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Runescape's furnaces are a great way to obtain ore. 65 Smithing is required to get a Magic Bar. Cut the gemstone. It will take 50 skills in crafting to create the magic string. Once you've got this, you will be able to create a Magic Amulet RS Gold 2007. Make use of the ashes of any demon to make a magic amulet and then put it on your gem. Once you've got this, you'll be able to make an Demonic Amulet. You can then apply it to. Speak to King Narode.

King Narode Shareen - Have you visited Zooknock? Yes. And? He gave me all the tools needed to create this Demonic Amulet. Good, great. You'll probably need a lesson about demons. Glough is an expert on demons even when he's a backstabbing deceiver. Visit him however I'm sure Glough will be difficult to convince.

Go to Glough's house. It's just you, hello and thand th It's only ME. Let's stop mocking. What's the reason you're here? Tell me about demons. There is no way to succeed. Are you certain? Yes! It's fine. Bring your Ring of Charos (a), and you can talk to Glough. Could you please inform me? Yes. Okay, what do you know about Demons and their realm? A Dark Wizard or a Dark Magician is required to have the strongest dark magical abilities. Then, you can make use of these terms.

Glough writes some words on a piece Papyrus and then hands the piece to you. Glough snaps. Glough snaps it out. Oh my! What do you want? This is what I need your help with. You give the Papyrus the wizard. This spell isn't mine. However, I'll require 40 Air Runes along with 20 Death Runes. Now you are OSRS Gold For Sale. Take a second. Talk to your Demonic Amulet again, then wear it. Are you ready for it? Let's move on.

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