Even though WoW Classic's Ahn'Qiraj raid has not yet been officially launched, some people have already experienced it first from eloisesmith's blog

My God, something that shouldn't have happened happened. The WOW Classic Gold classic raiders used "World of Warcraft" on the MMO game's Chinese server to carry out a new raid on Ahn'Qiraj according to the original method, trying to kill a leader to get a health value of less than 50%, so To be removed in the instance.

Wowhead said, "Before the classic raid of "World of Warcraft", we should run Blackwing Lair again, knock the gong, and finally wait for the ten-hour war event that will give others a chance to play the gong. The reset of the Chinese server is far more than other. It's early in any area, so it can be the first to ring and then start the game. However, for some reason, they can also carry out raids right away."

A streamer played the show in its entirety on Douyu, a Chinese streaming service, and later promoted it on Twitch. The mob is trapped on the wall, and the entire boss mechanism can be skipped. These many questions were sent because the raid was not well prepared in advance. But for now, everything is getting better, and "World of Warcraft" has been reasonably restricted during the attack.

11:00 US Pacific Daylight Time / 14:00 US Eastern Time / 19:00 British Daylight Saving Time is the weekly reset time. As long as this time is up and you meet the requirements, the ten-hour war in five American fields is Start after hitting the gong.

The timing of the release of "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" has not yet been finalized, but its details have begun to Buy WOW Classic Gold flood. "Shadowlands" removes the corruption system of "World of Warcraft" in the pre-patch. Another point is that the horror vision, island exploration and war front can still be played after the DLC is launched. By the way, there is another good-looking Wizard III Easter egg that we are particularly interested in.

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