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Season 5 of NBA 2K21 is still going well, with new content for the game's most common mode, MyTeam, being added all the time. This time, the emphasis of the update is on Spanish players who have competed in the world's best league. If you are interested in more overpowered players, buy NBA 2K21 MT at aoeah.com with fast delievery, build your own powerful team!

The hero era NBA 2k21 myteam model received its first update today, concentrating on Spanish teams for the first time in the game's existence. It features new cards and material, as well as Juan Carlos Navarro's first appearance in myteam mode and his first return to the NBA 2K series since NBA 2K17. Juan Carlos Navarro Palo Galaxy penned a song to commemorate his first season in the NBA with the Memphis Grizzlies (2007-2008). He averaged 11 points per game, which is the same as the rookie record of 3 points in a single game, for a total of 8 points.

This Juan Carlos Navarro message will be contained during a short period in the Flash SuperPack and in my squad and also in two more new iterations of Spanish talents: Marc Gasol Amatista and Juan hernang ó mezRub í más Gasol and hernang ó Mez), teams would have the opportunity to offer these two cards on the "interaction" to get a pink gem, Ricky Rubio's prize, and the prize begins

This unique card would be used for a short period in the Flash Super Packs, which are available in MyTeam, although it is not the only one, as Marc Gasol Amatista and Juancho Hernan Gómez can also be purchased. If you want to get Ricky Rubio Pink Diamond, you'll need to deliver these two cards to "The Exchange."

Additionally, a new task will be completed to obtain Jose Manuel Calderón's first card in NBA 2K21, which is from his time with the Toronto Raptors. The card can become a Diamond as it progresses. What the legendary Extremaduran foundation would look like in his prime.Check more guide like NBA 2K21 Easter Cards,  see whether they are worth getting.

Keep in mind that NBA 2K21's fifth season continues to depict the fight between the Modern Era and the NBA's Golden Era. NBA 2K21 is also accessible on Xbox Game Pass for consoles and Android devices, in case you haven't noticed.