisione l'erogazione della potenza, per garantire sempre prestazioni ottimali. In tal modo, le persone potranno contare su di un'esperienza di guida facile e sicura. Tra le funzioni avanzate si menzionano l'Hill-start Assist Control che facilita le partenze in salita, il Ride Assist che permette di far muovere la moto sino a 7 km/h per rendere le partenze più dolci, il Downhill Assist Control che regola la velocità in discesa per ottimizzare sia l'equilibrio e sia il recupero dell'energia, l'assistente per la retromarcia, il controllo della trazione e la frenata combinata.

La moto supporta gli aggiornamenti OTA. Questo significa che le sue funzionalità potranno essere migliorate e aumentate. In futuro, arriverà anche la funzione di autobilanciamento che permetterà di mantenere l'equilibrio anche senza il conducente. Una soluzione già vista in alcuni avanzati prototipi ma non su di una moto che dovrebbe arrivare sul mercato. Addirittura, il costruttore parla della possibilità che la moto possa seguire da sola il suo conducente mentre si muove a piedi. Non può nemmeno mancare una comoda app che permette di gestire la moto elettrica da remoto e di essere utilizzata come chiave digitale. Parlando di specifiche tecniche, il motore elettrico montato direttamente sulla ruota posteriore è in grado di erogare 100,75 kW con 850 Nm di coppia. Ad alimentarlo una batteria da 17,7 kWh che potrà essere ricaricata anche in corrente continua. (qui la differenza tra kW e kWh) Il costruttore cinese parla di 15 minuti per raggiungere l'85% della capacità. La velocità massima è di 200 km/h, mentre per passare da 0 a 100 km/h servirebbero poco più di 3 secondi. Impressionante l'autonomia. Il marchio dichiara circa 357 km secondo il ciclo WLTP (400 km NEDC).

Davinci Dynamics ha svelato pure una versione naked della DC100 chiamata DC Classic, assemblata a mano e realizzata in serie limitata (50 unità). Dispone di alcune soluzioni sofisticate come sospensioni anteriori Öhlins, pinze freno Brembo, sella in pelle e diverse parti personalizzate. Le specifiche del powertrain sono sempre le stesse della DC100. Il prezzo? 78.000 euro con le spedizioni che dovrebbero partire dall'aprile del 2022.

Da Vinci motor has just launched a high-performance electric motorcycle, which is the DC100 with a range of up to 250 miles (400 kilometers) of NEDC. Based on the fashionable appearance of single seater streetcar, DC100 also has some unique skills, including self balancing and following ability.To get more news about DC100, you can visit davincimotor.com official website. run.5a5dc12a.png In terms of specifications, although the peak power is only 135 HP, DaVinci motor revealed that DC100 actually seamlessly integrates a set of intelligent control system containing multiple different motors.

According to a separate press release, the actual power of DC100 is 137 HP and is output by hub motor. The peak torque reached an exaggerated 850 n · m (627 LB ft), and the acceleration of 100 km was in 3 ~ 4 seconds.

The DC100 has a built-in 17.7 kwh battery and supports 30 minute L3 fast charging, but we still can't help comparing it with the 2014 zero Sr.

Remember that curious teaser photo Italidesign dropped a few days ago for this vehicle? The parchment-colored background with line drawings and medieval-styled text certainly was a clue to the name of this machine. No, it’s not the Leonardo DaVinci, but rather, the Italdesign DaVinci – built to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the legendary inventor and painter’s death. And we must say, the car is a stunning work of art indeed.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit davincimotor.com official website. run.5a5dc12a.png Unfortunately, the DaVinci is just a concept car. That’s not to say it couldn’t become a production vehicle, however. In its press release on the car, Italdesign explains the DaVinci is a fully electric concept that could see production without considerable change. The design allows for a pair of electric motors positioned at the front and rear, driving all four wheels. The battery pack resides in the middle, keeping the center-of-gravity low and weight evenly distributed front-to-back.

The company envisions the car as being somewhat modular, ready to accept a range of electric motors and battery setups from different automakers. Or, should petrol-power be preferred, the DaVinci could be easily retooled for a conventional drivetrain. In fact, this prototype features a 4.0-liter V8. In other words, Italdesign isn't ready to pull the trigger itself, but should someone else fancy the DaVinci, the foundation is ready and waiting.

Surprisingly, the interior doesn’t look overtly concept in design, sporting a traditional layout with a minimalist appearance and plenty of Alcantara. Even switches and buttons on the dash are covered with the material and backlit so vital information is still visible. Speaking of materials, Pirelli is on-board with the DaVinci as well with a world debut for the company's new P Zero Elect tires, specifically designed for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Given the elegant lines of the DaVinci's exterior with a realistic interior, Italidesign seems quite serious in saying this car could be production-ready with just a few changes. Here’s hoping at least some aspects of the DaVinci make it to production. We think Leonardo would approve.

You will be interested to know there may be no limit to how many electronic features one may cram into a singular vehicle.To get more news about davinci, you can visit davincimotor.com official website. run.5a5dc12a.png A new, high-performance all-electric motorcycle just hit the streets, bringing an incredible 250-mile (400-km) NEDC range, in addition to a few tricks that may, thanks to a reported capability to self-balance and actually follow you around, according to a new webpage from Da Vinci Dynamics. From Da Vinci Dynamics in Beijing, the DC100 electric motorcycle is overwhelmed with new features. It peaks out at 135 horsepower, which places it among other "fast electric" vehicles, but Da Vinci claims it uses "a smart control system that seamlessly integrates multiple different motors." Please take a moment to share the weight of this knowledge with us. Multiple motors. More-than-one. Anyway, a different press release says the new vehicle has 137 horsepower, courtesy of a hub motor.

The maximum torque is an unbelievable 627 lb-ft (850 Nm), but it's also fairly established that hub motors produce excessive torque in general, says the New Atlas report. The new DC100 can accelerate from zero to 60 mph (0 to 100 km/h) from 3 to 4 seconds, which means drivers should hold tight. The battery is a 17.7 kWh device that can charge in 30 minutes with level 3 charging. This isn't as great as the Zero SR, which includes a Power Tank, and supports 18 kWh with 223 miles (359 km) of frenetic, start-and-stop city driving, compared to 112 miles (180 km) on open highways. In light of these specs, a range of 250 miles might likely be an overestimation. The new motorcycle comes with a highly colorful dash, and comes equipped with a great abundance of electronic goodies. Naturally, traction control and ABS braking are included, which is fairly standard. But the inclusion of a new "creep" feature, capable of autonomously inching the bike forward when you let go of the brakes makes this two-wheeled vehicle begin to resemble a self-driving vehicle.

She was dressed like any fashionable college student: white cardigan, pale pink shirt, gray trousers. Her hair was light brown. But as she shopped at Hong Kong's apm mall, her eyes stood out from the crowd.To get more news about Red Contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website. cherry-sky-blue-colored-contact-lenses-b The 21-year-old said that to her, buying color contacts was just like trying new cosmetics. She said that since she's paying for them, she wants them to be truly distinctive, and she chooses colors to complement her makeup when she goes out with friends.To get more news about Yellow Contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website.

Asia's contact lens market was worth $5.4 billion in 2018, and it is growing at an annual rate of about 5%, according to British market research company Euromonitor International. The spreading use of contacts for fashion is considered a major factor behind the expansion.To get more news about Black Contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website.

Lens makers have discovered that many consumers in China, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia share her preference for colorful "unnatural" eyes, and they are tailoring their overseas marketing strategies accordingly. Major players in the Japanese market see an opportunity to cash in on their reputation for quality, as well as the country's long history of using contacts to augment eyes -- though their newfound customers have even more wild taste.

"Chinese consumers tend to prefer flashy colors and designs compared with their Japanese counterparts," said Yuichiro Nojima, executive officer in charge of foreign operations at Japanese contact lens maker Seed. The company's overseas sales jumped 50% on the year to 2.4 billion yen ($22.3 million) in the fiscal year through March, driven by fashion contact lenses sold in Asian markets.Purple and green contacts are proving popular. In China, where a vivid blue sells well, three out of the six color contacts Seed offers were developed exclusively for the country.

Seed's Chinese lineup includes both daily and monthly disposable lenses. The dailies would add up to 218 yuan ($30) over the course of a month, while the monthlies cost only 98 yuan -- a price aimed at winning young shoppers.The idea of contact lenses can be traced all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci. But Japan played a major role in turning them into style accessories.

According to Japanese contact lens maker Menicon, "Vampire" -- a 1968-1969 TV drama based on a manga series by artist Osamu Tezuka -- marked the first use of color contacts in Japan. Actor Yutaka Mizutani, who played a werewolf, sported them as a special effect. In the mid-1990s, Japanese actors started wearing natural-colored contacts simply to make their eyes stand out.In the early 2000s, market research by U.S. consumer health care company Johnson & Johnson found that consumers in Japan and South Korea wanted to make their pupils look bigger. This was something few Westerners seemed to want.

To cater to Asia, Johnson & Johnson developed circle contact lenses, which make pupils appear larger. Along with Japan, it sells circle contacts in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. But the Asian market is not monolithic -- what works in some places does not fly in others.

"In Japan, circle contact lenses with natural designs and colors are gaining popularity," said Yumiko Minamitani, associate manager of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. "Consumers are choosing circle contact lenses depending on how they want to look, like makeup."

Data from the Japan Contact Lens Association shows 223.7 billion yen ($2 billion) worth of contacts were shipped in the country in 2017, with shipments of fashion contacts rising 7% on the year to 43.3 billion yen.

Costume contacts are a serious case of “buyer beware.” The American Academy of Ophthalmology states, “People have been blinded by costume contact lenses.” The only safe way to wear decorative or colored lenses is with a prescription from your eye doctor.To get more news about colored contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website. cherry-sky-blue-colored-contact-lenses-b For more than a decade, it has been illegal to sell contact lenses without a prescription in the U.S., whether for fashion purposes or as regular daily wear.To get more news about colored contacts prescription, you can visit beauon.com official website.

However, plenty of pop-up costume stores and online retailers are willing to take the risk of breaking the law. If a package says that it is safe to wear without seeing your optometrist, or that one size fits all, this is false. See other tips from the FDA here.To get more news about colored contacts non prescription, you can visit beauon.com official website.

But Halloween is only one day of the year. What is the harm in popping in a pair of novelty contacts just for a Halloween party, especially if it adds a realistic dimension to your costume? There are many reasons why doing so could result in serious injury.

Contact lenses are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) precisely because they are medical devices. They need to fit the exact shape of your eye and be manufactured of certain material.

Some illegal retailers repackage the lenses and transfer germs and contaminants into the fluid in the packaging, which causes infection.

Sometimes the original packaging simply isn’t sterile, to begin with.

Similarly, if the lenses are not made of the correct material, they are more likely to transmit infection. Bootleg contacts are sold by middle and high school students out of their lockers, according to ABC News, who did a hidden camera investigation.

Most materials that are used for contacts are breathable. They let oxygen through the lens to the surface of your eye. This is crucial for your eye’s continued health. Costume lenses that are painted or decorated could be thicker and prevent oxygen from getting through the layer of pigment.

Injuries like scratches and cuts are another significant danger. Corneal abrasions are painful scrapes on the surface of the eye that can cause a loss of vision.

Infections are a significant risk, from conjunctivitis (pink eye) to bacterial keratitis, viral keratitis, fungal keratitis, or even parasitic keratitis from amoeba.

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