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In this guide, we will show you what professions are best suited together and what professions you should take for your class.


Fishing is one of the most time consuming but rewarding professions in WoW. It’s pretty awesome, it’s a lot of fun and there’s a lot of flavor in TBC. As a master fisherman you can earn or catch numerous rare companion pets like Magical Crawdad and Toothy, you’ll also be able to catch fish that are used in important endgame cooking recipes like Huge Spotted Feltail for Fisherman’s Feast or Enormous Barbed Gill Trout for Hot Buttered Trout which are all really valuable raid consumables. You can also fish up gems, gear and fishing also provides reagents for other professions like Alchemy.


Mining is one of the most essential gathering professions in WoW, it involves extracting ore from mineral nodes throughout the zones and it provides reagents for Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting. You can see why it’s so valuable. These nodes are found using the miner’s basic ability “Find Minerals”, it shows node spawns on your minimap.

Mining is hugely popular and it can certainly be a big gold maker in TBC for the reagents it provides to multiple professions, so Mining can be profitable by either selling stacks of ore or smelting bars and selling those. So in TBC it’s important to know which is more valuable because of Jewelcrafting’s prospecting which also destroys ore to find gems, so definitely take a look at your service prices to know if you should be smelting it before you sell it or just sell the ore.

No matter what you plan on going Mining for it being a great profession for any class, so once you’re in Outland competition for veins is going to become much tougher, there’s fewer zones and flying mounts decreases at the time it takes to do your farming routes and reach the nodes. Fel iron can be found by making circuits in any zone but the two most advisable are Hellfire peninsula and Terokkar forest. Hellfire is useful because it has the highest number of node spawns and Terokkar is especially worthwhile for power leveling because you can quickly move to Nagrand to start collecting adamantite.


Cooking is the most known for the well-fed buffs, which increases your stats based on whatever food you ate. The benefits are myriad, and there is the potential to make profits by selling rare food on the Auction House.

Cooking has helpful recipes to help you while you are leveling up at the end of the game. It provides amazing raid buffs. I know the Smoked Sagefish is amazing. It gives you a mana per five while you are leveling up. It is also brain food, and when you eat it, you can get health and mana, so it's a nice one for leveling up.

We're going to start talking about the Primary Professions. Remember, we can only have two of these professions, so your choice is important.


Jewelcrafting is one of my absolute favorite professions. Once you reach outland to train master Jewelcrafting, your trainers are going to be in your faction's first town. There are a number of neutral trainers available.

Jewelcrafting is a new profession in TBC. You know it's a new addition, and it involves cutting gems to put them into gear or using them to craft rings, necklaces, and trinkets in order to find these gems. Jewelcrafters need to use their main skill - prospecting on any ore which destroys it in the process in order to search for these gems.


Skinning makes profession picking in WoW a breeze for players who don’t want to invest too much time into gathering. There’s no need to go out of your way to collect skins because you’ll have to kill plenty of animals anyway while doing quests and running dungeons. That makes Skinning one of the easiest professions to level up since it requires very little effort on your part as long as you remember to skin any eligible creatures you kill. As an added bonus, you can also skin creatures killed by others, making the whole thing even easier. Just remember to buy a Skinning Knife as soon as you learn the profession. Skinning pairs well with


Profession picking in WoW TBC Classic often revolves around the creation of gear, which is why Blacksmithing is favored among Plate and Mail wearers. In addition to pieces of gear, Blacksmiths can also craft a couple of consumables like Runes of Warding and Wards of Shielding. Once they reach a certain skill level, Blacksmiths can specialize in one of two branches – Armorsmith and Weaponsmith. In turn, Weaponsmiths will be able to further specialize into Axesmiths, Hammersmiths or Swordsmiths. Every specialization unlocks exclusive new crafting recipes.


Tailoring is the use of cloth materials to craft gear and other useful items such as bags and embroideries. Tailoring is the only profession in WoW that does not fully require a gathering profession to level up, therefore making it the cheapest profession.


Enchanters use materials from sacrificed uncommon items to buff gear. Enchanting is the most expensive profession in WoW TBC as the Enchanter needs to disenchant every green they come across. Disenchanting green and blue items yield raw materials that are used to buff other gear. This can be profitable as you can charge to empower other players’ gear. Enchanters can also craft wands.

In WoW TBC Classic, there are several professions to choose from. Professions serve as a way to make money, buff parties, and be extremely powerful raid tools. You may have discovered that the above methods will take some time to see the effect, and your gaming experience will not be very good in the process. This is why I recommend you to buy TBC Classic Gold directly. You can save time and money and enjoy the most pure happiness of the game! At present, many companies on the Internet are providing similar services, and according to the evaluation and feedback of players, https://www.igvault.com/WoW-Classic-TBC-Gold is the most trusted seller.

World of Warcraft becomes a bevy of changes going to Burning Crusade Classic in Phase 3, though that isn't the only thing Blizzard is working towards in 2010. The publisher is prepping this coming year's round of esports events, celebrating 20 years with a $1.8 Million prize pool.

First things first: World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic has already established changes arriving Phase 3 detailed for the Blizzard forums yesterday, seeing they prep for your upcoming Black Temple content Buy TBC Gold drop hitting within the week of January 17th. Players will still must wait till January 27th to jump to the Battle for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple raids to open up up, but when you're not quite ready a few of the changes coming with Phase 3 should assist you in getting there.

Drop rates are now being tweaked with Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep bosses now dropping more items, while other bosses are dropping a different tier token. The patch notes shared by Kaivax also see all dungeon bosses on Heroic difficulty visit a chance to drop epic gems for players. Finally new Dark Moon cards may also drop for players in Phase 3.

In other World of Warcraft news, esports is spinning up at Blizzard while using publisher detailing its plans for this current year's events. 2022 marks the 15th Anniversary of WoW Esports along with the company is celebrating which has a $1.8 big prize pool offered across all 3 of its esports tournaments: the Arena World Championship Cups, the Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament as well as the Mythic Dungeon International.

Blizzard also addressed the return of live events in 2022, something many companies are weighing as Covid fears remain ongoing, especially with TBC Classic Gold Omicron as well as other variants for the rise. Blizzard states that it's "targeting" a live event for sometime in the summer months, but doesn't need any hard details at this time for those who wish to attend to start planning.

Blizzard announced it turned out canceling its online event scheduled for early 2022, so it's going to be interesting to discover how the company proceeds that has a live esports event whether or not this does. No matter what happens to Burning Crusade Classic in 2022, you'll always need a lot of WOW TBC Gold to improve your in-game quality of life. To solve this problem, I suggest you turn to MMOWTS. Tens of thousands of players from all over the world have experienced the quality service of MMOWTS and are very satisfied, you can also visit MMOWTS to Buy TBC Classic Gold when necessary.
Players of World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic can now travel to The Black Temple, which for most players is one of their first major obstacles. Some claim this is a make-or-break moment in their game, as it partly determines whether players will come back.

Illidan Stormrage used Black Temple as a stronghold in his thirst for power and formed his army of demon warriors. It's time to Buy TBC Classic Gold infiltrate the Dark Temple and face the Betrayer in-game, where players will defeat the Betrayer Illidan Stormrage on top of the Dark Temple.

Players who reach level 70 will face and defeat 9 monster bosses in raids, the last boss players will face is the Illidan Stormrage. The other eight are High Warlord Naj'entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend, Gurtogg Bloodboil, Reliquary of Souls, Mother Shahraz and The Illidari Council. It's worth noting that players have to adjust to get into the dungeon.

Alternatively, players can obtain it from The Battle for Mount Hyjal through mining after reaching level 375 in the mining skill, or from drops from The Black Temple.

Also, Netherwing reputation can be earned by completing daily quests in Shadowmoon Valley. Players who reach Exalted reputation will unlock the epic mount Nether Dragon.

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After Blizzard announced that the Black Temple will be coming to the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic, we now know its release date and time. The Black Temple and The Battle for Mount Hyjal will unlock Thursday at 3pm PT.

World of Warcraft's lead cinematic narrative designer has appeared in a brand new video to walk us through the original Black Temple trailer. Gregory recounts his history as an active World of Warcraft player, who ended up being hired to Buy WOW TBC Gold work on the video team because of how well his videos did at BlizzCon. Its first project was the trailer for The Black Temple.

The 8-minute video of the Building Azeroth series, showing the behind-the-scenes creative process working with bare assets, is an important trip through memory. It's about re-enabling existing assets and letting players role-play effectively. He also talked about the unimaginable that Blizzard has a small budget and few tools for such video promotions, but having to figure out how to use Illidan's existing footage.

Gregory also tells a lot of behind-the-scenes secrets, and when players unlock both The Black Temple and Mount Hyjal at the same time, they can both experience The Black Temple again.

Plus, when players reach level 70 or higher, they can unlock two raids on Thursday. However, each raid requires each character to complete a coordination mission. If you really want to jump into the raid right away, you can go through the one tuning process required for each character as quickly as possible before entering the raid.

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A key part of World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic is adapting to dungeons and raids. Two massive new WOW TBC Gold raids are underway as part of WoW Classic TBC Phase 3, and they both require their own coordinated quest chains. So players have a lot to do in order to prepare for launch day.

The Battle of Mount Hyjal and Black Temple will join TBC Phase 3 as two new raids. You need to be prepared to adapt to both raids.

The Battle of Mount Hyjal's attunement is one of the shortest of all dungeons or raids in the game, and its attunement can be deceptive as it requires players to defeat the two final bosses in Phase 2 Tempest Keep and Serpenshrine Caverns. However, the first thing you need to do is reach Revered reputation in the Keepers of Time.

Players can approach Soridormi in the Keepers of Time after reaching the requisite reputation, and he will offer the quest The Vials of Eternity. This quest requires players to kill Kael'Thelas and Lady Vashj, looting their two bottle remnants.

When these vials are returned, it means you have completed your coordination of the Battle of Hyjal.

Players first need to complete the Battle of Mount Hyjal to complete this chain of coordination, the Black Temple has one of the longest dungeons or raids in the game compared to the brief adjustment of Mount Hyjal. Most players will have to wait days or even weeks to complete the chain from start to finish and face off against Illidan.

Players from Aldo or Astrologers first have to complete four similar quests, but with different quest providers. Players on the Aldor side mainly need to follow the quests of Anchorite Ceyla, while the astrologers Buy TBC Classic Gold need to follow the quests of the Arcanist Thelis.

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WoW: Burning Crusade Classic's second PVP season ends on January 12, 2022.

The game's developers will continue to prepare for the release of the third phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. The first phase is the landing of the PTR in the Battle of the Black Temple and Hyjal that started some time ago. The second WOW TBC Gold phase of the PVP season will end on January 12, 2022.

Blizzard's previous official announcement has also announced that the second season of PVP will end on January 12, and before the end, everyone can go all out.

WoW: Burning Crusade Classic's third phase of PVP will be released later this year, if you want to know more details, you can get the most detailed information on the official website or official forum.

Community manager Kaivax provided more information on the season's end on the official WoW forum. When Season 2 ends, the Arena's Season 1 suits will be available for Honor Points. At dealers in Area 52, you can purchase the equipment included in the Arena Season 2 bundle at a discounted price.

You no longer need to reach a minimum level to purchase parts for the Season 2 set, at the start of the Season 3 Arena Points you hold will be Buy TBC Classic Gold converted to Honor, and you can also get gear from Season 3 at the same time.

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In World of Warcraft TBC Classic, if you are looking for ways to Buy TBC Gold increase damage to melee units in your team, you must not ignore the fighting chickens of the engineers. These small animals can increase the attack speed of all members of the team by 5% when they tweet, which is equivalent to a direct increase in DPS by 5%. But one problem with fighting chickens is that you can never tell when they crow. A recent post published by players in the gaming community indicates that they have found a solution to this problem and can stack the gain effect of battle crow buff multiple times.

Players playing TBC Classic now have a way to stack battlecrow buff five times for all members of the team, for which they need to trigger slaughter crows in a targeted manner. Compared with the original version of Tempo drums, the effect of buffs stacked five times is much stronger, and the attack speed of all members of the team can be directly increased by a quarter. This was unimaginable in the past.

Of course, you need to pay some price for this powerful buff. First of all, before the buff stack is completed, all members of the team need to wait in place. In addition, the battle crow often does not appear correctly in the logs, so that it is difficult to filter out players who are targeting this strategy. Nevertheless, it has become the first choice for all teams challenging raids in Outland. Buff can greatly reduce the time required for the player to kill the boss.

Blizzard has provided a solution to this problem, if you usually pay attention to the details of the game, you may find some changes.
First of all, players who re-enter the game after logging out will not be able to retain the effect of battle crows, because a hotfix about fighting chickens has been released before. Otherwise, players can even stack dozens of buffs by this method to cause more damage. Directly limiting the number of stacks of buffs seems to be a more effective way, but the developers say that implementing such restrictive changes is not good for the development of the game. They will evaluate the situation after the hotfix takes effect, and if restrictive changes are really necessary, they will make further adjustments.
In addition, fighting chickens and Tempo drums are fundamentally different. Although the buff effect brought by Tempo drums cannot be compared with fighting chickens, you only need to press a button to make the buff take effect in the team. If you want to stack the battle crow buff, you need to invest a lot of time in advance. So in general, this is not a bug that seriously affects the gaming experience.
Finally, this news has been confirmed by the leaders of several WOW TBC Gold guilds. They have been using the same method to make the most of fighting chickens.

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WoW TBC Classic Gold is the main in-game currency in World of Warcraft Classic. WoW Classic TBC Gold is the main in-game currency for WoW Classic expansion The Burning Crusade. World of Warcraft Classic Gold and TBC Gold lets you buy gear upgrades, mounts, bags, materials, and so much more. However, it`s way harder to earn Classic WoW Gold in Vanilla WoW, than it is in retail WoW. WoW Classic Gold can only be slowly farmed through quest rewards, looting gold from enemies, selling items to vendors or acquiring World of Warcraft Classic Gold from professions. So, how to make more wow tbc clssic gold?

Farming Primals

Professions get a considerable upgrade in TBC, to the point players want to go to a specific profession to make themselves some very good gear as soon as they hit level 70. The most iconic of these professions is tailoring, with Warlocks wanting the Shadowcloth, other DPS casters wanting Spellcloth, with healers wanting Mooncloth. Gathering the materials to form these items is going to be very sought after, somewhat limited, and therefore expensive

The reagents you need to farm these items involve Imbued Netherweave, which isn’t that difficult to acquire. Although, the most sought items are the Primal Fire, Primal Water Primal Shadow and Primal Life resources. These are crafted by combining 10 motes of each element, which typically drop off elementals throughout Outland. Some can drop in Dungeons, while others are limited to places like the Elemental Plateau, the Throne of Kill’Jaiden, and ShadowmoonValley for Primal Shadow and Air. Most of these areas require level 70 flying

Once a player has these items, they can provide them to a tailor to craft the appropriate cloth. However, there is a cooldown for each craft, so ideally, going into a specialism is ideal for increasing the amount craftable within the cooldown.

Because of the rarity, it may be even worth farming the mats yourself to cast any of the cloth to sell to the highest bidder for some very quick cash through phase 1. Furthermore, lots of craftable BoEs that are not exactly prebis come through these materials and therefore remain attractive for alts and new players throughout the expansion.

Please note these Primals are very lucrative for other professions too, but the prebis focus on them for casters is their biggest market by far.


Making gold through professions will include an element of Auction House usage, but not to the extent of using it like we mentioned in the previous section. Instead, when you make gold through professions, you do so by farming materials yourself from the open world and crafting them up before selling them to other players.

The best professions for material farming include Mining and Herbalism (with Fishing serving as a solid secondary choice), as you can mindlessly traverse the world searching for different nodes of ore or herbs to collect and stockpile. Additionally, there are countless guides online that can point you in the direction of optimal routes through zones that you can follow when farming for materials. With the addition of flying mounts in TBC Classic, getting around zones and farming materials is going to be a lot more efficient of a process than it was in Classic.


Ravager Flesh, Clefthoof Meat, Warped Flesh, Raptor Ribs, Serpent Flesh


Furious Crawdad is best meat to level cooking from 350-375 but is hard to farm. Will be a fantastic seller, Low drop chance farm in Terrokar forest from 325+ fishing. Enormous Barbed Gill Trout and Huge Spotted Feltail are both fish you should not throw away and hold onto for a bit into the game. They’re for endgame cooking recipes. Will go up in value as the game progresses.

More Ways to Farm Gold in the Burning Crusades

There are other ways of making money then manipulation the Auction House, professions and farming. Mainly dailies. Dailies are great if you want to have a steady income of gold with low effort. They are mind numbingly boring after doing them every day for months so I usually just do banish the demons for the darkrune. The darkrune event can be an excellent source of extra money if you can complete it. I regularly do the darkrunes for 3 people in my guild (they give me half of the money of the whatever they sell the item for) and myself. For the blues you can usually get 100g-200g every time you do them. When you get the epics or the badge of tenacity you can get 500g-1000g per item, which is great for 30 minutes in a fun event. I would definitely recommend trying to learn the event and complete it.

Also there is the obvious stuff like looting everything and stuff. NEVER vendor things like netherweave or Marks of Sar’geras or even Light Feathers as you will make more money if you spend 30 seconds putting it up on the Auction House.

Gold is essential in The Burning Crusade Classic - you always need more gold for consumables, gear, repairs, and e.t.c. Gold farm is very slow in The Burning Crusade Classic, that’s why this service is so popular! Buying WoW TBC Classic gold at https://www.igvault.com/WoW-Classic-TBC-Gold is simple & safe!

You may still be distressed about how to challenge the bosses in the two new raids, so you may not believe that someone cleared all the enemies in the raids just a few hours after the update. The guild that achieved this feat was Progress from Europe, and they were well prepared before the game was updated. Maybe you can learn something from their preparations, such as configuring better armor for the tanks in the team, or buying better weapons for mages. Of course, you need to prepare enough WOW TBC Gold for this, and the service of MMOWTS may be able to help you.

In fact, there are some players who expected this. Because the TBC Classic Gold release sequence of the new content in Burning Crusade Classic is basically the same as the original version, and professional challengers have conducted enough investigations on the new Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep in the PTR. There is no doubt that the fully understood monster cannot pose a fatal threat to these guild members.

Firemaw realm is the main base of Progress, and they are the first guild to accomplish this feat. During the challenge, they not only succeeded in clearing all the enemies in these two raids, but also the first to complete Serpentshrine Cavern killing Lady Vashj. The first guild to kill Kael'thas after the update was one of their biggest competitors, named SALAD BAKERS, and the guild successfully cleared the Tempest Keep.

After that, only Progress and another guild called WOW Classic TBC Gold BEEF BAR entered the final stage. Although each team succeeded in bringing down the boss within 1 minute, Progress still relied on a huge time advantage to rank among the top.

Tetsu, one of the members from Progress, provided some highlights of the guild’s challenge in the live broadcast. If you are interested in this part, you can check it out. Ordinary players are more concerned about how they can successfully defeat these two powerful bosses. My suggestion is two points: First, you should join a reliable team that can survive the battle with a reasonably configured team; second, you should buy some WOW TBC Gold from MMOWTS, and then use these gold to find some better ones in the auction house. Equip and buy them, they can greatly improve your various attributes, allowing you to play a greater role in the battle.
Players of World of Warcraft TBC Classic have recently been very concerned about news related to Phase 3 content, and currently players can experience these content in advance on the PTR. Recently, some players discovered that Blizzard had weakened the Dark Temple and the Battle of Hyjal, which seemed to break the promise made by the developers.

Judging from the current situation, if the battle plan in the PTR is officially Buy WOW TBC Gold applied to the current server, it is very clear what Blizzard will do in WOW TBC Classic. Simply put, the staged raid will provide the original boss challenge when it first comes out. When the new content of the next stage is updated, the monsters and bosses in these raids will be weakened, which looks exactly the same as the original Burning Crusade release.

The performance of the weakened version of the boss
Players have posted some evidence on the forum about the weakening of the boss in the Dark Temple and the Battle of Hyjal. Most players who participated in WOW TBC Classic Phase 3 PTR stated that this is indeed the case:
The trash opponents from Hyjal, for example, dropped Heart of Darkness, which was actually only implemented with patch 2.2 at the time.
    The prismatic aura of mother Sharaz is said to be the nerfed version, which would have a noticeable effect on the boss strategy and the level of difficulty.
    The damage from Mother Sharaz's Fateful Affair does not match the original version either (1,000 instead of 3,000 damage per tick).
    In the case of Archimonde, the weakened variants of fear, soul burden and stranglehold have also been reported.
    And anyway, the Raid-DpS is so high that even an Illidan doesn't even use skills like dark barrage or his eye ray.

Blizzard responded to this
Last weekend, the administrator of the game community joined the discussion and gave a specific response to this situation. He said in the post that in WOW TBC Classic, each raid has only one version. These raids that appeared in the original Burning Crusade only got some simple adjustments, and all the bugs have been fixed. The current test version in the PTR will be applied to the official server without any accident.
Afterwards, the community manager released an TBC Classic Gold article and added that for the Sunwell Plateau, which will be open to players in the last phase, Blizzard may provide an original version and a weakened version.

Considering that it is difficult for most players to get the best gear, even the weakened version of the boss is a very difficult challenge for players. So you should quickly make your characters stronger before the game is updated. You need to find the most suitable items such as weapons and armors in the auction house. A large number of WOW TBC Gold can help you solve this problem. After purchasing TBC Classic Gold at MMOWTS, you can choose any item you want in the game and buy it directly.
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