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Currently, Massively Multiplayer RPG is a game that Blizzard Entertainment particularly loves players. Its highest level is 120. Blizzard planned to go to the'squish' marathon from the beginning, so the new players in Shadowlands's did not get the privilege of extending the marathon. In the Reach of the new area Exile, new players can upgrade there. When they reach level ten, they will automatically enter the Battle for Azeroth, where their level will rise from level ten to level 50.

Shadowlands wanted to bring the game to the level that "World of Warcraft" was just released 16 years ago, so they increased the workload from fifty to sixty, trying to reach the highest level. What's more interesting is that since it uses level 50 as the upper limit, players will be downgraded because of its pre-expansion pre-patch program, even lower than "World of Warcraft: Classic".

The WOW Classic Gold squish is not useless. Blizzard initially believes that it will take less than 30% of BfA to reach the highest level. By default, BfA is the latest expansion of the game, and new players will enter the modern content with better graphics in Exile’s Reach, but you should know that it is different from the current games.

Blizzard is also impossible to complete the experience from level 1 to level 120 in compressed mode. Imagine if the original "World of Warcraft" content and the six previous expansions of BfA can be skipped, then it means that Blizzard doesn't have to do this series of attempts, but it is inevitable to spend a lot of money to update the entire game. But if you do so, new players will not be able to experience the glorious history of World of Warcraft for 14 years.

In this Vanilla WOW Gold case, players will lack a lot of fun. For example, they can't see. On the top of the Black Temple, Illidan held Gul'dan's skull and said, "You are not ready!"Of course, excellent equipment will help you have a better experience in World of Warcraft, so the help of MMOWTS is still very important. At present, a large number of players will buy WOW classic gold coins in MMOWTS. They feel that the price is cheap and the first-class service is excellent.

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