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If you created a character in the game when New World was first released and have been adventurous all the time, you should have reached the level cap by now. Two months is enough time for most players to get enough XP. After reaching the level cap, your next goals should be those more difficult challenges, such as Expeditions. This means that your team needs a tank. In any case, the team needs a shield that can take a lot of New World Gold damage to create space for other DPS to attack. One of the differences between New World and other games is that there is no specific level for the character. The skills you can use and the abilities you obtain depend entirely on the types of weapons you use. If you don’t know what kind of weapons are most helpful for tanks, then you should read this article carefully.

Sword and Shield/Great axe
    Main Weapon: Sword and shield
    Secondary Weapon: Great axe
    Attributes: Constitution, Strength
This may be one of the most popular tank builds ever since the game first arrived on the scene, and it is especially effective for PvP. Where the Sword and Shield gives a well-balanced defensive option because your primary, the Great Axe when your second will assist you to do massive levels of damage eventually span, which comes in handy if you are suddenly ambushed by other PvP players. Even in PvE, this same build having a different ability mastery tree on your secondary Great Axe can be most effective.
Constitution and Strength are a necessity of attributes just for this build. You should start with Constitution to be certain your character's health insurance defense capabilities are stable, after which go for Strength. Make sure to equip Heavy Armor and spec into these two attributes for taking full benefit from your weapons.

For the sword, Shield Bash, Shield Rush, and Defiant Stance are definitely the New World Coins abilities to unlock, beneath the Defender Mastery tree. The first two will help you to deal 50 % of weapon damage and knock back foes which has a damage rush forward, respectively. Your third ability, Defiant Stance, will reduce incoming damage by 30 %. Both Defiant Stance and Shield Bash will taunt nearby enemies when you have a Carnelian equipped in your sword too.
For the good axe, unlock Charge, Reap, and Execute within the Reaper Mastery tree. Charge will deal 120 percent weapon damage, Reap will extend your Axe about 5 meters to enemies closer, and Execute is often a heavy attack that can deal 200 percent of one's weapon's damage, plus much more for targets with low health.

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This article is not a detailed introduction to the new weapons that will be added to the game in the new version, it is more like a basic guide. After learning some basic information about Void Gauntlet, you can decide whether to use this weapon as your main weapon after the update. If you want to fully master this weapon, you'd better look for some more advanced guides to gain a deeper understanding of this unique weapon.

Basic Information of Void Gauntlet
The Void Gauntlet is incredibly much a "Jack of Trades" form of weapon. While it lacks in a few qualities like raw healing power, this really is compensated for heavily by with a lot of DPS, buffing and debuffing capabilities.
You can find out getting the Void Gauntlet rolling around in its various New World Coins tiers with the normal methods you'd utilize to gain another weapon like loot or craft.

This weapon functions like a strong hybrid between both a DPS as well as a Support, but additionally a Melee DPS and Ranged DPS. This makes it a substantial offering from the Damage Category, to be able to buff itself and nearby allies. The Healing it's capable of provide alongside numerous Debuffs and statuses available give it a substantial showing inside the Support Category likewise.

In the Damage category, there's options to be competent to properly be both a ranged DPS or even a Melee DPS. This unique flexibility allows the Void Gauntlet to only pair with numerous other weapons, even ones that will require a Elemental Gem to maintain in damage. Regardless of the weapon where you will pair it with, it is quite well suited for the task.

In the Support Category, the Void Gauntlet shines with entry to many AoE Buffs and debuffs which help not only you however, your teammates master combat, while weakening your foes within the process. While its ratios for healing aren't impressive, being copied by that much buffing and debuffing power can certainly make it a tremendously potent off-healer. Pairing it together with the Life Staff to try and do the bulk of your healing, and letting this function as more of a debuffing tool having a bit of extra healing.

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Festivals in the game usually mean new activities, season-limited items and some other special gifts, so whenever a new festival is coming, players will always feel very excited. World of Warcraft Classic started the Halloween event at the beginning of November. Players participating in the event have the opportunity to get a limited Halloween mount - Headless Horseman. So, if you are a New World player, then you must be curious to know what surprises you can get during the festival season. Now there is good news, there are Cheap New World Coins signs that the development team of New World MMO seems to be preparing to add seasonal celebrations to the game.

Scot Lane was interviewed by the game news website not long ago and revealed some information. The reporter asked the developers whether they plan to apply seasonal changes to Aeternum Island and whether they are preparing some seasonal events for the game. Although Lane did not share too many details, he admitted that seasonal events are very important for MMOs like New World, and this is what the members of the development team have always wanted to do.

Winter is a good time to host festival events in the game, he said. Therefore, although we still cannot know when the festivals will land, we can expect to see a different New World MMO this winter.

We can also see Amazon Game Studios releasing a new New World winter promotional film. It is conceivable that some amazing changes will take place on Aeternum Island to welcome the new festival activities. After all, it is the fantasy land in New World. The scenery in the game will be charming by then, and you may be able to see the quaint streets in Windsward or Everfall after they are decorated with seasonal decorations.

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If you don't care about the negative controversies related to Blizzard, it is a very good opportunity to become a fan of World of Warcraft now. Because Blizzard recently provided a new server for those players who are keen to challenge themselves in World of Warcraft Classic, which will contain improved content, called Season of Mastery. Similar to the complete release process of World of Warcraft Classic, World of Warcraft Season of Mastery will also be gradually opened to players in six stages. What we can know at the moment is the information of the first phase of the new season. You can read this article to understand some obvious changes.

Players can level up faster in WOW Classic SOM
Reports from some game news sites claim that reaching level 60 in Season of Mastery is a very easy thing. Judging from the current situation, the leveling efficiency of most players is consistent with the official information. Any player can get an extra 40% XP bonus when earning XP, which means that compared with the WOW Classic period, your leveling speed can be increased by at least 40%, as long as you are still willing to spend a lot of TBC Classic Gold time completing quests and killing Monster, you can reach max level faster than before.

World Buffs will not be able to help the raid team
When you work with guild members in WOW Classic to research how to defeat the boss in the raid, the first important factor you will consider is World Buffs. In fact, many effective strategies and methods are developed by stacking more useful World Buffs. And now, these strategies will not be used in Season of Mastery, because Blizzard canceled the effect of World Buffs in the raid. According to Blizzard, this is mainly to let players not focus on gains but the raid content itself. Those players who want to challenge themselves have no complaints and think this is a good change.

Raids become more difficult
Same as the situation when World of Warcraft Classic was first released, in the first stage players can only challenge Onyxia's Lair and Molten Core. They do not look much different from the raid we are most familiar with, but when you enter the WOW Classic TBC Gold challenge phase, you will find that they become more difficult in Season of Mastery. First of all, the health of most bosses and creatures has been doubled, which places higher requirements on the DPS of the player team. In addition, some new mechanisms will be added to the bosses in the past, and some of their original mechanisms have been enhanced. Although we are not yet able to know all the detailed statistics, please be sure to make sufficient preparations before challenging after reaching level 60.

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One in the appeals associated with an New World MMO would be the social aspect, so don't be ready to go full lone-ranger whenever you enter New World in my ballet shoes. After a certain point, you will be expected to sign up with one of three factions – the Covenant, the Syndicate, or Marauders. Each faction features its own deep-rooted values, in addition to a long-term goal to secure not able to Aeternum within their favour. Deciding where your Amazon New World Coins loyalties lie means you will end up a part with the struggle, within a mutually beneficial arrangement that will aid you inside development of your story.
Choosing between 3 factions can be quite a difficult decision, and you will probably want to do your homework given that you may be sworn to loyalty for about 120 days. We've revealed each faction as a result of their common commercially available, exposing their motivations, beliefs, and methodologies to assist you to make the best decision.

The Covenant
As the name suggests, this faction will depend on spiritual guidance to shape their set goals – believing within the redemption of Aeternum over the exorcism of the ancient evil.
If you're usually like a paladin or cleric-type character, the Covenant could be your best pick. They will show you the ropes in defensive magic and adorn you with unique equipment for each stage within your journey. Reaching the most notable rank of Adjudicator has considerable perks but doing the wrong side from the Covenant's holy wrath could be ill-advised.

The Syndicate
A secretive guild using a murky past, the Syndicate are loyal merely to knowledge and scientific discovery, even when that means unearthing the fact that was meant to be forgotten. They believe which the redemption of Aeternum lies in a very new enlightened age, something only they are able to usher in.
For people that tend to prefer as a mage or assassin, the Syndicate will let you exercise your sneakiest tendencies. Although you will still come up against the odd brute-force victory, your power will lie primarily inside your wits. Gaining this info, however, oftentimes leads you down a dark path that nobody was supposed to tread.

The Marauders
If that sounds a bit considered and slow, the Marauders are most likely for you. A militaristic faction about strength, discipline, and order, they think that a free Aeternum have to be fought for.
Led with a series of Commanders, the Marauders fit a soldier-type build, while using goal of an free society inside their sight. Members of this faction need to be ready to wield a weapon for a moment's notice, to address only for the honor and glory of New World Coins Aeternum, and also to follow orders to your very end. Loyal and well-trained soldiers will likely be rewarded with positions of authority and influence, in addition to some impressive weaponry and gear that marks them out amongst an audience as someone to never be messed with.

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FIFA 22 Numbers up sees EA team with Adidas in a very first-of-its-kind partnership for Ultimate Team. Here we will tell you how it all works, outline what you'll should expect to pay so as to nab the most effective players, and provide the entire FIFA 22 Numbersup cards list.
The FIFA 22 Numbers up promo launched on Friday, November 12, and introduces a range of latest orange-and-yellow cards to Ultimate Team, with stats boosts given to every item. In a very first for FUT, these attribute increases are specific to the sort of shoes worn by that player.
FIFA 22 Numbersup cards are split into three categories, which dictate the kind of upgrade granted. Wearers of the Adidas Copa boot get an increased Cheap FUT Coins passing rating. those that sport Adidas Predator footwear earn a souped-up dribbling stat. And, most tantalising of all, those that step onto the dig in Adidas X boots score an increased pace rating. The one exception is Barcelona keeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen. He's assigned the Adidas Predator boot, but receives an upgrade to his handling, instead of dribbling, stat.
If those initial attribute leaps weren't tempting enough, there are further card boosts to come back during the season. Eventually all Adidas Copa players will score a 99 rating for passing, Adidas Predator players are rated 99 for dribbling, and Adidas X wearers will hare round the park with 99 pace. While other attributes won't rise all the far to 99, they'll even be given increases to make sure that every card remains highly playable for over one stat.
And there are two limited-time FIFA 22 Numbers up cards available additionally to the 11 initially released in packs.
Madrid winger Marco Asensio is acquired by completing a FIFA 22 Numbersup SBC set which is open until Friday, November 19. He's a Predator wearer so the respective card features a dribbling rating of 91, and slightly adjusted OVR of 85 – compared to 83 on his base gold card. The SBC costs around 45K coins to complete, as of Monday. November 15.
The second exclusive card belongs to a different wide player – Tottenham and Netherlands midfielder Steven Bergwijn. This one is an Adidas X item, so will see his pace rating increase from 92 to 99 across the season.(Its initial OVR is 84.)
To unlock Bergwijn you would like to finish four in-game FUT 22 Coins objectives within the FUT Friendly: Numbers Up match type, like scoring in five separate matches employing a team of players with 82+ rated pace. Just like the Asensio challenge, it's available until Friday, November 19.

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West Ham United supporters who are football gamers have enjoyed another boon to their week with the news that Declan Rice has been awarded a Special 'Numbers Up' card.

The Hammers have now enjoyed a noteworthy six Special items in FIFA Ultimate Team inside the last month, with Angelo Ogbonna, Rice and Kurt Zouma all included within the FIFA Team of the Week at different stages.

Issa Diop has received a UEFA Europa League 'Road to the FIFA 22 Coins Knockout Stages' item, and Michail Antonio was reconfigured within the game during a Halloween-themed 'Rulebreaker' card.

Rice's 'Numbers Up' card will see its in-game capabilities increase with stat boosts both at the top of December and in April 2022, at which point he will reach 99 within the Passing stat.

Initially, however, Rice sees his overall rating increased within FIFA Ultimate Team from the start-of-the-season 82 and a Team of the Week rating of 84 up to an awesome 87.

The midfielder's FIFA card now boasts a passing rating of 86 (up from an initial 71), with a defensive rating of 85 (up from 81) and physical attributes rated 83 (up from 79).
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Other key boosts see Rice's pace increased to 75 (from 66); his dribbling to 77 (from 74); and his shooting to 56 (from 53).

West Ham United gamers can collect Rice's 'Numbers Up' card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs as of 6pm on Friday 12 November. There's no confirmed deadline for collecting the cardboard, but the promotion is probably going to last a fortnight.

For more exciting FIFA 22 and gaming content this season, follow the official @WestHamEsports accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch.

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After World of Warcraft Classic released the Burning Crusade expansion, many new dungeons were added. As one of the first dungeons opened in TBC Classic, The Blood Furnace will undoubtedly become the main challenge target for players. Because the recommended level of the dungeon ranges from 60 to 64, which means that after players successfully reach level 60 and pass through the Dark Portal, they can begin to clean up the monsters in it and get the best XP and item rewards. In order to make it easier for you to find the entrance of the dungeon and enter, we will introduce all the relevant details in the article.

Players can visit the portal of Hellfire Citadel after reaching Outland, so that you can reach The Blood Furnace directly. The location of the portal has coordinates 46,51 and is located on a slope at the southern end of Hellfire Citadel. After you climb the slope, you can follow the path directly to the gateway to The Blood Furnace.

In addition, you can accept two quests in advance and complete them in The Blood Furnace. You will be able to see these two quests after completing the quests of Hellfire Ramparts. Their names are The Blood of Life and Heart of Rage. In fact, you can also use the TBC Classic Gold portal of the Hellfire Citadel to reach the entrance of The Burning Crusade dungeon. The recommended level of this dungeon ranges from 59 to 63, which is also very suitable for players who have just reached level 60.

The layout in The Blood Furnace is not complicated, as long as you follow the prompts to clean up, you will be able to meet all three bosses smoothly. Except for the three more difficult bosses, the other enemies are relatively weak trash pulls. You can easily kill all enemies and eliminate all threats. But if you want to make the whole process more comfortable, you can arrange some players with CC, interrupts, and the ability to dispel Magic effects in the team. Such a team will basically not face any risk of failure or death in the dungeon.

Like other new dungeons in TBC Classic, The Blood Furnace also has a heroic challenge, provided that all players in the team have reached level 70 and have a Flamewrought Key. Obtaining the key requires additional preparation. You can continue to join some dungeon teams in Hellfire Peninsula to earn Thrallmar or Honor Hold reputation. You can purchase the WOW TBC Classic Gold item after the reputation of one of the factions is honored. You can use The Blood Furnace to do this, and every time you clear the dungeon, you will contribute approximately 750 reputation.

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It seems that the Amazon Games Studio development team was not only solving various problems in the game some time ago, but also trying to release some updates that can please players. According to the news released on the official website of New World MMO, players will not only receive an update titled Into the Void, but also PTR to test new features. In addition, in order to solve the current economic downturn in the game, the developers have added many new quests and updates to improve the quality of life. We have reason to believe that after this major update, Aeternum will look more enjoyable.

PTR, also known as the Public Test Realm, will be open to players who have purchased a copy of New World. PTR is an independent server with limited available content and is mainly used to let players know in advance how some new features work. As long as you purchase the New World game and update the game after the next update is released, you will find a new New World standalone application in your Steam library. You can download it and enter the server to create a new custom character, which will come with a series of gears. It is worth noting that this role will not be retained forever, it will be cleaned up before the next test.

The first test that PTR is about to usher in is the Into the Void update, and a Void Gauntlet will appear as a new usable weapon in the PTR. The weapon can not only cause damage, but also provide players with powerful support capabilities, such as strengthening the player's Intelligence and Focus stats. The two trees of this weapon are the Annihilation and the Decay tree. The former allows you to summon Void Blades, and enemies attacked by Void Blades will be corrupted. The latter will allow your character to gain healing abilities, and after reaching a New World Coins higher level, it can also cause debuffs to the enemy.

For those players who have no quests to accept, the new questline will make them excited. These guys are real villains and built their own war camp and fort on the island of Aeternum. In order to prevent these people from further disrupting the balance on the island, players need to understand the enemy's movements in the questline and try to Buy New World Coins stop them. In addition, a new member has been added to the Raiders camp, from beetles to pirate alligators to ancient guardians.

Although New World is still experiencing new problems, I believe that the introduction of PTR will make New World better in the future. Before the vulnerabilities of the new content are discovered and abused by players, the development team should be able to discover and prevent these problems in the PTR.

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Compared with the current New World, you can hardly imagine that the game had 900,000 concurrent players when it was first released. This achievement makes New World one of the games with the largest number of players on Steam so far. However, six weeks later, the population of each server is now much lower than in the past. And this trend continues, I have no doubt that some of the latest open servers will eventually become empty.

Of course, I don't want things to develop like this, because I am also playing this game, and I hope to make more new New World Coins friends. But this month is indeed a daunting challenge for New World. There are many eye-catching games that will continue to appear during this time, including some of the best in other types of games. As the most direct competitor of MMO, FFXIV chose to release new expansions at this time. This is not good news for New World, it is very likely that some players will be attracted to the past and cause more serious population loss.

During this time, the performance of the game was not satisfactory. Players can always find new bugs and exploitable loopholes in various strange situations. These problems affect the game experience of some players and the economy in the game. Although developers keep releasing new patches to solve these problems, it turns out that New World is still not perfect after four delays.

On the other hand, those high-level players have lost their pursuit, and they find it meaningless to do anything. Because there are too few ways for players to earn New World Coins, they can only step into the original trading mode of bartering. For low-level players, difficult grinding and challenges can easily make them exhausted. What can make them insist is only the beautiful scenery in the game, which is also one of the rare highlights of New World compared with other MMOs.

I have invested more than 100 hours in the game, so I hope the current number of RPG New World Coins players can stabilize. As a game that can only be played on the PC side, I think it can be done, provided that the development team is really willing to work hard for this goal. Regardless of the player community or the development team, this is a project they have been looking forward to for several years, and it should not have a bleak end in a few months.

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