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OSC Series Offset Sheet-fed Cold Foil

Heidelberg, Man Roland, Komori, KBA, and any other offset press with extra in-line cold foiling systems, including but not limited to Eagle System, Vinfoil, Compact Foiler, Foiltone, Masterwork, Yoco, Magnolia, ect. Get more news about Sheetfed Cold Foil,you can vist our website!

A wide range of coated paper/ folding carton and plastic materials (PE, PP, PET), printed paper, and other substrates with non-absorbent surfaces

• UV application: Zeller & Gmelin UVALUX U0830 (for gold foil)and U0831(for silver foil),INXCure UV Cold Foil Adhseive HT 1409286, etc.
• Conventional application: Zeller & Gmelin O0830 (for gold foil)and O0831(for silver foil), INX OSF Cold Foil Adhesive 1511283, etc.
Other adhesive for sheet-fed offset cold foil application is also applicable and previous tests are needed.
Specially design for both conventional and UV applications.
• High metallic gloss.
• Smooth release and good for high speed stamping
• Excellent transferring quality, good for stamping with fine details, halftone and board area, a good solution to the problems like missing in the fine detail, cracks in the board area, pinholes, ect.
• Good adhesion to various substrates.
• Excellent overprintability with strong ink adhesion.
• ROHS,REACH, VOC approved.