In generous conditions made with a few discarded from elshahat eldemerdash's blog

In generous conditions made with a few discarded food crumbs, drips of water, a measure of warmth, and unlimited living areas among discarded items and behind furniture

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Insects find their chance to survive, in homes, stores, and restaurants,

Which makes trying to get rid of insects yourself often does not work, you can now upgrade this attempt to a professional service with guaranteed results from an insect control company in Jubail

With us, you are a winner with peace of mind, and we are a winner with your trust.


More than just a simple extermination process, this is how we define the efforts of Najd Corner to secure your space against the presence of insects

Long-lasting results require professional experience, the best pesticides, knowledge of the local environment and common insects, with a pest control company in Jubail, you will get all that and more.

Our pest control services are backed by over 20 years of experience providing customized service to our clients based on their unique needs, we specialize in pest control and extermination in all types of environments.

Here is what you can expect from the services of a pest control company in Jubail

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Activating manual procedures to accurately examine the place and its components, and limit the places where insects thrive, and correctly identify the dimensions of the problem.

Our technicians discuss various options and strategies on how to eliminate the pest problem, and estimate the likely time to complete the service.

Calculate the expected cost of the entire service.

Surface preparation - it is the gate that cannot be bypassed in any way. When entering pest control, the greatest success of the results depends on the correct preparation of the place, where cleaning is carried out on a large scale, the exclusion of items likely to be affected by pesticides, and the evacuation of cupboards of their contents. If necessary, the idea here is that insects do not have to find what can compete with the pesticide such as food crumbs, which makes them easily attracted to the pesticide.

Preparation of Pesticides - In the Jubail Pest Control Company, we usually use pre-made pesticides in packages designed for direct use, however some formulations of pesticides may require dilution to reach the appropriate concentration depending on the type of insects or the strength of their presence, and some pesticides require mixing with carriers to allow their optimal application by spraying or fogging equipment.

Application of Pesticides - Through a map that includes the places monitored in the examination phase, which in fact represent the nesting places of insects, work is being done to apply pesticides, to target and eliminate the main colonies of insects.

Preventive Application of Pesticides - Pest Control Company in Jubail offers many preventive pest control programs to provide you with the right level of comfort you are looking for, by injecting cracks, openings and narrow corners in your home using the gel, a formula of extended-release insecticide, that ensures that insects are infected in the growing stages The first if it appears after the fight.

Recommendations Staff outline conditions that may need to be addressed on your property to eliminate any persistent insect problems in the future, this may include repairing water leaks and sealing drain caps.

Follow up on service results - you will receive follow-ups when necessary as well as constant monitoring of your home to prevent insects from returning.

Insect control company in Jubail

For homes and buildings to be free of insects on their own, it is realistically unlikely

Where it seems that the places occupied by man with his various activities are very appealing to insects, given the easy food they provide for them, where it is dark, warm and safe.

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Do you then think that insects leave your home easily and miss their chance of survival? Learn about the advantages of an insect control company in Jubail Industrial and its role in eliminating insects.

Efficient Performance - Our technicians are required to undergo both field training, frequent additional training, adherence to safety procedures to maintain good proximity, and indoor pesticide application precautions.

Permanent treatments - for us in Jubail Pest Control, it is not just about exterminating the existing insects, but also extending to the application of long-acting pesticides for years, in order to achieve a long protection factor and prevention as well.

A Safe Approach to Pest Control - Pest Control Company in Jubail maintains the safe practices required for pest control in homes, hotels and restaurants, by choosing pesticides with natural ingredients.

Avoid contaminating exposed surfaces by removing excess pesticides and thoroughly disinfecting the area after the service.

Cost effective - with a pest control company in Jubail, the cost of the service will not stop you from benefiting from the advantages of specialized pest control services, as we put a range of the lowest prices for our services.

Insect control in Jubail Najd Corner

Mice control company in Jubail

Nothing harms your home like the presence of rats and mice, and the health and material risks associated with this presence may be uncontrollable at some point if left unconfronted.

Where we can list some of the damages of mice below.


bad odors

Food contamination and destruction

Damage furniture and collectibles of any kind, due to rats' ability to chew on all materials.

Chewing wires and causing potential electrical fires.

Transmission of dangerous diseases, such as salmonella and hantavirus.


But what strengths do mice have to be able to do so much damage? Perhaps the strength of mice lies in their ability to enter your home through the narrowest cracks, due to their ability to compress their bodies, as well as their ability to reproduce quickly, as one mouse can produce up to 40 offspring per year.

The cheapest insect control company and spraying pesticides in Jubail

When it comes to obtaining services, customers always look for that company that strikes a balance between quality and price, and perhaps this is the reason for choosing a pest control company in Jubail over many other companies, as we offer

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