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The Burning Crusade Classic offers a ton of new opportunities and methods to farm gold both in Azeorth and Outland. Wow Classic TBC is coming soon on live servers so if you prepare well, you can be rich by following gold farming guides. I will share some useful information about how to prepare nicely for wow classic TBC.


In The Burning Crusade Classic, professions are just as important as WoW Classic and offermany new profession-specific items that people will be looking for to improve their gameplay experience. Some professions are better than others and listed below is a tier list of how different professions rank in terms of making gold:

S-Tier: Jewelcrafting

A-Tier: Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Enchanting

B-Tier: Leatherworking, Tailoring

C-tier: Engineering, Blacksmithing


Ravager Flesh, Clefthoof Meat, Warped Flesh, Raptor Ribs, Serpent Flesh


Furious Crawdad is best meat to level cooking from 350-375 but is hard to farm. Will be a fantastic seller, Low drop chance farm in Terrokar forest from 325+ fishing.

Enormous Barbed Gill Trout and Huge Spotted Feltail are both fish you should not throw away and hold onto for a bit into the game. They’re for endgame cooking recipes. Will go up in value as the game progresses.

Auction House

On the one hand, you can sell your not-wanted items in Auction House, and other players can buy them with wowtbcwlk . On the other hand, if you’re ever browsing the Auction House and you see an item cheaper than usual, buy it and re-sell it on the Auction House for the proper price. The conclusion is as follows: buying low, selling high. This method can help you save time to earn money in TBC Classic and it may bring you a considerable return on investment. But in this method, you need enough gold to purchase an item before placing them on the AH. And because the auction house is indeed unpredictable, it may be risky, and there are may be the opportunity to lose some money.

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