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It is not against the rules or even the"soul of the sport" to train efficiently by training multiple skills at precisely the same time, such as with Bolt fletching. Zarfot was once famous for OSRS gold his coaching efficacy in every skill, and obtained 200M Fletching with this particular method. There's no other ability that could be trained while performing pretty much anything else. Alching comes close, but is restricted by requiring the Standard spellbook (i.e. no Ourania teleport, and no casting in Monkey form), slow cast time (MUCH slower XP in comparison to Bolt fletching), and the essential switching into the Spellbook tab constantly.

What is next on the list, Jagex? Superheat-All? Clean-All herbs in a limitation of 1 tick per herb? Alch-X? When it ai not broken, fix it till it breaks. What is a remedy for this issue? I believe a very simple solution would be the capability to toggle Automatic or Manual for doing some sorts of skilling which demands repetitive clicking. Some players prefer slower XP and less effort, others favor more efficiency with greater effort.

Many people have been attracted to the dungeoneering benefits in Daemonheim, sadly, some are simply not cutting it to the amount of tokens needed. Arcane Necklaces. Which brings the max hit of fire blast to 168, seriously? When are you really going to ever strike that? How is this valuable at all? I had rather wizard head bomb and magical amulet that is really much easier to get.

Arcane blast necklace: 10% magical boost, again, wizard mind bomb; this necklace brings fire burst to 176, I find this useless, when utilized in pvp, if you die, which you will eventually, you'll lose all that 15k tokens you saved. I, for one won't be receiving yet another 15k tokens. Arcane flow: better for associates, but still, sub-par. Prayer Necklaces. Twisted bird necklace: barely any use in pvp, I am not bringing a stack of bones as soon as it delays my next attack; however, I must say it could be helpful when fighting monsters. Split dragon tooth: same thing, however, necessitates 60 dungeoneering; ok for associates I guess.

Demon horn: You want 90 dungeoneering: by that time, I might have accumulated so many prayer potions to last me a lifetime. Non-category. Bone crusher: by 62 DungeoneeringI might have buried all of the bones by myself and attained a larger prayer level than I would if I worked the opportunity to get this. Amulet of zealots: Useless. 'nuff said. Tome of frost: once I get the the amount of tokens I need, I might have gathered so many water runes, they fill the whole of my own bank.

Everything else is level. I've just listed some of the dungeoneering rewards, but I am certain that there are more, all the ones I'm not quite sure about, therefore it'd be helpful for Old School RS Gold somebody to provide me a short review of them. Eventually, what do you really think about dungeoneering rewards? I have had a great deal of success with my ranging build so far, but I'd really like to hear your suggestions about how to improve. Construct so far: 57 att, 55 str, 55 def, 76 range,50 mage.

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