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Young women in China, living in a rapidly changing society with more personal independence, disposable income and exposure to Western media than ever before, are also altering their views of female beauty.To get more news about 日本成人在线视频, you can visit our official website.

The beauty industry is booming in China, and these young women I interviewed in focus groups are really endorsing the Anglo-European image of beauty, said Jaehee Jung, professor of fashion and apparel studies at the University of Delaware, whose research was recently published in the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal.

Its a combination of factors, not just the Westernization of the culture, but also changing gender roles and increased consumerism in the Chinese economy, which is growing so fast.

Jung presented her paper at the November conference of the International Textile and Apparel Association. The research grew out of earlier studies she conducted about women and body image, an area where misperceptions can lead to such behaviors as eating disorders.

Prof. Jaehee Jung
Prof. Jaehee Jung presented her research at an international conference in November.

To my surprise, I found that Chinese women are even more dissatisfied with their body image than American women are, she said. So I wondered if these cultural changes in China were having an impact on traditional and contemporary views of ideal beauty.

To explore that question, Jung conducted in-depth interviews with 23 women who were university students in Shanghai. She asked them their views of what Chinese society has traditionally considered to be ideal female beauty and how that compared to their own views.

While most of the women recognized that women with round faces and curvy bodies were the traditional ideals in China, most also said they preferred thin bodies and angular faces. The women generally cited fashion magazines as a place where they saw that type of thinner woman featured.

They all want to look like those models, Jung said, although most of the women she interviewed denied comparing themselves to images in the media. Fashion magazines in China feature Asian models who embody the American, European and Korean influences in appearance, she said.

This type of cultural change in views of beauty has occurred in other countries as well, but Jung said China is especially interesting because its economy has grown and adopted a consumer culture so rapidly. Thats clearly reflected in the beauty industry, she said.China has become the worlds second-largest market [after the United States] in the total consumption of cosmetic products, Jung said. You also see other booming industries relevant to beauty, such as diet clinics and health clubs, even cosmetic surgery, which were all almost unheard-of in China just a short time ago.

Her article in Family and Consumer Sciences quotes some of the women she interviewed, including one who said that losing weight is a trend in China.

Another woman mentioned the perfect female images in fashion magazines, saying that the message is that everyone should look like those models. So everyone will feel like, Ill never be skinny enough, she said.

Others also talked about the influence of the media and the prevalence in fashion and entertainment of tall, slim women in Western countries, adding that in China, we just changed our standard of beauty.

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Tata, a 34-year-old in the Chinese city of Chengdu, was scrolling through her social media feed at her office desk on Friday afternoon when she came upon a harrowing video that shook her to the core.To get more news about 精品国产免费人成电影在线观看, you can visit our official website.

In surveillance footage, three women are shown sharing a meal in a barbeque restaurant when a man approaches their table and places his hand on the back of one of the women. The woman pushes him away, but the man refuses to back off and reaches out again for her face. As she pushes away his hand, the man slaps her and pushes her to the ground as she struggles to fend him off.

Her friends try to help her, but they too are attacked by the man and his friends, who rush into the restaurant as the violence breaks out. The group of men then drag the first woman through the door by her hair, smashing her with bottles and chairs and repeatedly stomping on her head as she lays on the sidewalk, her clothes stained with blood.

The video was so graphic and the assault so savage that Tata had to pause it midway. “Immediately I was filled with outrage and horror. I could totally empathize with her – the terror she must have felt in that moment,” she said, asking to only be referred to by her English name. “And this could happen to any of us.”

The shock and anger reverberated widely as the video spread like wildfire on Chinese social media. By the evening, the attack – which took place around 2:40 a.m. Friday in the northern city of Tangshan – had ignited a nationwide uproar, drawing hundreds of millions of views and dominating online discussions throughout the weekend.

Many were appalled that a woman was so brutally beaten simply because she rejected a man’s sexual harassment. Others lashed out at the police for failing to take action until the incident went viral.

Following the outcry, the Tangshan police issued a statement Friday saying they had identified the suspects and were “sparing no effort” to arrest them. By Saturday afternoon, all nine suspects involved in the assault had been apprehended, the police said, including four who had fled about 600 miles (965 kilometers) south to Jiangsu province.

Two women were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and were in stable condition, according to police.

The attack also rekindled debate about violence against women and gender inequality in China, which critics contend remains a highly patriarchal society with pervasive misogyny despite growing awareness of gender issues among young women.

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Meet the woman who is 'paid' to test sex toys and says "it's the best job in the world". Jodie Nokes, 27, felt like a "freak" having never orgasmed before starting her role as a full time sex toy tester for Lovehoney.To get more news about 日本黄色大片, you can visit our official website.

Now Jodie climaxes whenever she wants but warns women should take breaks from overusing sex toys as "you can have too much of a good thing". Jodie landed the "dream gig" after leaving a review on a 'bullet' vibrator she'd bought from the site and is now 'paid' in sex toys in return for her honest feedback.
Jodie, who is otherwise unemployed, from Walsall, West Midlands, said: "I was fed up of disappointing sex and wanted to try out new things to improve my sex life. I’d had many disappointing encounters with both men and women and wanted to explore my own body and discover what I liked.

“I quickly got through all the bullets and mini vibrators but wanted something more powerful. I got carried away and before I knew it had spent £120 on a wand vibrator. It's like Christmas when a new box arrives I never get over the excitement."

Jodie was sick and tired of her "boring" sex life and took it up on herself to spice things up aged 19 when she bought her first sex toy. Unfulfilled, she found herself browsing Lovehoney and bought three sex toys for £15 - a bullet vibrator, a rocket with an interchangeable head and lubricant.
After her order arrived, she was asked to review her products and once she was done, she was referred to a page to become a sex toy tester. To become a tester, she had to submit at least 10 reviews of different toys.

After posting them she could live her dream of testing toys in exchange for freebies. Jodie - who is currently in a relationship with, Michael, 27, a kitchen porter - said: "I remember buying a miniature vibrator that looked a bit like Darth Vader. It was so cute and quirky and way more powerful than what I expected for such a little thing."
I used to fake it because of what I’d seen in media and on TV - I thought something was wrong with me," she said. She continued on her quest to climax and tried all types of shapes and sizes of sex toys.

Finally, she 'struck gold' when she purchased the wall plug-in magic wand. "I was so happy and cried: 'I’m not a freak,' after climaxing for the first time aged 19," she said.

Soon after she joined the tester programme and a sex toy tester forum where all the testers can discuss their experiences. An employee in the Lovehoney office posts a product to review, and it is up to the testers to respond and say they will test it.

Jodie said: “It felt like Christmas the first time I received a sex toy to test in the post, I was squealing with excitement as I ripped it open. It wasn’t even 9am and I hadn’t even had my first cuppa."
Jodie was nervous writing her first review as she wanted to be completely honest and was worried Lovehoney would want her to only write good things. She uploaded her first review, with good and bad points, and waited apprehensively.

Ecstatic, she saw her review on the website and nothing had been changed. Ever since the sex-positive woman has tested toys and lingerie and has been doing it for nine years now.

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As people become more intimately acquainted with their body and its capacity for pleasure, their natural curiosity becomes engaged. They begin to explore ways to enhance and build on the sensations. A 2009 study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that more than 52% of women in the United States have used a vibrator.To get more news about 国产精品夜间视频香蕉, you can visit our official website.

“The study about women’s vibrator use affirms what many doctors and therapists have known for decades–that vibrator use is common,” according to Debby Herbenick, associate director of the Center of Sexual Health Promotion, “It’s linked to positive sexual function such as desire and ease of orgasm, and it’s rarely associated with any side effects.”

Obviously there are plenty of positive benefits to enhancing one’s sex life with enhancement products. Shopping for sexy toys has been made easier for those desiring a more privacy than brick-and-mortar stores provide, thanks to the internet and pleasure parties. Still, it’s not always easy to know what to look for, or perhaps more importantly, what to look out for.
4 Tips For Purchasing Nontoxic Sex Toys
Limit absorbency and lube it right.
The more porous a toy is, the more places there are for bacteria to hide. Because these products can’t be sterilized, according to the Kinsey Institute, they should be used with a condom. For added protection from harmful bacteria and infections, use an all-natural, certified organic personal lubricant, such as Aloe Cadabra, with your toys.
Avoid phthalates.
According to an article written by Pamela Madsen in Psychology Today, finding phthalate-free product lines, such as JimmyJane, is important. This chemical is attributed to cause everything from infertility to diabetes. While it’s been deemed toxic by the FDA and banned from children’s toys, adult toys can contain them because they fall into the “novelty item” category, which don’t get the same consideration.
Go for nonporous.
Nonporous materials, such as medical-grade silicone, stainless steel or Pyrex glass, provide protection from bacteria buildup. If the product is bendy, it probably contains phthalates. While they cost slightly more, nonporous products are firmer and more durable than the standard rubber dildos and vibrators. Medical-grade silicone also feels great because it warms up more rapidly. Glass toys hold both heat and cool, which makes way for a variety of play opportunities.

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The sex toy industry is booming—and with good reason. There is a huge variety of sex toys available to order online, which allows people to buy them easily, discreetly, and with an abundance of information. TV shows like Sex and the City, Transparent, and Broad City talk about sex toys openly. Sex-positive stores are popping up in cities around the world with a focus on providing a comfortable space for people of all genders to peruse collections of toys with guidance and support from knowledgeable staff.To get more news about 特级黄色视频, you can visit our official website.

Some might ask: why use a sex toy when I have my hand and/or a partner? While they might not appeal to everyone, sex toys offer new experiences, sensations, and ease of pleasure to many people, especially women. Scientists are currently exploring how sex toys can enhance pleasure and help you explore your desires, affect self-perception during sex, and allow you to have safer sex without compromising on pleasure. Research shows that women use vibrators to increase sexual pleasure, the intensity of orgasms, and satisfaction with sexual activity during masturbation and partnered sex.

With more access, less stigma, and more research on the benefits of sex toys, the industry has really gotten creative in the types of toys available. While staples such as the Magic Wand massager have been around for decades and have a dedicated fan base to this day, there are new options available for everyone. Some different options include vibrators, dildos, anal toys, rings and strokers, dildo harnesses, and kink and BDSM toys like handcuffs, blindfolds, collars, gags, and nipple stimulators.

Sex toys are helpful for getting the sensations you want from masturbation or partnered sex. They can provide clitoral stimulation during intercourse, leading to more satisfaction and mutual pleasure during penetrative sex. To use a vibrator during penetrative sex, you can hold the vibrator to the desired zone, such as the clitoris, or use a wearable vibrator or vibrating cock ring. Internal wearable vibrators and vibrating cock rings are especially effective for people who want additional penile stimulation. There are also toys available to mimic partnered play while you are alone, such as toys that use suction around the clitoris, like the Womanizer, or vibrators that can be controlled remotely. If you’re unsure what type of vibrator is right for you or how to address using a vibrator with your partner, check out our three part How to Choose a Vibrator video series.

Women looking to increase their sexual pleasure, comfort with the body, and mental and physical health should definitely consider sex toys. It could lead to better sex and more intense and numerous orgasms, which is good for your body and mind. If you’re unsure where to start with sex toys, we’ve created a comprehensive list of our top recommendations!

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Sex Toys For Anyone Who Wants A Lot Of Orgasms In 2022

  1. A Bellesa & Buzzfeed AirVibe to provide internal and external stimulation that will blow your mind. The waterproof toy features gentle vibrations and comes in a cute red carrying case.To get more news about 欧美色图片, you can visit our official website.
    Promising review: "This arrived today and I immediately charged it, washed it, and tested it out and it was truly as amazing as everyone says. A little louder than anticipated (still not outrageously loud), but so powerful. I typically suffer from my clit going numb with regular vibratory that are too strong. This was my first time trying suction clit stimulation and OMG, I never realized this was what I needed. 10000/10 would recommend. And for the price? So worth it. I orgasmed in less than five minutes, it was truly crazy."

Promising review: "This is the second Satisfyer Product I have purchased for my wife. This new model, the Pro Deluxe, is definitely an upgrade over the Pro 2. It is much lighter, quieter, and instead of having to cycle through the intensity levels sequentially (1-10-1) you can go higher or lower with the + or - buttons. Time will tell if this new model lasts longer. The Pro 2 broke within a year of purchase. But when you weigh the results vs the cost of these toys, I don’t mind buying one every year! This is my wife’s favorite toy. It gets the job done, every time!"

I own this rumbly pink toy and, let it be known, it's a game-changer. In addition to the smooth head it comes with, you can also use a number of other silicone accessories. Where some—like the Petite Silicone Texture Covers, $24.99 — add variation to clitoral stimulation, others — like the Petite Ripple Attachment, $39.99—offer penetration, as well.

Promising review: "Pillo works really well for us! It's very supportive for many positions, a lot more firm than I anticipated, but it's comfy. At first, I thought it was a bit huge, but it turned out to be a good size. Overall, we're extremely happy with it. It's lots of fun."
Promising review: "Amazing, forward-thinking tech that puts pleasure and communication first. Really impressed to see how technology can improve rather than replace intimacy. Just so much fun to use.

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Lora DiCarlo said it had been invited to display its robotic Ose vibrator at CES, after winning an innovation award.To get more news about 99这里只有精品, you can visit our official website.

CES organiser the Consumer Technology Association, which granted the award, said it had included the device by mistake and could withdraw any immoral or obscene entry at any time.

Lora DiCarlo chief executive Lora Haddock said the CES and CTA had a history of gender bias.

In a statement to The Next Web, the CTA said: "The product does not fit into any of our existing product categories and should not have been accepted.

"We have apologised to the company for our mistake."

But, in a statement on the Lora DiCarlo website, Ms Haddock cites several examples of other female-oriented products included in the award category the vibrator was in.

"Two robotic vacuum cleaners, one robotic skateboard, four children's toys, one shopping companion robot - looks like all of women's interests are covered, right?" she said.

"Ose clearly fits the robotics and drone category - and CTA's own expert judges agree."

The product had been designed in partnership with a robotics laboratory at Oregon State University and had eight patents pending for "robotics, biomimicry, and engineering feats", Ms Haddock said.

"We firmly believe that women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and LGBTQI folks should be vocally claiming our space in pleasure and tech," she said.Ms Haddock said there was a double-standard at CES when it came to sexual health products targeted at men versus women.

"Men's sexuality is allowed to be explicit, with a literal sex robot in the shape of an unrealistically proportioned woman and VR porn in point of pride along the aisle," she said.

The products she is referring to are the RealDoll sex robot Harmony, which debuted at last year's event, and a room showcasing virtual reality porn off the main conference in 2017.

The VR porn room was reportedly visited more than 1,000 times in its first day of opening.

This year, an unofficial shuttle bus is taking people from the conference site to a legal brothel for a sex-video experience controlled by an Amazon Echo speaker.

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In an industry traditionally dominated by men, women are now making more sex toys than ever beforeTo get more news about 日本人妖网站, you can visit our official website.

The lack of female influence in the creation and production of sex toys over time has led to sexist and objectifying industry marketing and an occlusion of female sexuality in the toy design, something many refer to as having a “male gaze.”

We’re seeing new female-centric technologies emerge that not only focus on female stimulation but also address issues that have been swept under the rug for decades.Stephanie Alys, co-founder of MysteryVibe, a company that invents personalized pleasure products told TNW: “It’s a feminist movement both behind-the-scenes and in the changing effects on the sex toy market.”

“To start, because of long-held, gendered stigmas, women often have more to risk when entering this industry. I think every woman in sex tech has a story about being slut-shamed for their profession.”
Evolution of sex toys
When sex toys became popular in the ’70s, most companies were owned by men. Polly Rodriguez, CEO of Unbound, a feminist sex toy subscription service, told the TNW: “Sex toys have always been phallic in shape, with an emphasis on size. This design approach makes no sense when you look at the biology behind arousal for clitoris owners.”

They were made to look like penises, something the industry assumed women wanted to have. They were typically flesh colored and focused more on penetration than stimulation, something that’s a focus for female-led companies.

Although vibrators existed, they were marketed as health products rather than sex toys. Female entrepreneurs and sex educators like Dell Williams (the first woman to own and operate a sex toy company) and Betty Dodson (a sex educator from the 60s) were behind the popularization of toys.

They focused on stimulating vibrators that came in a variety of shapes and colors — something that proved popular to women.

Alys added: “Most people with vulvas need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Women-led companies are often more equipped to ensure the final design is one that accommodates to be pleasurable for bodies with vulvas.”

Sex toys continued to evolve in the ’80s with home sale parties which gave women living in rural areas access. By the ’90s, the use of silicone became more popular, but the majority were controlled and distributed by one man, Reuben Sturman. He was known as “The Walt Disney of Porn,” his business focused on pornography and pleasure toys.
Despite sex toys becoming more popular, it’s been a hard industry for women to break into the business side of things. According to a study by Unbound in 2017, around 70 percent of sex toy companies are run by men, but the tables are starting to turn.

“I think we’ve come a long way since a completely male-dominated industry, and woman’s influence can be seen in all aspects of the category now, from how products are designed, to the materials we use, and how they’re marketed,” Alys said.

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Women who struggle to reach orgasm or who are experiencing a loss of libido should be entitled to a free vibrator on the NHS says a leading therapist.To get more news about 亚洲中文字幕永久在线不卡, you can visit our official website.

“Only 18% of women can orgasm through penetration alone, according to studies,” explains Marisa Peer, who has over 30 years’ experience in psychology.

“The number is very low because women’s anatomy has a design fault in that the clitoris is too far away from the vaginal entrance. I think women who can’t reach orgasm should be referred [via their GP] for a free sex aid.”

She believes if vibrators were available on the NHS to women who are have never experienced an orgasm, it would lessen the stigma of using sex toys.

“A lot of women wouldn’t want to buy a sex aid online,” Peer says. “Imagine if you live in an apartment with a shared mailbox – in that case, many women wouldn’t feel comfortable about having a sex aid delivered through the post from a website.

“Many women – especially if they’re older – wouldn’t dream of walking into a sex shop either. Others can’t afford to buy a sex aid because they’re not exactly cheap.”Peer's comments come in the wake of International Female Orgasm Day (8 August) in a bid to boost women’s sexual pleasure worldwide. Peer's passionate about the many benefits of women exploring their own bodies in a guilt-free way through masturbation and using a sex toy to help them discover what turns them on and allows them to climax.

“It enables a woman to find out what her body does and doesn’t like,” explains Peer. “The vagina is another muscle and the more you use it, the more effective it becomes. Through [masturbation] you’re learning more about what your body responds to.”

She points out that the benefits of experiencing orgasm go way beyond basic sexual pleasure and extend to your mental health too.

“Being able to orgasm is such a gift from nature,” she says. “The act of reaching climax helps you fight depression and it makes your body release [the happy hormone] oxytocin. It can help to lift a low mood and the afterglow stays with you for up to 48 hours. It helps you in so many ways.”Like many therapists, Peer is also keen to point out that no woman should ever feel ashamed or embarrassed if they can’t reach orgasm. Her aim is simply to raise awareness that becoming orgasmic is a skill that can be “learnt” with the help of the right sex aids, as well as through practising regular pelvic floor exercises and using deep breathing techniques.

Interestingly, she notes that in France, after childbirth, women are automatically given physio treatment by either a therapist or a midwife to help them to restore their all-important pelvic floor muscles. Often this includes the use of a free pelvic floor aid – similar to a form of dildo that is inserted into the vagina.

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Posting to the Confessions subreddit, she explained that she had used a vibrator a few weeks ago, and forgot to unplug it. It remained forgotten in her bed until it almost caused a fire.To get more news about 日韩欧美一区, you can visit our official website.

She wrote: “I woke up with the thing going beside me because I got super drunk last night and rolled on top of it which flicked it on.“I honestly think it was minutes away from setting my whole apartment on fire, which is both embarrassing and terrifying.”

A commenter urged her to contact the customer care team of the brand she got it from, adding: “That’s very dangerous and not up to hazard standards. These things should go through testing to ensure safety of use, and that doesnt sound like it passes. Might even be able to get a refund, since you say it was expensive!” [sic]

Another user said a similar thing happened to them: “I learned my lesson when my wand, plugged in for days, suddenly leapt in to the air, shooting flames. Thank goodness I was home and in the same room.”Another outlandish incident in recent years was when The Daily Mail reported on how firefighters in Austria tackled a flaming vibrator found at the side of the road.

Although it’s an urban legend that the toys can catch fire from overuse, Adults Toy Guide recommends properly caring for your toys and only buying from legitimate buyers.In a blog post, they say: “You can relax and feel confident that your properly cared-for vibrator will not set on fire! Many modern toys are fitted with failsafe systems to switch off if the motors overheat.

“The best way to be fully confident is to only buy your sex toys from a reputable buyer. Make sure that you check user reviews in advance of any purchase and do your research on the organisation.”

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