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FIFA 21's gameplay is a tad slower than its predecessor, but that only means you'll have more time to refine your build-up play and produce a plethora of goalscoring opportunities. The one-two pass is a simple and speedy talent that can help you tear down defenses in a flash. We'll show you how to make a one-two pass in FIFA 21 in this guide.

It's worth noting that the one two pass is useful to know for when you're forced to use it to score goals for some of FIFA 21's Ultimate Team mode's weekly objectives. At least once a year, this topic comes up.

A one-two pass entails sending the ball to one player and then having that player run into space to receive the ball back. It's a swift and successful move against center-back pairs, allowing you to get a one-on-one with the goalkeeper quickly and easily.

In FIFA 21, how do you perform a one-two pass?

Simply hold down L1 on the PS4 or LB on the Xbox One while pressing the pass button (X/ A) at the same time to perform a two-pass. Control where you're playing this first pass with the analog stick.

The player you were controlling will make a run into space or through on goal as soon as the pass has been completed.

After that, simply press X/A to return the ball to the first player. It's critical to have L1/ LB kept down during this process; otherwise, you won't be able to complete a successful one-two pass.

In FIFA 21, here's a basic rundown on how to one-two pass:

- Hold L1 on the PS4 or LB on the Xbox One while pressing X/A and aiming with the left thumbstick to pass.

- Once the first player has started their run into space, press X/A to hand it back to them.

- And now you know how to tear open the opposition's defense in FIFA 21 with a one-two pass. Even more ideas and methods can be found in our FIFA 21 guide wiki to help you perform at your best. For all your FIFA needs, you can also check out more of FIFA 21 passing tips.

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