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Amino acid surfactant

 is a new type of environment-friendly surfactant from renewable biomass sources, which is the upgrading product of traditional surfactant. Amino acid surfactant not only has a wide range of biomass raw materials, low toxicity and side effects, mild performance, low irritation, good biodegradability, and green production process, but also its good emulsification, wetting, solubilization, dispersion, foaming and other properties have attracted people's attention at present, and are gradually used in many fields such as washing, personal care, food industry, etc.

The mainstream amino acid surfactant is prepared by the amidation reaction of fatty acyl chloride and amino acid and then salt formation. Weak acidic amino acid surfactant, with pH close to that of human skin. In addition, amino acid is the basic substance that constitutes protein, so it is a mild skin friendly and safe cleaning product for sensitive skin.

The Amino Acid Surfactant of Jiahua

  is prepared from natural raw materials, which have the advantages of low carbon and environmental protection. The process adopts a safe and environmentally friendly process to reduce the environmental pollution risk of the product.

Technical indicators: 


1. Mild and non irritating, suitable for adding to personal care products such as shampoo and facial milk, with cleaning ability and very low irritation

2. The raw material source is biomass, which will not produce the residue of carcinogens such as dioxane, which is healthy, safe and green

3. The amino acid group has good contact with the skin, can penetrate into the skin, and has a strong skin affinity

4. Rich and dense foam 

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